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Lucky Sunday


Hi Everybody………….

You know how you get to wondering  why you enter contests and giveaways yet NEVER seem to win a thing?  Well that’s kinda how I feel sometimes……….but I sure don’t feel like that anymore!  Nope – sure don’t!  Why?  Well last week I found out I won TWO – – – that’s TWO giveaways!  One from entering a giveaway on my good sheltie doggy friend Dakota’s blog Dakota’s Den and the other one I’ll save to tell you about when my winning box of fun arrives!!  Spread the fun out more or less……..Tee Hee. 

Anyway the package I won from Dakota’s Den arrived yesterday from the ASPCA which is a super organization we totally support and love.  Guess what was in it?????  Well, you don’t have to guess because Mom took a photo of me taking a peek at everything……….

Wow Mom....look at all this great STUFF!

Wow Mom….look at all this great STUFF!

There was a tote bag, an ASPCA magnet (which is now on my refrigerator), a box of animal greeting cards (way cool), an orange ASPCA bracelet, an eco-friendly kitty mouse toy, TWO packages (one in a tin and one not in a tin) of my Dad’s MOST favorite shortbread cookies in the universe – Walker’s Shortbread (the cookies are shaped like scotty dogs!!!!!) and a Christmas stocking with a glitter pen so I can write my name on the paw print on the stocking……….the BEST thing about the stocking is that means I have TWO stockings “hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there”………YAY!

There was one other thing too – a doggy jingle bell collar.  Well you know we have no doggies here and there aren’t any doggies near us either so Mom made a very cool door decoration with the collar – she slipped it over the hook our door wreath is on so it’s now a jingle bell door wreath just perfect for the holiday!  Whenever the front door is opened, it jingles!!

I want to thank my friend Dakota and his “Mom” Miss Caren for having the giveaway and I still can’t believe that MY name came up in the drawing as winner.   They have lots of great contest and giveaways so if you don’t know about Dakota’s Den or Dakota’s brother Cody of CAT CHAT please visit their bloggies and meet them. 

Say – Mom – since I’m a winner – I don’t suppose I can have an extra piece of bacon for Sunday breakfast????????  Awwww….c’mon Mom!!!

Holiday Hugs, Sammy

Dashing thru the snow....in a one cat open sleigh....'ore the fields we go, meowing all the way!!!!

Dashing thru the snow….in a one cat open sleigh….’ore the fields we go, meowing all the way!!!!

One Day Early!


Happy Saturday Peeps!  I’m one day early with my Easter card to all my friends because I thought maybe lots of you wouldn’t be checking email on Easter Sunday……………

Since I celebrate Easter in my house, I did an Easter card BUT I know lots of you don’t celebrate Easter so whatever you may be celebrating, enjoy and otherwise have a SWELL Saturday and Sunday!

So, without further ado with with BIG EASTER HUGS from me and my family:

Sam's Easter Card

President’s Day

Sammy the President

Happy President's Day!

It’s another holiday here in the US of A.  President’s Day.  Just another excuse for the mail service not to deliver mail.  Just another excuse for the stores to have ridiculous sales and cause traffic jams at every Mall. 

Humbug.   However, I must say, I look rather splendid behind the podium don’t you think?  Gives me an idea…….since people are having a tough time deciding on who to vote for in the next election – what about:


Oh – wait a minute – that means that I actually have to manage the government????  NEVER MIND. 

Anyway, those of you who get to celebrate President’s Day by not having to work…….enjoy!

Sammy (just plain old regular Sammy the Cat)