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Yikes, It’s COLD



What a view!

Twenty-eight degrees this morning....it'll be a "spy out the window" day!

Wow….all this talk of Santa Claws and presents and holidays and snow must have stirred things up here in the weather department.  It’s mighty cold this morning.  I didn’t know that though until Mom opened the basement door at my request this morning and WHAMMO that cold hit me right in my furry face and I immediately shoved myself into reverse and backed awwwwaaaaaaay from the doorway!  Mom was putting my harness on me at the time and I managed to even back out of the harness.  🙂  Anyway, I’ll be observing from one of my various watching posts today. 
Today being Friday, it’s housecleaning day around here.  My parents tackle that together which I think is mighty nice.  Dad does the top floor and Mom the main floor and I’m in charge of the basement (hahaha).  Actually, the basement IS where my litter box, favorite old beat up chair, my “tent” and my observation chair are located but it doesn’t get messy down there so it’s not cleaned every single week.  I’m a pretty neat kind of guy.  Sometimes I even go around down in the basement, collect all my toys that are scattered about, and deposit them inside my tent.  See?  I can be neat too!
Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Let's see...string toys over here, fuzzzy toys back here - and keep a little room in the middle for ME!

Another busy day at my house……hope it’s not nearly this busy at your house today – or as COLD either!
Happy Friday………..Sammy

Sam’s Cool Thursday Thoughts


Boy oh boy is it hot outside already this morning.  Mom opened the door and reached down to put my harness on and I just baaaaaaacked away and looked at her like she was nuts.  It just should NOT be almost 90 degrees at 4:45AM ! 

First of all I came upstairs and woke her up a little bit early this morning….well, usually I’m right on time at 5AM quietly calling her just loud enough NOT to wake up Daddy.  This morning, I pushed my luck and decided to go for an earlier cat-call.  She was not amused but got up anyway and made coffee then we TRIED to go outside.  I figure why should I go out in that heat when I have this nice, cool, comfy house I can stay in?  I didn’t know it was going to be so awful out there although it was up to 100 yesterday afternoon and I only went out for a few brief visits to the shady, cool concrete, front porch. 

Makes me think about how lucky I am really.  There are lots of homeless animals who just wander around hoping someone helps them with a drink of water or a bit of food….and those in shelters who hope someone will see them and fall in love with them (like my Mom and Dad with me) and take them home to take care of them. 

Anyway, I’m probably going to stay inside and just LOOK outside today.  We have lots of windows and I can keep an eye on things from the comfort of my many perches and favorite spots – IN THE AIR-CONDITIONING! 

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and COOL) Cat!

Daddy’s Flying (no he’s not a bird)


It’s gonna be another hot one today….even with the heat, Dad just left for the airport to give his airplane a bath.  Yep.  Seems even airplanes have to go through that procedure at least once a year.  Better the plane than me is what I say!   I’ll probably lounge around on the front porch in the shade with Mom a time or two but I just might stay INSIDE in the cool today.  Like Mom says, it’s nice to be retired!!

Two people found me in that picture Mom and I posted in my blog yesterday – – good for you two!  Here’s a highlighted (I’m the STAR!) area of that photo so you can see where I was hiding out….

See me?  I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

See me? I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

I guess it’s still hard to see me but close to the center you can see me – looking to my right, white neck/chest and in the picture I look dark orange or light brownish (although I’m a RED tabby!)….got my eye on a chipmunk I bet!

This morning my girlfriend Stevie showed up for a handout.  We hadn’t seen her for three or four days but I know she has other spots she visits AND a home somewhere.  Mom gave her some fresh water and food….she munched down, drank some water, then off she went.  I wonder what it would be like to just roam around anywhere I want to…..but then again since I’m a nervous kind of guy, I prefer staying close to home with my parents.  When I was a little guy – maybe one year old – Mom let me wander down into the woods by myself….just because she wanted me to know how good I had it in my nice comfy house!  Well, it wasn’t long before I was running back to the back yard and up to the back door and crying to come inside……!!   Scaredy-cat?  Maybe….but at least I know that by sticking close to home, I won’t become some other animal’s meal as many around here have.  No sireeeeeee…….I’m happy to be a “house cat” ! 

Sam, One Spoiled HOUSECAT!