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Teaser Tell All


Ready For The Scoop on the Teaser??

Yesterday was a goodie wasn’t it?    We thought it was and we didn’t tell you that it was one of my Mom and Dad’s photos we used either did we….tee hee……but we’ll get down to THAT part of the update later.   First item of business is to let you know who the FIRST COMMENTER was (or in this case – COMMENTERS)!


Memories of Eric & Flynn, Friends Furever, and The Cat On My Head

Three Firsties! 

Congratulations Miss Jackie, Miss Sharon and Miss Janet from our FIRSTIES!  You each get:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of July 3, 2018!

What LUCKY ducks those three winners are!!

Then we sat and watched the guesses coming in…………..we had a great variety of them AND some really good ones that showed people were really checking the photo out for any kind of clues.   We had blacked out a couple of minor things that we thought MIGHT be clues but the rest was up to YOU!    Here’s the photo again:

This photo was taken by Mom as she and Dad walked a side street in Heidelberg, Germany – WAY up above them and a bit behind them is the amazing Heidelberg castle……which HAS been featured on old Teasers here.     The photo below was taken from up where the castle is – the street scene above was taken RIGHT along the river you see in the photo fairly near the bridge on the left side of the photo.

Who was able to figure this one out FIRST?????    May we have a drumroll please????

Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI !

YAY for Csilla!  This is for YOU:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 3, 2018! Lucky me!

There were a few others who guessed Heidelberg and if you were one of them, this is for each of you:

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser photo of July 3, 2018! Goodie!

AND of course if you guessed but you were WRONG…….well…..we’re sorry about that but at least you get to take home one of these of your very own:

Darn! I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser photo of July 3, 2018 but at least I TRIED! Maybe next week I’ll do better????

Let’s give everyone a hand shall we??

Now the cheer team wants to add THEIR congratulations to our winners!    Take the floor team!!

It’s the fourth of July and hot as firecrackers
But we’re here to cheer because we’re not slackers!
The Teaser was tough and there weren’t many clues
But you persevered and must have studied too!
Miss Jackie, Miss Sharon, Miss Janet – whoopee!
Then we waited a while for the guess that was right
We thought we’d have to wait until day turned to night!
But here came Miss Csilla who figured it out
We’re excited for her so we’ll give her a SHOUT!
YAY FOR EVERYONE on the 4th of July
We love Ding Dong School and that’s no lie!

Next week I do believe we have a GUEST TEASER lined up for you……………maybe those of you who got a GREENIE this week will have better luck next week – you’ll never know until you try – right?

There’s always next week!!!

So as you well know, today is July 4th here in the US of A and we’ve been going PATRIOTIC all week so far – today we have the grand Patriotic finale and then it’s back to our usual menu from the cafeteria and the cheer team’s outfits, etc.    All the fireworks will have died down and we’ll be BUSINESS AS USUAL at Ding Dong School.    Miss Dingleberry has our 4th of July meal all set for us today.    Since it’s just a half day of class – after you eat you are free to hop on your bus and head home!


Alright Ding Dongers – line up in orderly fashion and let’s EAT!  YES some of these are “repeat” goodies – your favorites but then you want us to SPOIL you right????  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now……….

Happy Birthday USA….long may you wave……

Your Patriotic Profs, Angel Sam and Teddy too


Teaser Tell All


DARN DARN DARN!!!   I was hoping to fool you smarty pants Teaser Fans but I most certainly did NOT……………….in fact two correct answers arrived within sixty seconds of each other yesterday morning right after my blog went live!   Wanna see my epic fail photo I used trying to fool you – just in case you missed it yesterday?


Yep – that’s the one.  I fooled a few of you but not many.   This was a photo taken by my Mom up by the Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany when my Mom and Dad visited there a few years ago……….beautiful view huh???

Who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???   Why it was Leo of Walk to Rio 2016 followed sixty seconds later by Easy………….the dynamic duo of Teasers.   If you didn’t follow the comments yesterday you should – it was fun to read the back and forth between these guys and everyone else who chimed in………..hahaha.

Leo, this is yours my friend:

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

And Easy, you and all the other smarties who got it right get this!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Those of you who guessed wrong or hadn’t ANY idea where the photo had been snapped get the BIG GREENIE…….which is still something to be proud of you know!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Now wasn’t that FUN?????   Of course it was!!!!!!  Just like every Tuesday and Wednesday………………CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS…………….WOO HOO FOR KNOWING YOUR GEOGRAPHY!


Hugs, Sammy


Teaser Tell All



Helllloooooooooooooooo !!!

Bet you tuned in this morning to find out WHO guessed the Teaser yesterday correctly right? Well, I won’t make you suffer and wait – I’ll let you know right away what the scoop is………first of all here’s the photo yet again:


I honestly didn’t know there were real CLUES in this photo but those of you who have either eagle eyes (!) or the ability to “adjust” light/dark, or even have BEEN here yourselves, figured it out.

My parents were on a cruising vacation along the Rhine River and visited Heidelberg and the beautiful castle grounds one day on their tour………..this is the gate at the entrance to the castle complex.  It truly was one of the most beautiful views from on top of the hill overlooking the town of Heidelberg and the buildings associated with the castle were impressive.  Now I have to take my Mom’s word for it because I was NOT there…….I was home in Virginia safely boarded at my most favorite boarding place EVER – The Paws Awhile Pet Hotel.  They spoiled me even more rotten than I already am!

So who guessed it right?  As of time Mom helped me write this (4PM Eastern USA time Tuesday) here’s the hug winners list!

Easy from Easy Weimaraner (Easy found clues in this photo – he’s got great eyeballs!!)

Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats  (Mollie’s eyes were working well even after being on the computer running the auction all day Monday!)

Layla from Cat Wisdom 101  (Miss Layla has PROBABLY been here in this very spot before!!)

Animal Couriers from Animal Couriers (they’ve been EVERYWHERE!!!)

And you know what you winners get………………………… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Now, here’s something WAY WAY WAY cool that you’ve just GOT to check out!   Singer-songwriter, artist and writer extraordinaire Catherine Forsley (“Cat”) put together a really cute little cat tribute called “Inspiring Cats”  and I’m PART of it along with my buddies My Three Moggies, June Buggie, Misaki, and Alfie!   You’ve just GOTTA see it……………….CLICK HERE  !   Thank you Miss Cat!!! 😀

I’m so flattered to be a bit of a creative effort on Miss Cat’s part…………she seems like a really super and VERY talented lady and I sure have enjoyed meeting her (Mom has too).  Her music is great.

Today we’ll all find out how the Auction on Mollie’s went so don’t forget to stop by and check things out.  We hope a whole pile of money was made on Leo’s behalf.  Leo needs all the help we can give him!

Either tomorrow or Friday I’m going to do a whole blog about my Mom’s book and the cat named Eddy who is one of the “stars” of the book………….I keep saying “My Mom’s book” but really she has THREE books.  The one I’m going to talk about is the adult mystery novel but she’s also written two childrens books.   Of course I helped her wrote those……I’m NOT just a pretty face you know!  😀

Happy Wednesday and concatulations to Teaser winners………….the rest of you?  Next Tuesday you have another chance for BIG SAMMY HUGS.

Love You All – Kitty Hugs, Sammy


We’ve Got Winners!


Happy Wednesday!  It’s a big day for winners at “Sammy’s Place” ! 😀 😀

First of all, thanks to everyone who entered the pumpkin decorating contest, voted for winners in each group of pumpkin entries, and cheered on your favorites because there were a LOT of votes cast – that means you all have a LOT of friends and fans!

The winner of the “REAL PUMPKIN” part of the contest was DOGGY!

The winner of the “VIRTUAL PUMPKIN” part of the contest were MOLLIE AND ALFIE!

You each have a little blog badge to display if you wish but please send your “snail mail” address – where you’d like your surprise package delivered for being a BIG WINNER to my Mom at junekimm@aol.com.   Since you guys are out of the US of A it will probably take a while for your goodies to arrive but never fear – they will eventually get there!

Now for the next bunch of winners……the Tuesday Teaser folks who guessed where yesterday’s Teaser photo was taken.  Here’s the photo one more time…………..

YES it was Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany and who guessed it right EXACTLY?

Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats 

Doggy from Doggy’s Style

Easy from Easy Weimaraner

Isobel from Isobel and Cat

You all win the ever popular:

Now Doggy and Mollie – don’t forget to send my Mom your addresses (Mollie we have yours but if you want it to go to a DIFFERENT address, let Mom know!!).
Today is Halloween and my Mom will be decorating our front porch for all the little Trick or Treaters coming tonight – I will have a photo of our porch and driveway decorations AND one of my special CAT PUMPKIN on my blog Thursday – betcha can’t wait to see that huh???  😀 😀
CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS………….and hugs all around because even if you didn’t win a contest, you’re all winners to me!
Kitty Hugs, Sammy