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SPARKS for Monday


Monday – means we share some inspirational thoughts for the week – maybe something that SPEAKS to us and which just might SPEAK to you too?    Sparks was the brainchild of our good friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   She thought it would be great to share a little “light” every week and start each day of the week with an uplifting idea to shine the light along our way.     Sometimes we trip and fall without enough light!     If you would like to join in and share some inspiration – click on Annie’s blog badge above – go there and join in by filling out the LINKY form – add your link OR your thought and that’s just how easy it is to share some positivity.    We can ALL use that right?

Here’s our contribution for the week……………..Have you ever REALLY noticed the word IMPOSSIBLE?

I have long admired Audrey Hepburn……….her early movies always made me smile – I suspect she had the joie de vivre NATURALLY that she radiated in her movies – a natural sense of fun and with that, a natural sense of what’s possible.    I think that’s a choice WE can make for ourselves too.    It’s sometimes hard to think we CAN do something but we truly CAN do anything – we just have to make the choice and remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…………

Carry positivity with you in your heart today and always……….it shines a light all its’ own…………

Love, Pam

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday…..then…..a poem!

Time to share what we’re all Thankful for this Thursday morning…………All you have to do if you’d like to join in the THANKFUL Blog Hop hosted by Brian, is click on their graphic above, and fill out the LINKY TOOL with your blog address so we can visit you!!    We were supposed to get some snow yesterday and while we did get a “dusting” – it was kind of like a sugar coating rather than a real snow event.   SO, I’m thankful for that because (1) I was able to go outside without wading through a lot of snow and (2) my Mom and Dad’s new refrigerator was able to be delivered up our long and steep driveway!     Refrigerator is good for all of us – my leftovers go in there as well as my Mom and Dad’s foodables supply.    I’m also very thankful that my Dad is willing to hunt down all my missing ping pong balls and springs every single morning.   I have four ping pong balls and about eight springs which I play with ALL DAY LONG.   The balls wind up behind/under furniture or curtains and the springs I carry around the house in my mouth and leave them EVERYWHERE.    Dad retrieves them for me and puts them in a nice pile so I can “redistribute” them when I play.    What a Dad………

I’m also thankful that even with winter weather and internet outages, etc., my Angel brother Sammy is still able to get good wi-fi from the Bridge because he DID transmit his Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem to me last night……….it was in my inbox this morning………..and here it is for your viewing pleasure!


Time For Some Poetry!

Hello from the Rainbow Bridge my friends…………..I think we will see some totally fun poetry today because the photo I gave you for your “poetic inspiration” last week was one that almost everyone who reads our poems thought would be VERY inspirational!    It certainly was for me – as many of you know, my very last day here on earth before I flew to the Bridge was spent visiting all my friends one last time via a hot air balloon.   It was an amazing day hosted by my friends Easy and Madi with help from Dory and I will NEVER forget it.

I wore a special outfit for the adventure!

Anyway, that’s why I picked a photo of hot air balloons for this week’s PHOTO INSPIRATION and I hope you wrote a poem to share with us based on this photo!   The poem I wrote is below the photo.

“Up And Away”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, January 17, 2018

Flying can be tiring if you’re using your own wings

But flying in a balloon makes your heart truly SING

No work required – just float and see the world from up above

You leave the earth behind but you carry with you the love

I had my final balloon trip in December twenty sixteen

I thought it was the end for me – I’d never again be seen

But I soon found out that if we always feel love deep within our heart

Letting go of earthly ties doesn’t mean love stops, it’s just a brand new start

From the Rainbow Bridge or Heaven all Angels wait for the day to come

When you float up to meet us in your own balloon and we again will be as ONE.


Now my friends, did you write a poem today based on the photo I gave you last week of the balloons?    If you did, please put your blog link in comments here – we can come read your poem there OR if you prefer, write your poem in our comments and we will read it here.    If you didn’t write a poem – please think about doing so next week – share your thoughts, your creativity, your fun spirit with all of us here.   I will continue to post a PHOTO every week for those of you who want to participate!    I look forward to Thursdays because of poetry and I hope you do too!    Here’s the photo I picked out as your inspiration for NEXT WEEK’s poem!    

Isn’t that a HAPPY photo?   I thought so too………………so think about it – look at it during the week – and try to write your very own poem about it to share with us next Thursday!  

In the meantime…..this is your weekly Poet signing off!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy – I loved your poem…………it made me a little weepy but that’s only because I wish that I could have lived with you right here, right now, in this house with Mom and Dad.   We gingers would RULE!

Happy Thursday everyone………………….and try writing a little poetry for next week…………….I know Angel Sammy would like it if you tried!


Love, Teddy

SPARKS for New Years Day


Spark for the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone………….it’s not only New Year’s Day but it’s SPARKS on Monday – what a great combination.    We will start off our 2018 with some good old fashioned inspiration thanks to Annie at McGuffy’s Reader who began this wonderful Monday Sparks Blog Hop.   Her idea was to bring some positivity to the world by sharing a thought, idea, quote – whatever might “touch” others who read or see it.    Thank you again Annie for hosting this Hop as we begin a brand new year with hope in our heart for a BETTER year for all of us.    If you would like to join those of us who participate in spreading some light, love and inspiration to start our week off – just click the graphic above and using the LINKY Tool become part of the fun.

I have a VERY VERY simple “Spark” today…………………I don’t think it needs a bit of explanation………….but it’s been my personal “mantra” for years.    I truly try to do this myself and I think if you keep the idea in your head and give it a try – you will find that you are happier with yourself and everyone around you as you walk the pathway of your personal journey.

Easy………………you can do this if you just try………….sometimes all it takes is a smile!

Sparkle in 2018!  

Love, Pam




It’s Monday and Time To Be a Spark!

Every Monday we all have a new “project of the heart” to complete……….thanks to Annie at McGuffy’s Reader, we do a little something for everyone ELSE which is to share a little inspiration – you never know who you might touch with your “Spark” !     This is a new Blog Hop where those of us who are participating share an inspirational idea, quote, saying – something that could light up a little (or big) corner of someone else’s life or maybe even our OWN.    All you have to do is share a bit of light with your fellow bloggers.   Visit McGuffy’s Reader by clicking on the SPARKS graphic and join up with the LINKY tool and that’s just the start of things.   All those little sparks that we add could brighten the day for someone – you just never know what a little bit of light might do for someone else’s day!

Here is our SPARK for today………………..I really do love this one a lot!

I believe this with all my heart……………maybe you do too?     Have a Happy Monday and be a spark for someone……………it feels better than you can imagine!

Hugs, Pam