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Sunday Selfie Hop


Who knows what today is????   I guess YOU do since you’re here and you know we HOP on Sunday along with lots of other friends!    If you’d like to join in the fun- click the badge above and fill in the linky form……you can also go there to see who else is hopping and visit them!   Thanks to our friends the Kitties Blue for hosting this hop every Sunday.

We have a silly flashback selfie today – back when I was a wee boy learning all about my new home, I’d frequently be found hanging out in Mom’s office and keeping her company while she tapped on her keyboard.    I was totally fascinated with her printer – I’d just sit in front of it WAITING for the noise to start up knowing it was going to spit out some paper and I wanted to be RIGHT THERE for the action.    Well, that was two years ago and to this day, I can be anywhere at all in this house and if I hear that printer start up – I come a-runnin’ !!!!!

This is me in June, 2017 which was four months after I “moved in” ………….

I love watching stuff come out of this machine!!

And here I am yesterday waiting on that machine yet AGAIN! …………

Well I do believe I’m a bit bigger (alright – a LOT bigger!)  than I was back then but I’m absolutely JUST as interested in that machine as I was as a youngster.    Not that I’m an “OLDSTER” – after all – I’m turning THREE years old tomorrow and that’s not old right?

It might not be the most exciting jigsaw puzzle to put together – in fact it’s kinda boring – BUT she did one anyway.    If you click on the MINI ME photo below you’ll be able to give puzzling a whirl!

Click here for the puzzle!!

Stop by tomorrow……it’s Pre-Teaser Monday but it’s also a little birthday party.  

Hugs, Teddy