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Sunday Selfie Hop


We Are Hopping with Kitties Blue Today…..

This is a wonderful and fun weekly blog hop hosted by our dear friends at The Cat On My Head……………..today the Selfie Hop is in honor of FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Sharon along with her two kitties Raz and Allie.    Miss Sharon’s husband Bill went to Heaven this past week after a very long struggle and we are all very sad to say the least……but Kitties Blue is honoring Miss Sharon by dedicating today’s hop to her.

My selfie today is interesting – Mom did it on Lunapic (yet again!) but we did something different than we ever did before and chose the “special art effect” option which took two minutes for the site to produce in the style which we had chosen for the photo.    They produce for us a “single shot” but also a collage that shows the BEFORE photo, the “special art effect we chose” and the final product.   I love it…………I hope you do too!

This is the collage…..

This is the final photo with a special border AND blue frame……..interesting effects!  Yay Lunapic!

Mom and I sent BIG HUGS to Miss Sharon

AND Big Hugs to Kitties Blue too!!

Love, Teddy and Mom too


All Hail The King (and Hugs)



Bring it On !

Presenting, the Parade of Bacon

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Ahh….my royal tummy is full now! 

However, I’m not finished because I must announce that today in the Kingdom of Baconia (and the entire blogosphere) it is HUG YOUR CAT DAY………………..



Never let it be said that I, King of Baconia, and the Royal Mother (my Mom) didn’t pawticipate in this wonderful day of huggyness throughout the land!

SamPortraitWith Mom

OOPS…..my crown fell off!

Our friends at Kitty Kat Chronicles are showing HUGS on their blog today!  Check it out HERE!   We’re FIRST!


(with bacon)

The King



Dear Friends!!!!    WHERE HAVE WE BEEN???????????????????    Blame it on the computer!    The computer died – Mom and I had to take it to the computer hospital and they had it for several days and got it working BUTTTTT it will have to go back for a part replacement next week.  Meantime, Mom and I said WE MUST HAVE IT BACK SO WE CAN BLOG AND TELL EVERYONE WE ARE ALIVE!


We’re having bacon tomorrow this morning as usual for a Saturday of course………………….the world would STOP if I didn’t get my bacon right?    Well we thought the world had stopped when we couldn’t BLOG for three days but if not for bacon – well – let’s not go there!



No need to call me Mom – I’m ready!!!

I’ll be back with a “normal” (hahahahaha…….as normal we get anyway) blog for tomorrow.   Right now Mom’s still catching up on the bazillion emails she’s got……………THANK YOU ALL FOR WORRYING ABOUT US – we love you too and would worry if you disappeared……………we’ll have some notice next time when the parts come in so we’ll let you know ahead of time!


It’s Good To Be Back!


Love, Sammy

Mom Monday


Good old (!) Mom………….where would I be without her?   I don’t wanna know!   But today she’s going to get some blood work done (glad it’s not ME) so I’m making it “Mom Monday”.    When she gets home I’ll pop up on her laps and keep her warm.   It’s what I do BEST!   (yes I know I reap the benefits myself from using her as a heating pad)

My Favorite Nap Spot!

I guess this is a “leg nap” not a “lap nap” !!

Yesterday was another cool start – it was in the 40s in the morning and when Mom went down our LONG driveway to get the newspaper, she wore her winter parka!  That’s right……….WINTER PARKA.   So, I think it’s safe to say, those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer can be packed up and put away for another year!

Did you know that this Friday is “Pirate’s Day” in the blogosphere?  Yes indeed………….I’m already working on a suitable photograph to post for the day.    The Cat Blogosphere calls it “Meow Like A Pirate”  day but if you’re an animal of a different sort I guess you can substitute the appropriate “sound” for a meow!   HAHAHA

This was me LAST Pirate Day:


Tomorrow I have a GUEST TEASER for you Teaser fans…………..so be ready with all your reference material (or your finger on the google search button…hahaha) and maybe you can figure it out FIRST.  You get a badge you know if you’re the FIRST right guesser, or you guess correctly period, or even if you haven’t any idea where the Teaser photo was taken you STILL get a badge.  Where else can you go and ALWAYS win something huh????

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Hope you have a fab day…………..whether your Mom is having blood work done or not, give her an EXTRA hug today……why?  Let’s say it’s “GIVE YOUR ASSISTANT AN EXTRA HUG” day.  Hey – I can make up a special day if I want to right??


Awww…….just like this!

HUGS, Sammy


Post ‘Ween Monster Day


Gosh, it doesn’t seem right BUT here we are on the day after Halloween and I STILL have a MONSTER in my life!!!!!  I thought all the monsters were over with when we put the Halloween stuff away!


Anyway, thank all of you again for playing along with my costume contest and haunted house this year.  It was so much fun.  I also think those of you who hosted an event yourselves did a great job – I visited a lot of blogs and boy oh boy – you all are FANTASTIC with all the crafty, creative stuff you put together!   I made a little badge that those of you who entered my contest this year can put on your bloggy if you wanna – just to show my appreciation (it comes complete with a hug…..).


I think we all need a rest……………but next up we have more holidays so hang on – who knows what we’ll come up with for them!  😀 😀 😀 😀

Meanwhile, will you excuse me if I grab a few winks???????  You know me……….I need to recharge my batteries in order to keep up with the rest of you young-uns!

Sam napping in the guest room

Nice, quiet guest room….ahhhhh…..

Oh – before I forget – I’ll be going back to my “regular” blog look tomorrow (or maybe later today even).  This special WordPress Halloween format was fun but there’s no place like “home” !!   We may be making a few changes though – like taking my bling and putting it all on a separate page!!!  But that remains to be seen…..you know I rely on my office staff to do that kinda stuff and – well – she’s recovering from Halloween too!


This time the hug is from ME !!!!

This time the hug is from ME !!!!