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Thankful Thursday and Thoroughly Poetic Too!



Hello my friends!  Time to write a poem honoring the letter “X” and I decided that I can CHEAT because it’s MY blog and if I want to I can – right?


X Marks The Spot

By Sammy Kimmell, 11/24/16

Thanksgiving….being thankful

Sometimes it can be a handful

So many things to be thankful for

But “X” marks the spot and it’s a bullseye score.

The “X” is on my heart where my love is stored

I absolutely couldn’t possibly love you all more.

I’m feeling my age and I wish there was more time

My “slot machine of life” needs just one more dime!

But before I must go, I’ll most thankfully say

I’m especially thankful on Thanksgiving Day –

My life has been grand, by life has been good

I’m glad you’ve all been part of my “blog neighborhood”.

Enjoy your blessings and count them out loud

I’ll promise to visit you one day on a cloud.


From Sammy With Love

I feel that I must say a little something to everyone about Sammy although it’s not easy to do……..because of course our beloved pets MUST live forever right?   They must – they are such a huge part of our lives and hearts.  Well Sammy is just tired and his body is failing him and there is little that can be done.   I have NOT wanted to talk about it – because it’s difficult – very difficult.   He spent a day and a half in the hospital having constant IV drip with a variety of treatments all designed to do what we hope is NOT impossible – give him just a little more time…………Sammy has loved Christmas since he was tiny.   He loves lying under the tree and watching my husband’s train go round and round…….he loves present boxes…….he loves just being WITH us when we unwrap our presents and when he gets to look in his stocking to see what Santa Paws has brought.   SO our wonderful vet is trying to give Sammy a “rally” – – – a boost so that he will be able to enjoy one last Christmas with us.    We are NOT doing any “heroics” for him……I honestly feel he wouldn’t want us to.   He’s had a wonderful and long happy life and he deserves to have a good long rest.   He will always be in my heart and I think in many of your hearts too………..I’ve LOVED sharing him with you and right now, it’s my intention to continue – after all, Angels DO blog you know!

Don’t be sad…………..just sent us all your purrs and prayers and ENERGY so Sam will hang in there – I’ll keep you posted on the blog…………no long drawn out medical reports but just to let you know how the “rally” is working.


We are hooking up to Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!   We’re THANKFUL for you too Brian!!!




Thanks thanks to the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for this lovely badge…….it touches my heart.

Tough Times


Hi Everybody!   These last several days – around Christmas – while those who celebrate the holiday with fun and laughs and presents were doing just that, there were so many of our blogville friends who were not so lucky……..for some reason none of us understands, there has been an extraordinary amount of illness – serious things – passing among our friends.  In and out of hospital – on and off medicine – not eating, not drinking, not thriving in any way……and it’s VERY troubling.   And sad.   We’ve had some “Bridge crossings” and that’s been sad as well.

One of the saddest stories was the story of Joe the Donkey.   Joe lives with Marg and her other animals (http://margsanimals.blogspot.com/) and had a serious run-in with a barbed wire fence which left him quite horribly injured.  You can read about it on her blog and the photo of his injuries speaks for itself.   He’s got a gigantic vet bill and a long road to recovery.   The Blogosphere is putting the word out to anyone who can help with the expenses to do what they can IF they can.   Here’s the information we received from Ann at Zoolatry:

Many of you have already helped our sweet friend, Joe … yet the need is great … Brian (Brian’s Home) has set up a special website on Joe’s behalf … the LINK is below, and the need is great as Joe continues to receive care. 
Please visit, and help as you can.
Please feel free to use the badges attached.
Please promote Joe’s needs on your own blogs … on your Facebook pages, Twitter, wherever you can and in whatever way you can.
It will be so much appreciated.


This wonderful little guy has a long way to go and Marg and all her animals will need our continuing love and support. 
Thank you, Brian and Terry for doing this … and thank you to every pet blogger out there in this amazing community who care so very much.  YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL!http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/please-help-marg-and-joe-the-donkey-with-his-vet-bills/283513​So of course if you can help Joe that would be great.    Some of the other kitties I’ve been talking about on my blog are not out of the woods yet either with their illness/health issues.  Our good friend Flynn was feeling better, but now he’s barely eating again and will go to the vet again today – we hope he’ll come home feeling better.  Our buddy Cody is eating well again and while his parents are still worried, they feel relieved that he’s eating and resting after his emergency vet visit.   He also will be having some more tests.

So keep your paws crossed that our friends – ALL of them – will be feeling better soon.   We have a brand new year coming and nothing would make me happier than if everyone starts it feeling GOOD………Remember the POTP is truly powerful………..purrs and prayers DO work/help.   Let’s keep them coming everyone!

Also remember that tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day……………….Teaser Tuesday of course!   AND, your last chance to take away one of those fabulous December SPECIAL badges I designed………….I’ll probably work on some NEW Teaser badges for the new year but for now – put your thinking caps on, grab your maps, brochures, and atlases and be ready for the Teaser.  It will pop up in your inbox at a random time…………..then it’s no holds barred baby – – – the big scramble to be FIRST or even RIGHT will be ON…………..so I’ll see you then OK?    By the way, it’s a GUEST TEASER…….tee heeeeee

Hugs, Sammy