Quiet On The Hill Today….So Far!

Sam's house on the hill.

All's quiet up on our hill today....thankfully!

I’m happy to report that things are nice and quiet up on our hill this morning……!  We did have a little “wiggle” of the ground in the wee hours of the morning though – just a teensy tiny aftershock.  No biggie.   I didn’t even feel the need for my basement safe place. 

So now we have to wonder what this hurricane Irene thing is gonna bring to us…..sounds like maybe just a lot of rain (which we need) and a lot of wind (which we don’t need) but who knows?!  Mom and Dad say the weather people don’t really know for sure WHERE it will go – yet.  Since our house is up on a hill we don’t have to worry about sitting in a big puddle or lake full of WET though!

I know that we have friends who live on the water or close to it so Mom and I are hoping that all of you are ready for the storm.  I’ve got all my toes crossed (and I have extra ones you know!) that we’re all safe and snug and Irene decides to spin out to sea and stay away.   But for today – while it’s still nice and quiet – you know what I’ll be doing!!

It's good to be me......

Wake me when it's over Mom.......

Happy Thursday Everybody!!! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Daddy’s Flying (no he’s not a bird)


It’s gonna be another hot one today….even with the heat, Dad just left for the airport to give his airplane a bath.  Yep.  Seems even airplanes have to go through that procedure at least once a year.  Better the plane than me is what I say!   I’ll probably lounge around on the front porch in the shade with Mom a time or two but I just might stay INSIDE in the cool today.  Like Mom says, it’s nice to be retired!!

Two people found me in that picture Mom and I posted in my blog yesterday – – good for you two!  Here’s a highlighted (I’m the STAR!) area of that photo so you can see where I was hiding out….

See me?  I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

See me? I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

I guess it’s still hard to see me but close to the center you can see me – looking to my right, white neck/chest and in the picture I look dark orange or light brownish (although I’m a RED tabby!)….got my eye on a chipmunk I bet!

This morning my girlfriend Stevie showed up for a handout.  We hadn’t seen her for three or four days but I know she has other spots she visits AND a home somewhere.  Mom gave her some fresh water and food….she munched down, drank some water, then off she went.  I wonder what it would be like to just roam around anywhere I want to…..but then again since I’m a nervous kind of guy, I prefer staying close to home with my parents.  When I was a little guy – maybe one year old – Mom let me wander down into the woods by myself….just because she wanted me to know how good I had it in my nice comfy house!  Well, it wasn’t long before I was running back to the back yard and up to the back door and crying to come inside……!!   Scaredy-cat?  Maybe….but at least I know that by sticking close to home, I won’t become some other animal’s meal as many around here have.  No sireeeeeee…….I’m happy to be a “house cat” ! 

Sam, One Spoiled HOUSECAT!