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Sparks on Monday



Monday rolls around yet again and it’s time to start our week off with some inspiring thoughts – some positive feelings – the more we look to the light, the more light we will have around us and in a world that often feels rather DARK, sparks are more welcome than ever before.     SPARKS is a great BLOG HOP started by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – she just KNEW that the more positivity we share and the more positivity we hang on to in our own lives, the lighter and brighter ALL our lives will be.   SO, on Mondays we post an inspirational thought in the HOP at McGuffy’s Reader and take some power from them.

If you’d like to join in – please do – just click on the SPARKS graphic above and using the LINKY tool there, enter your blog info and we’ll be visiting you to see what “sparkling” thought you may have to share as we start out this week…………….we know how great it is to see a light at the end of the tunnel……….instead of looking for the light – BE THE LIGHT!

Here is our SPARK for today – simple thought – big impact!

Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

With thanks to Annie……………

Things Are Better With Bacon….


Have You Ever Noticed That?   IT’s TRUE!

Things do go better with a little bacon……and that’s why we do this every Saturday.  Makes you smile, makes me smile, makes things a little brighter and – fills the tummy too!!!   I should be hired by the bacon industry in fact – look what we’ve done for them all these years!

Sure does……………in fact lots of things are super good about bacon………!

I’m sure that’s why doctors prescribe it!

It makes EVERYONE happy right?????

And other than the Tooth Fairy, only BACON has its’ own little magic fairy!

See?   It’s just good stuff……period……..where would we be without all the silly jokes and cartoons about bacon?   A good belly laugh is good for the soul!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! Yours too apparently!

This is EVER so true!!!!!

So therefore as your King of Baconia, I am here to say –

Let The Bacon Feast Begin!  

(go ahead – go tell your humans to whip up some bacon ASAP – tell ’em THE KING sent ya!

Love, King Teddy with a short but SWEEEET post today –

gives you more time to eat bacon!

Special Sunday Selfie


Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!


Sammy is sending all of you his best wishes for a day of love on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day!   He’s also letting our new addition to the family be the STAR of the Sunday Selfies with Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head…………..INTRODUCING Teddy Kimmell……adopted 2/11/2017 from the Shelter (same one where we adopted Sam 17 years ago!).


YES he’s a ginger tabby like Sammy…..YES he’s adorable……no he doesn’t have purple eyes but I couldn’t get rid of that color – his eyes are GOLDEN!    He’s 11 months old and he’s a TOTAL LOVE BUG!    Welcome to the Kimmell Household Teddy….you have a special angel to guide you!

Teddy is our Selfie today – you can click the badge below and visit The Cat On My Head to see MORE selfies or to join up!

Happy Sunday from Angel Sam and Baby Teddy!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Bacon Day






BACON DONUTS (Mom says she could eat a dozen of ’em) and a WAY COOL SHIRT – my latest additions to the baconblog on Caturday!

AND, this wonderful little badge from my beautiful and talented Queen of Kitties, Nellie:


Nellie I would NEVER consider bacon your heart dear girl!

January 2012 Snow

Early on it looked “manageable”……….

You may know that here in Virginia we got walloped by a big snowstorm starting yesterday noon – it’s still coming down and we’re supposed to have TWO FEET of it before it stops……………..so just wanted you to know that we’re OK, still have power, staying snugged in…….and warm!



WOW.....this mat is comfy!

WOW…..this mat is snuggly too!


Once in a while I turn over or get in a big ginger ball to keep warm

Meanwhile we had bacon YESTERDAY just because we were waiting for the snow to arrive and Mom thought we’d celebrate that with  bacon…..so I’m having a DOUBLE-BARREL BACON weekend!    Shall we go for a TRIPLE?????  

Have a pawsome weekend……………………….whether you’re in the heat or the cold – be happy!   I sure am!   

Love, Sammy


Baconizing Day




Thank heavens it’s bacon day…………..I’m hoping it will give me some energy while I crunch on that delicious and salty  treat because I’m just plain BEAT!    Why?  Well, snoopervising was in magnum proportions yesterday because not only did my Mom clean the entire house  without Dad’s help (he usually does the upstairs) she did two loads of laundry, planted petunias, did grocery shopping, and FINALLY caught up on her email.   It’s exhausting just watching her.   But now I can have my bacon and know that today she’ll not be flying around the house doing STUFF because it’s all done.   She finally did “land” yesterday and I immediately commandeered her lap in the recliner……………….

Sam Closeup Lap

Mom I love napping on your legs when you’re on the recliner!!!

Instead of more work today, she and I will continue with my blogaversary party for tomorrow……………….I do hope to see you all for a minute or two as you celebrate with your Moms for Mother’s Day.

…..”Sammy!  Bacon’s ready!”…..

WHOOPS –  excuse me – I have somewhere I need to be and the sooner the better!    Happy BaconDay!

Your favorite  and mine!

Your favorite and mine!

Love, Sammy

Lots of “Happy”


There’s been so much “happy” around here, I’m totally exhausted.  Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and a super Happy experience at Cat Scouts on New Year’s Eve.  What happened you may ask?  Well, I was made co-Cat Scout of the Year along with another Scout and friend, Nibbler.  We were so surprised – we knew a CSOTY would be named but I don’t think EITHER of us dreamed it would be us.   Thinking about Scouts and how many wonderful Scouts work so hard there, it never occurred to me that I was being considered…….so when I was asked to come to the Campfire and receive my Trophy – well – I was in shock.   Here’s the trophy and also a photo of me in my Sabertooth uniform which is my new “icon” on Cat Scouts website.


I had birthday parties EVERYWHERE……..my friend Nellie combined her New Year’s Eve party with my birthday – then of course there was a New Year’s Eve party at Cat Scouts…..and people were wishing me an early birthday there then yesterday morning I had birthday surprises in different spots at Scouts……….I’m “plum worn out” but so grateful and so happy that I haven’t had much time to really think about the fact I’m FIFTEEN now!

I thought I’d share the birthday cards I got – the ones that came via email……..I did get some “real” cards in the mail too, from my friends Andy and Charles and I am SO grateful for them…..I also got a really beautiful card from my pal Speedy which was a Jacquie Lawson card if you’re familiar with those – beautiful sentiment…….but I can’t show you that!   In fact I can’t show several of the things that came to me for my birthday so thank you again to EVERYONE………..I’m overwhelmed by your friendship……….truly!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m working on those new badges for the Teaser.  A new year should mean new badges wouldn’t you say?   Who knows where in the world we’ll be next Tuesday but I’m already looking forward to it – are you??????

I’ll be letting you know also how many comments I got (not including my own comments) on my blog yesterday – – – as you know, it was a “Commentathon” to benefit Marg’s Animals, in particular dear little Joe the donkey.  Mom is giving fifty cents for each comment made but that’s not ALL…………..a wonderful thing happened yesterday – we had an email from a dear, sweet and generous friend who is going to MATCH what we raised so it will be double what we WOULD have been able to donate thanks to my wonderful friend.   The world is full of people who truly, TRULY do care about animals.   That makes me so very happy!    Speaking of Happy – my friend Raz from Friends Furever put this together and it makes me so Happy I simply have to share the Happy with you!

BE HAPPY!   (click here)

I hope everybody has a great SECOND day of the new year…………………I know I will – I’m still thinking about the past several days and how lucky I am to have all of you as my friends!!!!

Love, Sammy

I call this the "pre-sleep trance" position.....

I call this the “pre-sleep trance” position…..

If you’d like to donate to Marg’s Animals and Joe’s vet care but not through my Commentathon, just CLICK HERE!

UPDATE:  We had 91 comments on yesterday’s post – that means Mom will donate $50 to Marg AND because of our generous and sweet friend who was going to MATCH us, that means $100 to Marg’s Animals!   THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!  ♥♥