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Christmas Day Pre-Teaser!


Merry Christmas From All The Ding Dongs at Ding Dong School!

Merry Christmas and SIT DOWN !

The Professors are Ready to Start Class!

Yes everyone we are ready but we first want to say that we hope Santa Paws was very good to all you good boys and girls and brought you everything you wanted for Christmas.   All you BAD boys and girls – I hope you have a real fireplace in your house because all that coal will come in handy this winter!

We are here BRIEFLY (after all who wants to read a blog on Christmas morning right?) to remind you tomorrow we WILL have a Teaser for you and we WILL have special Christmas badges for you to win even though it will be the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!

Rules for Teaser?   You know ’em but there may be some new students who need a refresher course!

  1. You have to include both the city/village/town name AND the State (if in USA) or Country (if not in the USA) where the photo was taken that you will see here tomorrow!
  2. Please don’t use a computer program or Google Image Search to figure out where the photo was taken – just do your best guess without help!    We know you’re all smart as can be and can do it without that kind of help right?  Right!

I promised you a SHORT class today and I mean it BUT I do want the Cheerleading Team to give you a little Christmas CHEER (literally)!

We three cuties of Teaserdom are….
Traveling to school from near and far
Just to cheer and bend your ear
We traveled by sleigh and not car…….
Have fun at home and eat lots of good food
If we said BAH HUMBUG that would be really rude!
So we’ll just say that we love you and that would be true.
Whether you’ve been GOOD or BAD we care about YOU!!!


Well done girls!   We all wish you a Merry Christmas too…………now go home and enjoy the rest of your day but be sure and be BACK tomorrow to cheer for the TEASER OK?

The Cafeteria Crew is off today – but I have a LITTLE snack anyway!

Christmas Cocoa

AND Christmas Donuts!

Tune in Tomorrow for Teaser (at a surprise time remember!)

Hugs, Professors Sammy and Teddy!!



Christmas Fun


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………everywhere you go (oops…..this sounds like a song doesn’t it?!).    My little town of Warrenton puts on a great display down Main Street (all eight blocks of it) with little white lights in EVERY SINGLE store window – greenery around all the street lamps, and lots of window displays including some animations.

Here at my house, we have everything DONE inside and out.   My negligent Mom has still not gone outside at night to take photos of my outside lights but maybe I can get her to do that tonight.  Maybe.

Meanwhile I’m collecting a whole lot of Christmas cards of both type – ecards and “paper” cards – and my Mom and Dad only have a couple but I’m RAKING THEM IN!!!!    I’ve also had some surprise boxes arrive for ME from Scout friends – there are so many kind people in this world……..Mom won’t let me open a SINGLE thing until Christmas morning though.  HUMBUG MOM!

Here are just SOME of the ecards cards I’ve received!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have more – I have cards in abundance – and I’m thrilled about each and every single one of them – I thank everyone from the bottom of my old furry heart!

If you don’t have one from ME, forgive my oversight!   I’ve posted it before but am posting it again because it’s from ME to ALL of you with love……………………….forever.


Holiday Hugs, Sammy


The Daredevil



Hi All!    Well, it was an interesting weekend…………kinda quiet……….finished up the leftovers from Turkey Day……….Mom and Dad got the leaves picked up (again)……….and Elfvis is beginning to show his TRUE colors.   Remember Bacon said that the elf who lives at his house gets his magic powers after Thanksgiving and he goes NUTS getting in trouble until Christmas?    I think Elfvis is trying to match Don Juan (Bacon’s elf) in pushing the limits!!

Yesterday Mom was watching the Redskins football game when she heard a sound coming from upstairs…………….


Mom:  “What the heck was that?”

Dad:  “I have no idea – let’s go see!”

And what did they find???


That’s right……………..Elfvis decided to try bungee jumping off the bannister on the upstairs railing with NO safety net of course……….!    Mom untied him and immediately banned him to the very tippity top of her art supply armoire in her office/studio.   There is NO WAY he can get down from there – trust me on that………so at least until tomorrow when Mom promised him she’d give him another chance, he’s out of trouble.   We hope.

Gosh………..I think there just won’t be any dull moments around here until Christmas!

Tomorrow is definitely not a DULL MOMENT……………….we have a Tuesday Teaser for you………………it will be posted at a random time chosen by my Mom and me so you have no idea when it will arrive – just be on the alert – because you know you wanna be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………The King of Tease, Easy, got it last week……….who will get it this week??   Time will tell!!!


Sammy, Minder of Elfvis

(which is no easy job I tell ya!)

All Dressed up for Christmas!

Here Comes Santa Paws…..


(sung to tune of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”)

(((Sam clears throat)))

“Oh what a beautiful moooooooooorning,

Oh what a beautiful day…..

I’ve got a wonderful feeeeeeeling,

Santa is coming today!!!!”

Me in a Santa Hat......

Santa Claws? No, it’s ME silly!

Happy Christmas Eve Day everybody!   Well, even though it’s hours to go before he gets HERE to Virginia, I guess he’s already started stopping at some places on the globe to do his thing. 

Be warned boys and girls of all animal types, it’s too late to make a switch from “NAUGHTY” to “NICE” so whatever you were, you still are!  You’ll find out Christmas morning I suppose if you’re unsure WHICH list you were on.

Me?  I’m on the NICE list…….I may have been on the NAUGHTY list a few times in my many years but not now.  No doubt about it. 

I had fun over the weekend reading everybody’s Christmas blogs – talking about the true meaning of Christmas, family or friends who are coming to our houses to share in our holiday cheer, presents under the tree (or hidden in closets by our peeps who think we don’t know they are there….hahaha) and now here we are.  Christmas Eve Day. 

I’ve said it a bunch of times lately – and I’ve meant it every single time I’ve said it – but now that it’s really HERE, I want to say it again!!  Thanks for being my friends……..thanks for visiting me here every day………and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  Remember no Tuesday Teaser on Christmas Day but we’ll see you again on Wednesday! 




Your Pal Sammy

Sam Red Christmas Bow

A temporary bow…..I’ll have some pix of me in Christmas garb when I see you here on my bloggy Wednesday!!

Just In Case……


Hello Friends……….

If you’re reading this, then we’re all still here…..that Mayan calendar thing about the end of the world happening on December 21, 2012 is perhaps not right….not gonna happen….at least I hope not.

Mom where does it say today's the day???? I can't read this dingy-dang thing!

Mom where does it say today’s the day???? I can’t read this dingy-dang thing!

What WOULD be nice is if as of today the world did at least CHANGE…..you know, like “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” kind of change.  Now that’s something I could wrap my paws around and hold onto.  That’s something to wish for.  If starting today, there would be no more war, no more poverty, no more pain, no more disease, no more starving, no more homeless people or animals, no more – well, you can see my problem here – I couldn’t possibly name everything I’d wish “no more” of because there’s too much stuff!

We’re lighting a candle to wish on!!

But I realize that might be asking a bit much…….perhaps I should just be happy to be HERE period. 

If, on the other hand, the end of the world just hasn’t happened today as yet – like maybe it’s happening later in the day or something….may I take this opportunity to bend your ear and say how happy I am you’re my friend?  How happy I am that you visit me every single day (or as often as you can anyway) and listen to my tales of cattitude???   I LOVE YOU!!!!   

Today is cleaning day and I know my Mom wouldn’t mind if the end of the world happened before she has to get the vacuum monster out of the closet………so, Mr. Mayan Guy – go ahead and pull the plug!!
QUICKIE NEWS UPDATE:  Wanna make Christmas super special for our friend Miss Stella (Mollie and Alfie’s Mom)???  She loves answering questions (ALL kinds of questions if you get my drift…tee hee) and you can submit your questions on Doggys Style in the “Comments” area and not only keep Miss Stella busy (!!) but there’s a PRIZE to win……We all love prizes right?  We all love Miss Stella right?  Go to Doggy’s now and ask WHATEVER you want to ask!

Happy Friday Peeps!!!!

Sammy !
Hey Mom…..if the world is ending today can we open our presents NOW??????? 

Marvelous Monday


Happy Monday!  

Some of you said you thought you’d come to the WRONG blog when you visited me yesterday because of my “SURPRISE” holiday look.  Well, someone has to keep you on your toes and it might as well be me!  I thought it would be fun to “dress up” my blog for Christmas.

I dressed up the blog but not QUITE as much as Mom had this card she did “dressed up” huh?!?!

Mom said she’s heading out the door this morning to begin the annual ritual of shopping for the holiday.  I made sure to casually mention (after I told her how gorgeous she is and how young she still looks….blah blah blah) that I would certainly appreciate a few special presents from my Mom and Dad under the Christmas tree this year.  You know – like a heated window seat??  I told her I had put that item on my Santa Paws Wish List which I’d already mailed off to the North Pole but JUST IN CASE, if she happened to find one in her shopping travels, it would not hurt if I had a couple of them around the house (assuming Santa comes through that is).

Early morning bird watching

Hey Ma…..how about one of these perch things with a heater built in??? Huh??? Maybe Santa Paws will bring me one???? Hint Hint????? Nothing worse than a cold tushie!


We’re still working on something to do for a holiday contest so stay tuned………in the meantime what’s tomorrow everyone???

Tuesday Teaser!

I’ve got three vacation photos picked out but haven’t decided which one to use.  Just remember when you arrive here in the morning to have your glasses shined up and ready to inspect the photo OK?  Last week I fooled EVERYBODY and this week I wonder if I can go for TWO IN A ROW!!!

Hope you all have a MARVELOUS MONDAY…….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Where's The Christmas Tree?

Say Mom…..when are you and Dad putting up the tree….huh? THIS is where it goes…..I’ll keep the spot warm until you put the tree up OK?????

Outside and Inside Snow

Sam in snow Winter 2010

Where's the Snow THIS Year??

This morning’s photo is wishful thinking.  This was Winter 2010 and it doesn’t look like this is gonna be happening THIS year in time for a white Christmas anyway.  The weather guy said this morning that the “few flakes” he’d thought we might have Christmas morning won’t happen until Monday. 


Oh well.  It’s not like I had skiis or a snow sled on my Christmas Wish List anyway. 

How about where YOU are?  Any chance of snow for Christmas?  

Yesterday we had some “snow” indoors.  Huh?  Yeah – that’s what I said!  Snow…..well, sort of anyway.  Mom had received a box with some books inside and they’d been packed up with what Mom called “peanuts”……all I know is they were white, fluffy, and fun to bite!  Maybe too much fun though because after about ten minutes I’d shredded several of them and Mom had quite a time getting all the little pieces up and taken out to the trash can along with the box and the REST of the peanuts.  So much for indoors snow………

I bet it’s snowing at the North Pole…..and I bet Rudolph and all the other reindeers are resting up for their BIG NIGHT…..because it won’t be long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy, One Excited Boy