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Caturday Crashing Out


Hi Everybody!  Oh not THAT kind of crash…………I mean the kind where all you do is lie around and relax and rest and hang out and SLEEP……………BECAUSE IT’S TOO DANGED HOT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

My Cousin Toby used to have a little natural pool in his backyard and THIS is how he kept cool!

Yesterday we were somewhere in the range of 105 – which is terribly hot when there’s not even a breath of air out there.  And there wasn’t.  Not a breeze…….But undaunted by the heat I bugged Mom two or three times to come out on the front porch with me – just BECAUSE……..I wanted to check things out – take a sniff of fresh air – make sure there were no intruders – you know – the usual “I’m guarding this house” kind of stuff.

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes – even the SHADE is hot!


Even in the shade on the front porch it was all I could do to handle a ten minute sit down on the concrete!   I didn’t see a squirrel frolicking in the grass – no birds flying around – not a chirp or peep up in the trees even.  Everybody was in SIESTA mode I think.

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

Today we’re having more of the same…………so I’ll be taking it easy………..my Mom and Dad have NO outdoor plans either.  We’ll all just have a QUIET, CRASH OUT, KIND OF CATURDAY!

Napping with Mom on the recliner

What? You want to know if I want to go outside? Are you CRAZY Mom?????

Boring?  Yep……….but SMART when it’s this hot!!

Enjoy your Caturday – take time to crash out a bit…………it’s weekend time……………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy – One Hot Cat


Pee Ess……………Yesterday we learned that little MJ in the UK has been diagnosed with diabetes so her adoption to the wonderful forever home she had lined up is now on hold again.  Hopefully she can be started on treatment and will find a wonderful family who knows of her condition and STILL wants to adopt her…………so keep your paws crossed for little MJ……..Savannah and Leo and MANY other people worked very hard to find a home for her and now we’re all back at “Square One”!   Hang in there MJ………….



Wet Monday


RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! After the mini-heatwave it actually feels pretty darn good and what better day to have as a “wet one” than Monday right???

Happy Monday………………from rainy Virginia (at least MY neck of the woods)!


I sure had a lot of comments on my nekkid pool picture on yesterday’s blog – I thought I looked rather adorable all hairless like a “people kiddy” in my pool staying cool. I think most of you did too – and if you didn’t I hope you looked away from your screen cuz I was comfy and I wasn’t going anywhere!

We had a fairly lazy weekend – how about you?  After all the birthday parties it was nice to just hang out yesterday – I knew I’d be BUSY all day today trying to find a good Tuesday Teaser photo for tomorrow.  You haven’t forgotten that have you?  HMMMMM?????????????

Also, remember that this Tuesday whoever guesses the RIGHT country/town/spot  FIRST gets the extra special new award!!!



Cool?  I’m sure everyone will be just dying to know who gets the very first “FIRST GUESSER” award!   You’ll have to wait until Wednesday of course to find out……tee hee………

Happy Monday Gang!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Cool Cat


It’s FRIDAY!   It’s also going to be a super hot day here leading up to a super hot weekend so yours truly is officially “ONE COOL CAT” in addition to being one spoiled one!!  I’m going to be lounging around indoors today you can bet on it.

Keepin’ cooooooooooooooooool !

Mom and Dad went out to dinner last night.   They actually haven’t done that in a while so I was glad they had a “date”.   They talked earlier in the day about where they should go.   The winning restaurant (haha) was the local Chinese restaurant.  I ran to the desk in the kitchen and pulled out the takeout menu from this particular restaurant and scanned it for any takeout possibilities I might be interested in – so they could bring something yummy home for me.   Then I heard Dad say he might get some FRIED MICE!!!!  That got my attention………that is until Mom repeated what Dad had said and I guess I misunderstood – Dad said FRIED RICE.  Dang!   (note:  I hope I didn’t offend any of my “rodent-related” friends ;)….teehee)

Anyway, when they got home they didn’t bring me any leftovers.  Mice or no mice.  Rice or no rice.  Oh well…….

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

What? No leftovers?

So I guess other than today being the “monster out of the closet” (aka cleaning) day, there won’t be a lot happening in my world.  But there’s no complaints from me in that department – we retirees spend a lot of time just kickin’ back and enjoying life.  That’s my plan today.  What’s yours???? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Monday Meowsings…..


Get it?  Monday Meowsings?  Musings?  Oh never mind!  My attempt at a little Monday morning humor.

Hi everybody and welcome to the start of another week.  Here in Warrenton, Virginia we’re hoping to get a tiny bit of a break from the heat – Sunday it was 95 degrees which is a little toasty – even for ME!  I was out in the morning with Mom (went down on Dad’s little “project trail” in fact) and then it started to heat up.  She couldn’t even TEMPT me out on the front porch after it got in the mid-80s.  I preferred this:

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

My parents had a dinner time cookout on the back deck and invited me to come out and join them and I just kind of looked at them through the door and sent them via kitty telepathy the message:

Ya gotta be kidding me!

SO, I hopped up on the couch while they sat on the deck.  They enjoyed their cookout and I enjoyed the couch:

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch

So it was a WIN/WIN for all of us. 

Now today is supposedly (although it’s too early just now to know for sure) going to be a little cooler and there’s a chance for some rain.  Daddy is going to TRY to go to the airport and fly for a while and Mom wants to go shopping.  I,  on the other hand have no plans that involve what kind of weather may come our way.  It’s Monday after all…..a day to contemplate the week ahead and wonder whether Mom will bring home anything interesting for me when she does her grocery shopping this week.  Such weighty concerns I have on my weary old mind huh? 

Hope you have a SUPER Monday whatever your weather is – just make it a great day.  OK?  

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Wowzers…What Weather!

Sam's house on the hill.

I can’t believe it but yesterday it was in the eighties!  EIGHTIES! 

If Mom had bought me that kiddie pool I begged her for LAST summer, I would have gotten the thing out, blown it up (well, Dad would have done THAT part for me) and filled it with water and taken a swim!  The fact I’m not crazy about water doesn’t enter into the picture – – I would have had just a couple inches of water in it so it wouldn’t have been like taking a BATH or anything (yuck).  Just a bit of a cool off.  We had the A/C on in the house even………..all day…………amazing.

Can this go on?  Who knows…..I guess this is one of those times when you just say “I’ll enjoy it while it’s here” – right?

Now – moving on……..Guess what ELSE happened today?  I got a really fun package of goodies from my buds Nellie and Kozmo at CATFROMHELL.  In honor of the fact I helped my friend Kozmo on his recently concluded Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper, I got my very own little yellow stuffed chirping chicken!  Yes…..and believe me when Mom showed me the envelope and it was chirping, it most certainly got my attention!  Mom got a new mousie pad too for her computer which she REALLY needed.  Her “David’s Bridge” one she did when she first published her book was looking – well – pitiful.  This Cat From Hell one is pink and looks nice on her drawing table.  I’m so happy.  Mostly I’m just VERY happy to have so many great friends in cyberspace.  I really am.  Blogging every day is a lot of work (as you well know since most of you do the same thing) but it’s let me meet a lot of fun kitties, dogs, birds, and people. 

I might be “one spoiled cat” but I’m also one LUCKY cat. 

Consider yourselves hugged!