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Chasing The Race



Early in the morning at the Indianapolis Speedway....quiet....but not for long!

Early in the morning at the Indianapolis Speedway….quiet….but not for long!


That’s right – anybody who is a race fan (cars that is) knows about the Indianapolis Five Hundred race………….we’re FAR from “experts” in the rules of the race and who won what year in what car department BUT every year without fail, my Mom, Dad and I watch the race on TV.   This year, I’m going to be super busy though – not home – in fact I’m going to be AT the race virtually thanks to the Tabby Cat Club hosting a HUGE event in honor of race day 2014!

Everyone will be there – thanks to the TCC anyway……………and you should too – just click the poster and be magically transported there – check out the fun, food, action, and silliness and enjoy yourselves.  You don’t have to be a CAT to go the TCC either…….SO what are you waiting for????


A few shots of yours truly roaming around at the race – you know, just to get you “in the mood”…………………(click to bigify)


Then tomorrow MORE FUN…………it’s Memorial Day and I’m celebrating the day not only remembering all the heroes who fought for their country throughout the ages because that IS – after all – what Memorial Day is TRULY about……but also celebrating it with a family cookout human style, as well as one for all of you my friends – and I’m hosting it with my good blog buddies at Friends Furever (Raz) AND Gabby Gracie (the lovely Gracie) – all three of us will have food and fun and you’re welcome to join in!!   In fact I INSIST that you join in……………..I’ll have everyone’s links on my blog tomorrow along with my share of the nommies and fun.

Does it get any better than this?  Well, maybe, but it’s still the BEST SHOW IN TOWN today and tomorrow so HAVE FUN!

Patriotic Hugs,


P.S.   Wanna feel EXTRA Happy today???  Click Here


Memorial Weekend Stuff


First of all, isn’t it great to have a nice three day weekend?   I know not all of you are getting one where you live but we in the US of A are and while it’s a reminder of many things including those who have fought bravely for our country, it’s also one of those family “party” occasions too – lots of cookouts and family get-togethers and of course the BIG Indianapolis 500 race!


The Cat Scouts was going to have a great big Indy 500 party but the site has been having a lot of issues – will take some time to iron everything out SO, the Tabby Cat Club is hosting a big “do” instead……….lots of fun to be had so I do hope everyone (whether you’re a Tabby or not!!!) will make sure and stop by – I promise you’ll be glad you did!!   Just click the photo to visit………..I’ll post it again here tomorrow too!   It’s really going to be fabulous.


Then on Monday, yours truly is hosting with two cat friends a big fat Memorial Day cookout on our blogs……………EVERYONE is invited to that…………..we’ll have tons of food and fun I promise.  So, see?  Whether you’re in the USA or not, you’re included in our Memorial Day Weekend celebrations………………so be there – or be square!   I’ll have links posted to the other two blogs of my buddies on the day of the picnic…………….



Let’s Have Some FUN!

Hugs, Sammy