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Do We HAVE To Wait?



Good grief!   I had a little discussion with my Mom today about WAITING.   I mean if there are presents UNDER the tree just sitting there doing nothing absolutely bursting with the need to be opened, WHY AREN’T WE OPENING THEM UP??????   They look lonely to me.   They look like they need to be needed…………they look pitiful even though they’re cheery and bright and pretty paper and ribbon-covered……..they want to be appreciated on the INSIDE TOO!

Mom said (and I quote):


So that’s that…………Mom says no more discussing or whining – I just have to WAIT……………..sigh.   Seems like I’m always WAITING for something though….waiting for Mom to get up in the morning to feed me….waiting for her to give me my pill (yuck) every morning……waiting for her to put my harness on and take me for my 4AM walk…..waiting waiting waiting……



Mom says everybody has to wait for things.   Not just me (although I’m positive I have to WAIT more than she does!).   She waits for traffic……for appointments…….for the grocery line to shrink so she can get out of the store……for Dad to do the stuff on his “HONEY DO” list……..she says EVERYONE waits.

I’m not convinced.   DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT??????   Maybe if I ask really nice, Santa Paws will come tomorrow instead of next week………maybe if we ALL ask really nice we can get him to come early…..what do you think?

HUGS, Sammy the Impatient

p.s.  and now I’m waiting for Saturday to get here so I can have my bacon! 



So I think I may have mentioned that my parents were NOT home for yesterday’s celebration of Thanksgiving?  Well in case I didn’t let me tell you they were NOT here.  They were up in the mountains of West Virginia with family having a fine old time while I was HOME ALONE. 

However, I forgave my parents in advance for this faux pas on their part because they PROMISED me they would bring home leftovers.  Well, they’re due back here around noon-ish or one-ish today and I simply cannot wait. 

I do enjoy turkey………and Mom promised me that even though she will be bringing me some leftovers from their turkey extravaganza, we will in fact be having our OWN turkey feast this weekend.  That means probably Sunday.  Can you tell we like turkey in this house?  Well we do.  Including me.  Yup – I’m a VERY fussy eater….VERY….but I can pack away some turkey when given half a chance.

Now that I’ve bored you with MORE turkey talk (thought you’d heard it all by now I bet!!), why don’t you tell me about YOUR Thanksgiving (if you had one).   Was it turkey?  Was it ham?  Was it vegetable lasagna?  Was it roast beef?  Was it Chinese take-out?   I REALLY want to know!

Know what I’m going to do until my parents get here this afternoon??????


If I sleep the time will go fast and my parents will be here SOONER!


Was there any doubt in your mind this would be the case?????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy In Waiting 😀 😀 😀


Where's The Christmas Tree?

OK...the presents are here.....I'm here....so where's the tree????

 So we’re doing this in stages I guess.  The presents came down from the upstairs but so far NO TREE!  Here I am in the library, next to the presents, patiently waiting….well, sort of patiently….and I’m even trying to show my parents EXACTLY where I expect that tree to appear.  I guess I’ll just sit here until they get the message!

Are you tired of hearing about my Christmas “expectations” yet?  🙂  Sorry about that but I get pretty darn wound up this time of the year.  Have always been that way since I was a little guy in fact. 

I know this is the weekend Mom will decorate our porch and we’ll get the tree here in the library, and then it’s just counting down until Santa Paws comes to see me – well, I guess he’s going to see ALL of us and not just me! 

Last night when it got really dark, we could see that lots of people in our neighborhood have decorated outside this year.  Some years they do and some years they don’t – this looks like a bumper crop of holiday lights this year.  Before Christmas, my Mom and Dad will get in the car one night and drive around to neighborhoods just to look at the lights.  Some people get pretty carried away with big yard displays and lots and lots of lights.  We just decorate our porch but it always looks pretty.  I’ll make sure Mom takes a picture of it so I can show you.

Well, I guess I’ll resume my position in the library waiting…….I just know that they won’t let me down – they PROMISED me that the tree would go up this weekend – and the minute the clock ticked past midnight last night it became “THIS WEEKEND” ………

Let’s go people!  Time’s a’wastin’ !!! 🙂

Sam, One Impatient Cat