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Bacon With The Boys


The Bacon Boys!

This kinda says it all right?   Me and the Tedster getting ready to tackle breakfast on a Saturday morning!   It looks like Mom did it up right doesn’t it?   I wonder if there’s any bacon left at the grocery store – ANY of the grocery stores (we have four in town).

It’s only right of course that we be fully baconized – we have a “rep” to keep up – the boys of baconhood.

The bacon fairy has decreed that Teddy is my successor to the throne of Baconia…..so at a suitable time – purrrrrhaps at the BIG BACON HARVESTING PARTY we’ll have in a few weeks – we will include the official “passing of the crown” to Teddy.   It will be a suitably royal occasion.

I will of course always be the FIRST King of Baconia that there ever was, but being at the Bridge, if I wore my crown there my wings might not be able to handle that extra weight and I wouldn’t be able to fly.   SO, I will remain in an honorary position in the kingdom but Teddy will be the new ROYAL.

Speaking of the harvest party – it will be soon…..but prior to the party I will have some things to help all of you who plan on attending the party prepare.   Wheelbarrows to put your harvested bacon in, special outfits for all harvesters, etc.    I mean if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right – RIGHT?   So perhaps next Saturday I’ll post those things and then you will have some time to work on your photos and send them to ME so I can share them with our adoring fans.


The greenhouse supervisor says that the crop is looking mighty fine……………………………….so the Bacon Harvesting Party is the next step…………………and what a bacon-fest it will be!

Love WILL be in the air – LOVE OF BACON!!!!!

I’ll be pitching a big old party tent on the Greenhouse grounds for the event…………….be purrrpared to harvest and party OK?   I’ll give you more details soon.

The greenhouse staff will of course be invited………..

Happy Bacon Day!