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Teaser Tell All


Howdy Everybody! WOW……that was a GREAT Teaser wasn’t it? Hmmm??? Several of you really REALLY did a lot of close examination of that photo but only ONE guessed it exactly right and of course was FIRST with the right guess………

Here’s the photo one last time!

MysteryPhotoJuly29This photo was taken by my Mom in 1990.  She and my Dad were on their honeymoon – the SECOND stop of their honeymoon – which was in VENICE, ITALY !!!!!   Congratulations to Boomdeeadda for guessing it exactly right and in doing so she was the FIRST (and only) one to do that!!!!   These are for you Boomdee:

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….


The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……


If you don’t know about Boomdeeadda you SHOULD.  I love her blog (and Mom does too).  She’s VERY crafty (as in makes incredibly wonderful things!) and artistic.  We love all her ideas!  She also has two beautiful girl kitties named Petals and Blossom.  Please make sure you visit her blog because I think you’ll enjoy your visit!

Several of you actually DID guess “Italy”…….not Venice, but still Italy – and you were also right so please if you’d like to award yourself the “Big Sammy Hug for Guessing the Teaser” it’s all yours…….there are a lot of rile roofs in Europe and while Mom and Dad have never been to Istanbul, we loved that many of you thought that’s where these particular tiled roofs were located!

The picture was taken from a little rooftop bar on top of the Hotel Ala which was where my parents stayed in Venice.  I’ve shared a photo from that time before – might have been one of my first Teasers in fact….a photo of my Mom and Dad having some wine (maybe a bit too much wine…but it WAS their honeymoon after all!!).  It was right on a little side canal and just a few steps from the Grand Canal.  My Mom and Dad LOVED Venice and it’s my Mom’s dream to return there some day.

YAY!   That was fun wasn’t it?????   Oh yeah……those of you who didn’t get it right – or even come close to getting it right – or were miles and miles and miles off – or guessed some other planet in another solar system (haha), this is for YOU!

The less coveted but lovely "I have no idea WHERE this photo is from" award......

The less coveted but lovely “I have no idea WHERE this photo is from” award……



Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Teaser Tell All Time


Happy Wednesday Peeps!!

I guess maybe this was one of the toughest Teasers yet – wouldn’t you say?  I kept thinking I’d used it before BUT what I was really remembering was that I’ve used this CITY before.

The reason I thought that was because over a year ago, I had another Teaser photo on my blog that my parents took in this same city while on their honeymoon.  Where were they??   Why they were wandering the streets exploring the beautiful city of LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND! 


Mom and Dad weren’t with a tour group on this trip – just walking the streets snapping photos – very excited to be seeing this beautiful city – so they didn’t bother (!!) to find out WHAT the wall was for, how old it was, what that little tower at the top is, NOTHING!  People in love can be so silly can’t they????  (just kidding Mom and Dad)   Anyway, it was in September and it was a foggy day – kind of cool – and they took a lot of side streets off the main walks and roads in the shopping area just exploring and saw this very pretty garden.   They were in Lucerne for only two days on their trip, then back on the train they went and headed to Paris for their next stop.

Are you sad that nobody guessed right?  Well, guess what – I am……no special BIG SAMMY HUGS to pass out.  😦 😦

How about I give everybody a “JUST BECAUSE” hug – “just because” you tuned in yesterday to play the guessing game….”just because” I have as much fun as YOU do on Teaser days…..”just because” I want to!

Hey – I’m allowed to do that – right?  It is my blog after all !!!
Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀