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Keepin’ It Clean



BUSY BUSY BUSY……………….every week we have monster day and every monster day I help by staying out of the way and taking care of getting MYSELF cleaned up…………it’s the least I can do – giving myself a bath on Fridays.    While Mom and Dad are pushing the monsters around sucking up the dust bunnies, I’m cleaning between my toesies, taking care of my ears and face……and my  tummy of course……the spots I can easily reach.   Mom will brush me and take care of the others.


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Besides, I have a special reason to be extra clean today – it’s my Auntie Carol’s birthday (Mom’s sister) and I wouldn’t want her to read my blog and see a dirty cat!  OH NO!  Heaven forbid!   This is for you Auntie Carol (and I promise you I’m clean!).


It won’t be long now before July 4th celebrations…………….that means noisy fireworks…………I’ll be wearing my headset to keep out all the BANG BANG, KABOOM, SWOOOOOOSH BOOM noises.  My Mom and Dad will probably have a cookout at dinner time but at night – there will be fireworks.  They usually have a bit of a show in the front yard…….this year maybe just a few.  I am at the point where I like to WATCH them from inside the house though – that’s progress – I used to HIDE when they did them!   Are you afraid of loud noises?????   Mom thinks maybe because my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, I may be able to watch without any problems.   Even though we live WAY WAY out of town in the Virginia countryside, Washington, DC always does a spectacular display down on the National Mall…………..a bazillion years ago my Mom went to that but it was just a mass of humanity and heat – our front yard fireworks are enough for us!

Well I’m off to begin snoopervising the cleaning…………cracking the whip – getting these humans MOTIVATED (sometimes that’s tough!).



A Special P.S.   A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm today!!!!!



Watch Out Bunnies!





I bet you thought I meant “bunnies” as in EASTER or BUGS right?   But if you know me, you know I mean bunnies of the DUST type.   They collect in gangs and wait for Fridays (at my house anyway)  to hide in places Mom NEVER visits with the Monster Machine…..or the dustmop…….or ANYTHING.   We think it’s the same place where the missing socks from the washing machine or dryer go……and the twist ties from the bread and rolls…..and all sort of thing that just DISAPPEAR!

We’ll do our part to hunt them out and remove them from our premises today.  Honest we will.  then Mom will be having THIS:


I’ll be back in the coolest and quietest place in the house – which could be just about anywhere.  One place you will NEVER find me though is where the Monster lives during the week…..nosireeeeeeeee………….no way!


Maybe it’s time for another visit with my doctor???????????


Happy Friday!

Crazy Sam the Monster Man!

Frosty Friday


It’s been VERY cold here the last several days – no surprise there I guess as it’s that time of the year, but it HAS put a crimp in my morning walks with Mom where I usually have some munches of grass before coming inside.  For one thing the grass has leaves on top of it (Mom and Dad have slacked off with the leaf picking up stuff due to the cold) so I have to dig a bit to find the grass.   For another, the wind has been howling out there in the dark (we’re usually out there around 4AM) and while Mom has on a parka, hat, gloves and boots, I’m freezing my “you know what” off.   Hence, Mom’s decision today to get me a jacket or sweater.  That’s right………..

Some of you may remember that my buddy Easy sent me a blue sweater a while back – it was just a tad too big for me but Mom thought I looked cute in it (why do Moms always think we look cute in EVERYTHING???)………….but it was a bit too big and when Mom put me on the floor with the sweater on I just stood there frozen in place like I couldn’t move.  My sweater was ready to move but I wasn’t.   She thinks if she gets me a small size (I’ve lost two pounds since I got the blue sweater) MAYBE I’ll wear it.   SO, she looked at some possible things online.

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I’m just not sure…….none of these are “grabbing me”………..I think some kind of snug fleece number might be “me” so the search continues.  A guy needs to keep himself warm if he’s out braving the elements right?

I could use a sweater now....and maybe some skis?????

I could use a sweater now….and maybe some skis????? Or maybe a ladder????

On another note, today is Monster Day so cleaning will be going on around here – with all the Christmas stuff all over the place it’s tough to clean.  I especially worry about the vacuum cleaner sucking up all the presents under the tree!   That would NOT be good…….so I’m going to be brave and keep an eye on the monster as it does its’ thing.   If I have to throw myself in front of the vacuum and sacrifice myself for the sake of the presents – well – a guy has to do what a guy has to do!!!!!!

Happy Frosty Friday