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You got HERBS?



Hi All!    Well  the old Momster went out yesterday to the nursery and returned with plants…..you know I’ve been DYING to have my front porch decorated and Mom promised me she would right?  I wanted lots of flowers in pots………not too much to ask yes?   Well, when she got home she had a dwarf butterfly bush for the yard, a bazillion petunias, some kind of other very colorful little flowers for a pot on the deck,   some  perennial salvia, more sweet potato vines   and a bunch of HERBS.   She made an herb garden……if it’s like the last one she planted, it will get some use.   She does like to use fresh herbs in her cooking.   She got spearmint,   basil, oregano, rosemary, orange mint (that was a type of mint she’d never heard of before), and    one other herb that I can’t remember the name of.   So all of that is planted.

Swell huh?   But still NO PLANTS FOR MY PORCH………………………Mom says MAYBE she’ll go out tomorrow and look again.  She claims she can’t find anything she likes for the porch.  Acres of flowers in bloom right now but Mom can’t find something she likes.   I’m starting to think maybe I should use my red wagon and hike up to the nursery MYSELF!!!!

Yep - remember this photo?   It's fast becoming a reality!!!

Yep – remember this photo? It’s fast becoming a reality!!!

Today will be  bed-changing day……….at least I can  enjoy that while it lasts………. but it’s still not the same as lying on the front porch smelling the flowers…………..I suppose I could  just ENJOY what’s out there?   The azaleas are blooming nicely this year so there’s that……….and the pink dogwood trees are in full bloom…………so there’s that……….and Mom’s pink potted geraniums are blooming but they don’t smell all that great.   I think I’m working myself up for a good old POUT, don’t you?


I don’t suppose I could  manage to turn this pout into an excuse to ask for extra bacon ????   That might take the edge off the pain of having to wait yet again for my porch to be decorated!

Hugs, Pouting Sam