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Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


It’s Selfie Blog Hop Day

And FYI I will have TWO posts today because I’m pawticipating in Dory’s 25 Days of Christmas and I am DAY 18!   You can visit Dory’s HERE.

The Selfie Hop though is hosted by my good friends Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and if you’d like to hop along with the HOP, just visit them HERE and join up with the linky tool.    Hope to see you “around” !!


Happy Holidays! 

Love, Angel Sam

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Teaser Tell All



Happy Wednesday and as usual, the agony of WAITING is over and I can tell you that not only did we have a bunch of RIGHT guesses, but we have a new “contender” for beginning to collect “First Right Guesser” badges!   But first…….here’s the photo I showed you yesterday:


My Guest Teaser was my very own Aunt Carol!   Mother of two shih tzus and my Mom’s sister…………..(woot woot)……………she sent this photo in and it’s one she took from the Santa Barbara City Hall looking down on the beautiful tiled roofs of Santa Barbara, California!    Here’s the building so you can imagine the above view from up there!


 Thank you Auntie Carol – THIS is yours (even though I know you don’t blog you STILL win!!!!):

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks Auntie Carol!



My FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was my buddy and pal Marty from Marty The Manx !   (can I get a round of applause for Marty since it’s his first time at being FIRST and RIGHT???).

**Roaring Thunderous Applause**

And you also get this little December Gem of a badge Marty:


Those of you who also guessed Santa Barbara, California get this one:


And all of you who were way off base or had no idea WHATSOEVER get the December version of the BIG GREENIE!


Thanks for playing along everyone.  I just love Tuesday Teasers……………Thanks Auntie Carol for making this a good one – we had some interesting guesses this time for sure!

You will only have TWO MORE chances to win a special December Teaser Badge everyone – so make sure you tune in next week for more DRAMA and TRAUMA (you know you love it).

HUGS, Your Teaser Extraordinaire



"Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree......Christsmas 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

My Christmas Card To You!


Hi Everybody!  Thanks for taking the poll about Teasers and whether you liked the way I do them now – with some easy and some hard………….looks like the most votes were cast for that so I’m leaving things the way they are…………WOO HOO!   Do you have this badge on your blog?  If not, you can swipe it and post it to tell everyone ELSE about Teaser Tuesday!!


I’ve been receiving so many wonderful holiday cards from you in my email and Mom’s printing them out for me so I can keep them…..and even some are coming in my mail and THOSE are going up with the family cards in the doorframe around the living room door…..THANK YOU ALL!    This year I’m giving you my card HERE but if you want me to email a copy of it to you I can do that too so just let me know!


I’m visiting everyone’s blogs slowly but surely between other things around here but may I just say that ALL of you who put up holiday decorations – especially Christmas trees – are so lucky because your houses all look FABULOUS……..so many pretty decorations and beautiful trees.   Sure puts me in the mood for Christmas and I bet you feel the same way right?


Yesterday my Mom and Dad had lunch with their friends Miss Dianna and her husband Motor Man from These Days of Mine in a little town called Strasburg, Virginia.   Here’s my Mom with Miss Dianna (my Mom’s in the brown coat – Miss Dianna in the white coat!).


They had a lot of fun – and Mom brought back a present for me from my girlcatfriend the beautiful Sundae who lives with them!  It’s under my tree now and I’ve promised Mom that I won’t peek until Christmas.  It’s not easy staying away from presents under the tree – but I promised so I will be good (although at night when my Mom and Dad are asleep I might give the present a poke or two….tee hee).   My stocking is hung on the mantle with Mom and Dad’s but there aren’t any lumps in it yet…that means no little presents from them stuffed in the stocking YET.  What’s with that?  Don’t they know that Christmas is almost here?????

Stockings ready for stuffing!

Well, I’m off to see what Mom’s up to – she said something about running errands and maybe doing some shopping today……..MAYBE SHE’LL BUY SOME STUFF FOR MY STOCKING??????  YEAH!!!  I bet THAT’s what she has in mind………….


All Dressed up for Christmas!

Yucky, Icky Saturday


Good Morning!   Why yucky/icky?  The weather stinks…….yesterday we started out at 4:30AM (yes I said 4:30AM) at sixty seven balmy degrees……two hours later it was forty seven NOT balmy degrees and raining like we would need that ark brought up from the basement that my Dad’s been working on.  THEN, fog moved in and the rain let up a bit………now I haven’t been outside yet this morning BUT something tells me it’s not pretty out there today either.  So, I’m assuming yucky/icky AGAIN.


However, I can overlook that little problem because there’s something in the air………….wafting through the house………….(no it’s not my litter box)………..there’s the irresistible aroma of – – – (wait for it) – – – –


YAY!!!!   And you know me – bacon soothes the savage beast (or not so savage cat  as well).  Mom made a big pile of it too.   That also means she’s making pancakes.  It’s a good way to start off a yucky/icky Saturday.

Now – get this – YESTERDAY I also got yet another award………I certainly did…….can you believe it????   This one came to me from my buddy Shrimp at Hairballexpress!  It’s a new award – I’ve never received it before but I like the name……..


Best of all there are no “requirements” or “rules”……you just accept it – thank the person who kindly gave it to you (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SHRIMP!!), and pass it on to whoever you want to.  I like that!

I’m gonna pass this one to:



Mr. Bowie

I’ll also say that anyone else who would particularly like to receive it to add to their award collection can feel free to take it and pass it on.  We’re all just one BIG HAPPY FAMILY here in the blogosphere right?

In line with that – I ALSO received my second star for my BLOG OF THE YEAR 2013 award from my super good friends at Purrfect Kitties.   That’s two stars out of six.  I’m so blessed by my friends…..THANK YOU!!!



How can today be yucky and icky if I’m so blessed to have such good friends?  Well, INSIDE the house and INSIDE my heart it’s nice and warm and happy………..it’s OUTSIDE that’s yucky and icky.  We might even see some snow over this weekend and early next week.  YIKES.  I’ll keep you informed!!

This was Christmas Day LAST year......will it do this again THIS year?????

This was Christmas Day LAST year……will it do this again THIS year?????