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SPARK on Monday and Reminders!


Hello Monday!   Time to SPARK………………What exactly IS this Monday SPARK thing we do?   Well, most of you know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.    Why not join us by sharing something that SPARKS you?   It might just start a spark in us too.

With holidays coming quickly (is it just me or is time speeding up???) it always hits me that we need to remember not just the “Reason for the Season” but to try and keep positive and upbeat not just for US but for everyone else too – those we see every day – strangers on the sidewalk – why is that?   Because it will make you SMILE.   People notice that.    People like that – and it’s contagious.   That’s the best part – everyone is smiling………….the SPIRIT has “got them” !!!    That’s what’s behind this little message I’m posting today – when we carry the spirit in our hearts, WE put Christmas in the air – for everyone.

Simple thought but it’s true…………………it starts with one and spreads……………smile and watch what happens around you!

Hugs for the Holidays, Pam

As for the REMINDER part of this post – of course the Professors of Ding Dong School wish me to mention that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY and when you arrive at class (at a top secret, unmentionable time) you must COMMENT FIRST before you sit at your desk – you might win a PRE-CHRISTMAS BADGE!!!!!!

Friendly Fill-Ins



Let’s Fill In!!!!

This is the super fun blog hop that both 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader host every Friday………….they post four sentences with “holes” in them and we fill up the holes with our fabulous additions.    If you want to join in the fun – click on McGuffy’s Reader’s link and enter your blog address and HOP AWAY!

My Mom is filling in this week (her answers are in GREEN)………………..aren’t I nice to let her have it all to herself some weeks?   This is her lucky week…….besides, these questions are better answered by a HUMAN than a cat I think!

1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are “Silent Night” “We Three Kings” I’ll Be Home For Christmas” “White Christmas”, and just about every other song you can think of for Christmas!!, but I could do without hearing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”ever again.
2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is the golden “Sammy Star” gifted to me by a close friend, because it was for Sammy, who loved Christmas and who we miss very much.

3. My favourite holiday treat is either anything CHOCOLATE or (now don’t laugh!) – mincemeat pie – I love it!!.

4. A holiday tradition in my house is Christmas morning breakfast – I make biscuits and sausage gravy using my Dad’s recipe – he’s long gone but his recipe lives on with ME!.
OK Mom – well done!   Thanks for taking care of filling in this week.   I would have had a tough time filling those in especially now that I’m an angel!
Our very VERY special friends, Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) sent my Mom a most special holiday ornament this year – – – it’s a golden star with lights inside and it’s now “Sammy’s Star” which is in honor of yours truly………..it makes Mom and Dad’s hearts ache to see it but then they concentrate on the lights inside as they light the way to the Rainbow Bridge where I am now.    It’s always “on” when they go to bed at night and they stop at the star and say “Goodnight Sammy” which I think is very special.    Thank you Miss Janet for making my Mom and Dad so happy with the beautiful golden star of LOVE.
Sorry the picture is blurry!  Mom had to take it without flash which means holding the camera still (NOT!)

Sorry the picture is blurry! Mom had to take it without flash which means holding the camera still (NOT!)

Speaking of Angels, Mom promised to share a few more of the lovely tributes she was given when I went to the Bridge………….we may be doing them one at a time……it’s just easier for her!
Below is the graphic and poem sent to my Mom by Dr. Phoebe and her sweet cat Samantha.


img_1319Cheer that blossomed within our hearts,
stirred by your presence at each day’s start,
yearns to wilt when you depart.
But our song will sing again, tomorrow.

The smiles that pierced through saddened guise,
the rays which conquered thundered skies,
they ache to dim neath heaven’s cries.
But the sun will rise again, tomorrow.

For many years our lives you blessed,
but the hour has come for you to rest,
to soar upon hills on golden crest.
So have no fear, tomorrow.

 For on that day, I know we shall meet again.

Dedicated to Pam, in memory of Sammy ♥

Weather Woes



We’ve been pretty danged lucky about weather the past few weeks………..more sun and nice temps in the 60s than we have a right to look for normally this time of year!   It’s been grand.  Mom and Dad have been out there chugging around the yard picking up leaves with the leaf machine on the lawn tractor and kind of think maybe one or TWO more times will do it for the season.  That means putting all that stuff away before Christmas!  YAY!  No more noise!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

Today our luck ran out though – we are having rain from the really bad system that’s been in the middle of the country – some of it made its’ way here BUT not the SCARY part – no tornados, etc. – just a heck of a lot of RAIN and colder temps.   My little trips to the front porch for fresh air will be fewer and farther between.   For one thing I do not like to get wet.  I will go out in a light shower – then when we come back inside Mom dries me off with a towel.  Sometimes Mom will carry an umbrella and I know if I stick close to her feet/legs, the umbrella will keep ME from getting wet too!  I’m no dummy!

The next week we have Thanksgiving but do you realize what that means after Thanksgiving has left?  IT MEANS CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE.   I haven’t done a lick of Christmas shopping – nor have I  gotten Christmas cards to send to my buds!  I haven’t done A THING.   Good grief……the clock is ticking and I’m sitting on my tushie here in the house taking it easy.   So is my Mom – what’s with her?   She needs to start shopping for ME and Dad!   MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!    I can see that when she and Dad get back from their Thanksgiving overnight trip to W. Virginia, I will have to “kick some butt” around here………..that’s right – I said a bad word but somebody has to be in charge of this family of layabouts and I guess it will be ME!

Don't make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

Don’t make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

SO – do you have to keep your humans on track too?   Or are they ahead of the game and already shopping………….maybe mine are just extra lazy.   One GOOD thing is Mom says after they get back from Thanksgiving they will begin getting the Christmas decorations out – that means my TREEEEEEEEE and my CHOOO CHOO TRAIN!!!!!   Surely once those things go up in the library Mom will get the BIG Christmas spirit and start looking for things to fill my stocking this year.   After all – I’ve been EVER SO GOOD!!!

Dad THINKS this is his train.....I know it's MINE!

Dad THINKS this is his train…..I know it’s MINE!

Hugs, Sammy

I'll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!

I’ll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!


Purring on Thursday


Well when it’s this danged cold, what’s a guy supposed to other than hibernate – right?   I mean we haven’t had all that snow like folks up north have but when you wake up and the thermometer says TWELVE degrees and the wind’s blowing, you just know it’s PRETTY COLD.


SO, Mom snapped these shots of “this old guy” yesterday………….this is ME doing what I do best………….

I call this the "pre-sleep trance" position.....

I call this the “pre-sleep trance” position…..


This is the “If you’d get that danged camera out of my face I’d put my head down and sleep” position!


I have no exciting stories of what I did outside when I was out there with Mom because while I have stuck my NOSE out the door a few times, I did not stick the REST of me out there.   No way.   And to think that in my youth (or at least a few years ago when I was younger than now) I used to do THIS!

Sam looking mighty small in the snow


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

I musta been nuts back then…..

I’ve been saving this for when I redo my blog header after Thanksgiving – because I definitely want to use it in my Holiday blog header……….but I love it SO MUCH I want to show you what my beautiful friend Nellie –  Cat From Hell (although I think she’s heavenly) did for me – won’t it look FAB-U-LICIOUS on a Holiday header for my bloggy??????    Thank you Nellie Bellie!


All I can do is tell you to STAY WARM…….that’s at the TOP of my personal list of “THINGS TO DO” !

Warm Hugs,


Pee Ess…..I’ve started my Christmas shopping – have you? 

Consider purchasing stuff from Mollie and Alfie’s FAB store!  Just look on my sidebar for the link

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Yep – it’s Furrrrrsday…..the day before Furrrrriday.  Since my Mom and Dad trimmed my nails for me yesterday I thought the least I could do was to continue doing some more “groom and clean” stuff.  Got to keep the Furrrrr lookin’ good right?   Mom was kind enough to help a bit:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

Just a little to the left Mom….yep – that’s the spot!!

Of course I did manage to do a bit of napping during the day as well.  A day without a nap or two or three or more is certainly NOT a “typical” day for any self-respecting cat.  

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

All that body maintenance has me pooped!

Dad is planning on flying his plane this morning – as soon as the sky starts to get light he’ll be out of here and heading thirty minutes away from our house to Culpeper, Virginia where his “baby” lives in a hangar at the Regional Airport.  That means Mom will probably head out the door as soon as the shops open.   Do they have Christmas stuff out in the stores where you live?  They sure do here – and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!   I don’t think Mom is buying any Christmas stuff – you might remember that my parents got a new FAKE Christmas tree last year to replace the rather sorry spectacle of a tree they’d had for over 20 years.  This one’s a real beauty though – this photo is from last year:

Lit Christmas Tree 2011

It’s one of those trees that comes with lights already on it so it’s a lot less work for my “tree decorating crew” !!


I also know that not everybody celebrates Christmas but in my house we do and my Mom can sometimes get carried away.  Moms seem to do that about some things —– have you noticed that in your house???   Or maybe in YOUR house it’s your Dad who gets carried away……??    Come on – tell Sammy your troubles – what does your Mom or Dad do that you think is just a LITTLE BIT nuts???!!!


Sammy !