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Guy Time: Day One


SHE’S GONE!!   Yep – in spite of my best “poor pitiful me” cry and look she took her overnight bag (well, two overnights but who’s counting except me?) and hopped in her car and off she went.  Sniff.  I tried – I really did – but she wouldn’t be swayed.  Even by this:

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Poor pitiful me….and I’m saying it with my eyes AND my voice!

So Dad and I are gonna make the best of it…….there will be lots of burping and watching of guy stuff on TV (like my Dad’s overly extensive collection of flying and train videos) and other manly stuff.  Yep – no girls though – I promised Mom there would be none of that.  We’re just gonna hang and have quality time together.

Playing on the stairs!

Playing on the stairs!

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Playing on the floor….

LUV football - Super bowl, regular season - doesn't matter to me!

Football !

I’ll also be pitiful enough that he takes me outside for a stroll several times over the days Mom’s gone – and when it comes to treats?  Well, I’ll make sure he knows I get LOTS of those from Mom and he’d better try to beat her at that…..(hee hee).

Sam On His Cookie Rug

I get my cookies on a floor mat by my Dad’s chair.

So I will be VERY busy while Mom’s gone and that will make the time just FLY…….right?  However, I will miss Mom’s lap and while I’m SURE my Dad would be thrilled if I popped up on his legs for a snooze while Mom’s gone, experience has shown me that it’s just NOT THE SAME………he’s wiggly and gets up every five minutes for something or another………nope – when it comes to laps, there’s NOTHING like a Mom!!

Happy Friday Everybody!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy



So I think I may have mentioned that my parents were NOT home for yesterday’s celebration of Thanksgiving?  Well in case I didn’t let me tell you they were NOT here.  They were up in the mountains of West Virginia with family having a fine old time while I was HOME ALONE. 

However, I forgave my parents in advance for this faux pas on their part because they PROMISED me they would bring home leftovers.  Well, they’re due back here around noon-ish or one-ish today and I simply cannot wait. 

I do enjoy turkey………and Mom promised me that even though she will be bringing me some leftovers from their turkey extravaganza, we will in fact be having our OWN turkey feast this weekend.  That means probably Sunday.  Can you tell we like turkey in this house?  Well we do.  Including me.  Yup – I’m a VERY fussy eater….VERY….but I can pack away some turkey when given half a chance.

Now that I’ve bored you with MORE turkey talk (thought you’d heard it all by now I bet!!), why don’t you tell me about YOUR Thanksgiving (if you had one).   Was it turkey?  Was it ham?  Was it vegetable lasagna?  Was it roast beef?  Was it Chinese take-out?   I REALLY want to know!

Know what I’m going to do until my parents get here this afternoon??????


If I sleep the time will go fast and my parents will be here SOONER!


Was there any doubt in your mind this would be the case?????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy In Waiting 😀 😀 😀

Alone on a Saturday!


Hi Friends! 

Well, I cannot tell a lie – I’m ALLLLLLLLLLL alone this morning and I will be all day today……my parents aren’t home and won’t be until LATE this afternoon!  So, what does an only cat do while he’s “in charge” of the house and nobody else is around?

What a view!
Spy on the neighbors next door……

And then of course there’s always naps on my parents bed….

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Nobody here to see me playing on their bed! Yay!

And after that I could always play with my tissue and toys in the living room…..

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Looks like I could use a re-supply of tissue....I'll make a list of stuff I noticed while Mom and Dad were gone and put THAT on it!

A guy’s got a responsibility to keep his parents informed of any shortages or problems he notices when he’s left IN CHARGE of the household – right?

Gee…….yawn……..I’m tired just thinking about all I have to do today.  I believe I’ll start off my Saturday with a snooze.  Decisions, Decisions…..

Happy Saturday, Sammy