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SPARKS on Monday


Sparks on a Monday!

Today is the day we start our week off reading some great inspirational quotes from everyone who is participating in McGuffy’s Reader’s SPARKS posts on Mondays.    I am a firm believer that inspiration can come to us in many ways – what we read, who we meet, what we do, where we go…………but also by just BELIEVING that we can help someone else by some little thing we might do.    So we share and you never know WHO you will touch…………..If you’d like to join in the fun – share some light with others – click the graphic above and go to McGuffy’s and join in the FUN!

My SPARK for today is something that goes hand in hand with “we meet people in our journey of life for a reason”…………..at least I think it does!

I think we all can help someone else in some way that we might think is insignificant but which could give them a totally new direction, idea, thought, REASON to continue and that’s a HUGE thing and as the saying above says, “Don’t Ever Waste It”……………

Have a great week…….light someone else’s fire this week with your SPARKS!

Hugs, Pam