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Hot, Steamy Monday


It’s ALWAYS hot on Memorial Day…..just seems like every year by now it’s pretty darn icky outside.  SO, I plan to just hang out with Mom on the front porch OR inside where it’s nice and cool and comfy.  The front porch is cement and that seems to stay nice and cool.  If my tummy is all spread out on the cement, it keeps the REST of me cool……..now if I had a pool, I could hang out by the pool I guess like the little boys next door.  I was watching them yesterday – they have a little blow up pool and were having a lot of fun jumping in and out of it.  I asked Mom if I could have my OWN pool too but she reminded me that the one and only time I ever had a bath (when she and Dad brought me home from the shelter) I totally HATED getting wet.  Hmm….well, I’d like to think I’ve learned to appreciate water by the ripe old age of eleven BUT maybe just walking through the wet grass after a rain shower is close enough????

Anyway, I’ll also hang out around the garden today – it stays nice and cool back in the shade of the back yard.  Speaking of that, here’s a test….see if you can find ME in this picture???  I’m there……admiring the blossoms on the flowers. 


Test your eyes!  Look carefully - I'm there!

Test your eyes! Look carefully - I'm there!


HA!  You can just barely see me…this photo is a little blurry but I’m there!

Sam’s Friends in NC


Bah Humbug……before I show you another picture of some friends of mine in Lumberton, NC, I thought I’d just gripe a little about this crummy weather we’ve been having….rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain and thunder.   I can deal with the rain but the thunder…well…I have to admit I HATE it and it brings out the “fraidy cat” in me…….in fact, I hide under furniture or in dark corners until the thunder stops.  If it rains all day – I hide all day.  This morning I got to go outside with Mom for a little while anyway….rain hasn’t started yet!  So, I promise I’ll be way happier when the sun shines – soon I hope!

Now – back to my buds in NC…..my Mom’s friend Aunt Trish lives there and she has three dogs – all adopted just like I was!  This picture shows them in their super, duper “room” in the house – looks like they have it pretty good huh?  They are named Mattie, Simone and Eddie and when Aunt Trish adopted Eddie (the white colored guy at the bottom), he was recovering from a gunshot wound!  Isn’t that AWFUL?  How could that happen?  He’s fine now though and happy as can be.  We adopted kids sure have it made…….

Yum.....Chow Time!!!

Yum....Chow Time!!!