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Friday Cleaning Day


Remember before Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday we had CLEANING DAY?  

Sammy called it MONSTER DAY…. 

It was Monster Day because that’s what he called the vacuum!  

Well, since there is no Friendly Fill-Ins today, we are having a sort of flashback to the good old Monster Friday days.   Do you remember who used to come clean our house?   The Broomhildas???????

They did a great job too but they moved on eventually and we STILL have housecleaning around here on Fridays but Mom does it on her own with some help from my Dad.   Just like Sammy, I am NOT a fan of the MONSTER so I stay out of the way until the noise stops then I come out and inspect everything to make sure it’s been done correctly and to my HIGH STANDARDS.

We thought you’d maybe enjoy seeing some of the old jokes and fun that used to “populate the pages” of our blog on Fridays.

Then there were all those friends willing to help out!

Yep – those were fun Fridays.   But we miss Friendly Fill-Ins so we hope our co-hosts Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing give us a challenge next Friday…….until then – HAPPY HOUSECLEANING!!!!

I hate it just as much as Angel Sammy did, Doc!

Hugs, Teddy

Maybe I’ll help by cleaning the sink??????


Friendly Fill-Ins AND Shopping!



It’s time to Fill In some sentences! 

Friendly Fill-ins are co-hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing and are a WHOLE lot of fun – if you wanna join in, just click on one of their links and using the linky widget add your blog with your own fill-ins………it sure is fun finding stuff out about each other!

Mom and I are BOTH filling in this week – my responses are in GREEN and Mom’s are in BROWN….

1. I deserve a treat today for letting Mom sleep most of the night.

2. My favorite magazine is one that is comfortable to lie on for a snooze.
3. Recently, I threw up – in fact it was this morning which is VERY recent!.

4. Even though  it’s raining today, I  insisted on going out to eat some grass .

1.Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day!

2. My favorite magazine is Country Living.
3. Recently, I turned 69    .

4. Even though I need to lose weight , I can’t resist snacking all the time!  .

There you have it!   Fill-ins from me and my Mom!    Thank you Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for such a FUN hop!
See you in the grocery store aisles!!

Can I ride in the cart Mom?????

Now for my NEXT activity, I will pawticipate in Bacon and Fozziemum’s “SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD” event – and this week we are to share information on any “one pot meal”.   
My Mom often uses her crockpot to start dinner early in the morning on those days when she will be running errands or just away from home all day with my Dad on a little day trip somewhere.    She has TWO crockpots – a smaller one and a jumbo one.  
This recipe is one of my Dad’s FAVORITE meals…………..Mom will make this for Dad when she knows she won’t be home for dinner because while HE loves it, Mom isn’t as nuts about it as he is.   It’s easy too………TOTALLY.

Short Ribs In Beer Over Rice (or Noodles)


One package short ribs (enough for however many people you’re feeding!) Price:  Angus Beef Short Ribs Bone-In $7.99 lb.


One onion sliced Price:  Yellow Onion $.16


One can stewed tomatoes (drained) Price:  14.5 oz. can $.79


One beer (any kind will do!!) Price:  $1.33 (for one bottled Bud Light!)


Enough rice for however many people you’re feeding (noodles work too!) Price:  Uncle Ben’s White Instant Rice, 32 oz. $4.59


Throw everything into the crockpot together (except for rice or noodles)……………and turn on low – let it cook until dinner time or until ribs are tender and falling off the bone.   Make enough rice for everyone to have some in a bowl to put their ribs with some of the “juice/gravy” on it.   YES you can eat with a fork or a spoon depending on whether you want to have any of the juice on top – my Dad likes that because he eats nice buttery rolls with his short ribs and that juice is “MMMMMMM-GOOOOOOD!” he says.

YES it’s housecleaning day – and the usual crowd was here to help my Old Mom and Dad and Old Me out to get this place ship-shape for another week.   We don’t make much mess at our age (well, maybe I do because I shed and need help with my litterbox and occasionally throw up)…….thank heavens my Mom and Dad don’t do those things either.   They can’t shed – neither of them has much hair…….they don’t use a litterbox (thankfully so I have it ALL to myself) and they never throw up (YAY!).

The cleaners were in and out in a flash!


BAM!  Done!

Now I can sleep…………without anyone bothering me………..saving up my energy to eat bacon tomorrow……………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ahhhh......NAP TIME!

Ahhhh……NAP TIME!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow! 

Love Sammy

Filling In Fun


Let’s Do Fill-Ins on Friday!


Oh boy!   It’s time to fill-in which is a fun blog hop hosted by Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Miss Ellen of 15andmeowing!     We enjoy filling in the sentences they give us because as we HOP AROUND and read everyone else’s fill-ins we learn a lot about each other…………it’s great!   You can join up too if you like – just click on one of their links, go and link up your own blog and fill in the sentences!

Here are this week’s sentences – My part is in BLUE!

1. Something healthy I do daily is give myself a complete bath, nose to toes.
2, Something unhealthy I do daily is make sure I ask for samples of everything Mom is eating all day long even though most of it is not good for kitties.
3. This Summer, was the first summer for me in almost 17 years that I did NOT enjoy being outside when it was super hot.

4. This Autumn, I’m pretty sure that when Dad builds a fire in the fireplace, I will be RIGHT IN FRONT keeping warm now that I have lost my layer of fat!


That was fun…………..now on with the show!     Today’s “show” consists of who we have here today to help clean the house……………..we have the fabulous team of “DOGGONE CLEAN” to get things whipped into shape today and Mom, Dad and I are staying OUTSIDE while the whirlwind is going on INSIDE.   This bunch looks serious!   Don’t you think????????????????????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I think we’ll have the cleanest house on the block – no wait – in the entire NEIGHBORHOOD!

I hope they will be gone soon –

it’s time for another nap!





Polish and Shine Friday

Get those bird poops off the window!  Polish and shine makes us feel FINE!

Get those bird poops off the window! Polish and shine makes us feel FINE!

Friday Cleaning Day!

Yep – after a week of making a mess all around the house, Mom has called me to task and told me to get it in gear…….starting with myself – get all the dirt out from my toes then hit the decks with straightening my toy box and helping get stuff back in neat and orderly shape!

I'm cleaning my toes Mom just like you said!

I’m cleaning my toes Mom just like you said!

I had company this week with my friend Mauricio from The Cat On My Head so really the house is still pretty neat from “guest prep” that Mom and I did before he arrived.   Still, it doesn’t hurt to fluff the pillows and scrub out the shower.   After all, before Mau left us he took a nice shower to prepare him for his trip inside an envelope to his next “Flat Cat Scouts” destination which is a SECRET.    That’s right – only Mom and I know where he’s headed next.


I told Mom I could help clean the breakfast dishes but she didn’t seem inclined to take me up on that offer………I should think cats who DO get to do that, have a nice variety of nommy stuff to eat off those human food plates!

Good to the last DROP!

Good to the last DROP!

Mom and Dad will probably drag the monsters out though – even if it’s a “quickie” swipe around the carpets, I think it will need to be done.  Mom likes all the carpet fibers headed in the same direction (hahahahahahahahaha) which you get if you vacuum.   Just kidding………….sorta.

How about your house?  Any noisy things going on that will keep you from getting your quota of naps today?   May the SILENCE be with you!!

Mr. Clean (aka Sam)

Pee Ess  

Don’t forget tomorrow is

Talk Like A Pirate Day

in the Blogosphere!!


Monsta Attack!



Yep it SURE is…………….

Time to find a quiet spot and wait for an hour or two for things to calm down………

Or maybe go visit my psychiatrist and let him comfort me about my “monsta angst” ?


Guess what – I have two NEW posters for you that I found to tickle your funny bone about cleaning…..ready?



And this little winner which I think might look familiar to ALL of us…….


Yeah – well – it is one of our FAVORITE hiding spots right kitties?  Actually it may just be where things wind up when we’re batting stuff around the living room and it accidentally goes under the couch or a chair or a dresser or a table or something!

I figure I can get through anything noisy today because tomorrow morning will be bacon and I can put up with this disruption to my napping schedule TODAY in order to eat bacon TOMORROW!



Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

And now, for the piece de resistance (which means of course WAIT TIL YA SEE THIS!)………..today at the Tabby Cat Club it’s “post an embarrassing picture of your human” day – wanna see the photo I stole borrowed from Mom’s dresser drawer????????    It’s HER in 1968.     Make sure and visit the TCC for more pix to give you a giggle.

Mom - is that REALLY you????

Mom – is that REALLY you????