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Christmas Eve


T’was the night before Christmas……

Christmas 2011 Outdoor Decorations

We’re going to have a quiet Christmas Eve Day and get a good night’s sleep because Santa Paws will be coming tonight……Mom says if I try to stay awake and sneak a peek, Santa might decide NOT to come down our chimney after all so I’ll be good and tuck myself into bed well before he gets here. 

Sam Sleeping (again)

I’m not peeking Santa…..honest!

I’m so overwhelmed by all the holiday cards I got this year…….thank you my friends……this is my second slideshow of cards and it isn’t even ALL of them – we ran out of places to hang them!  


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Remember that even though we’ve had to say goodbye to so many friends this past year as they’ve left us for the Bridge, they are still with us always and forever in our hearts….light a candle tonight……they will see it…..!  

Baby Sammy Christmas card.....

Baby Sammy Christmas card…..

I’ll be back tomorrow morning to hopefully show some photos of our Christmas Eve and Morning!   Hope yours is merry and bright……..

Love, Sammy Claws