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Keeping Track of Santa!

Where's The Christmas Tree?

Excitement is building....want to track Santa like I do??

Oh wow….it’s Monday and this is the final countdown to Christmas!  I probably couldn’t possibly be more excited – could you? 

I wanted to tell all of my pals about a really cool website where you can keep track of what Santa Claus is up to these last days before he loads up his sleigh and comes to see all of us.  Of course right now, Santa and his elves are finishing up all that work on making toys and goodies but once they load up the sleigh, we can ALL see just where he’s headed and track his progress as he flies around the world with Rudolph and the gang.

Cool huh?  Here’s the website link – there’s lots of fun things to do on the website too – games for kids (and their parents of course) as well as the “Santa Tracker”:


Check it out!

It’s so much fun reading everyone’s blogs and finding out how they’re celebrating the holiday…lots of pretty Christmas trees, decorations, greeting cards – lots of sharing going on!   Isn’t this fun??  If you haven’t posted pictures of your tree or decorations, please do…..my Mom and I love seeing “Christmas Around The World” with all our friends.

Remind your humans that there’s plenty of time still to shop for presents for their favorite pets….and there’s always room under the tree for one more gift or one more lump in our stocking!!  😀

Happy Monday!




Staying on the “NICE” List!

Sammy - being a very good boy before Christmas!

Staying on Santa's "NICE" list....looking as sweet as possible!

I’ve been extra good today…..I know that the countdown is on for “how many days before Christmas” and I’m not taking ANY chances on being pushed off the “Nice” list before then.  No way. 

Here I am in the library – right across from the tree with a bazillion presents under it – am I there right now poking and prodding and pulling and grabbing?  Heck no….I’m here being dear and sweet and minding my own business.

Have I been good and eaten all my breakfast and dinner and used my litter box and told Mommy when it needs to be “flushed” after I’m through?  Absolutely.

Have I spent all night guarding the house – moving from window to window, keeping vigilant in case an intruder tries to sneak in?  Totally!

I can’t imagine any circumstance that might move me from Santa’s “Nice” list but I’m not taking ANY chances……no sireeeeeeee……I sure hope all of you are holding back on all the naughty things you’d like to do until AFTER Christmas.  Right?  After it’s over I figure we can sneak in a few “Naughty” days before Santa starts those lists all over again for Christmas 2012.   Tee Hee!  😉

Sammy, One NICE Cat

Lists For Santa Claws

Me in a Santa Hat......

What would YOU like Santa Claws to bring this year???

I had a lot of fun with the comments you guys posted yesterday….Mom and I got Daddy’s Christmas shopping all done but you also had some good ideas for ME! 

My Cousins Toby and Mollye sent me a link to a way cool thermo-pad thing that I can curl up and take a nap and it’s not electric!  Someone else sent me a link to a nice, safe heated bed!   Then there were a couple of nice fleecy dog sweaters that MIGHT fit – and even a sweater that said “Tough Guy” on it (even though I’m an old softie!!).

So it got me thinking – I have animal buddies who read my blog that live in all parts of the US of A and Europe – – – – I’d love to know what YOU do (if you do anything) to celebrate the holiday season AND most especially, what are YOU asking Santa Claws for this year?  Maybe it will give me some more ideas……I’m always UP for more ideas……there’s plenty of room left on my list for other stuff – and there’s always that kitty stocking I hang by the fireplace – it needs to be jam-packed with goodies (what kind of snacks do you recommend???). 

‘Tis the season…….well, it isn’t QUITE the season but we’re getting closer and closer and closer and you just shouldn’t wait until the last minute.   Santa Claws has lots of humans AND animals to shop for you know.  LOTS!