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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful with Brian and Poetic with Angel Sammy Day!

We are joining up with Brian today even though we know their household is still mourning the loss of beautiful Sister Sascha.   We are sad about that as well but will try to remember to be thankful that she knew love in her time with Brian and the rest of his family.

I’m also thankful that Mom and I are writing this post today TOGETHER – last week I had a blog post but only  because Mom and I worked on it before she deserted me and went with Dad to Maine while I was at the kennel.    I have to admit, I had it MADE at the kennel but I missed my home sweet home and I’m so THANKFUL that I have one!

Angel Sammy didn’t let me down on the poetry either – he transmitted his weekly offering via wi-fi at the Bridge last night.    This week’s letter of the alphabet for the poetry challenge is the letter “T” and I can’t wait to see what he does with it – can you?


Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge Friends!

As you know, today we celebrate the letter “T” in our journey through the alphabet in our weekly poetry fun.    There aren’t all that many letters left in the alphabet for us to get through – I’ve already been thinking about how to keep the poetry challenge going and I hope you will like my ideas.    I’ll talk about those soon.   MEANWHILE, please remember that when I give you some “Prompt Words” every week that doesn’t mean your poem has to be about one of them – – – they are just ideas to get your creativity flowing – you can come up with a poem about ANYTHING that starts with that week’s letter.     These are the “idea words” I gave you last week for “T”:

(1) Tiger (2) Tummy (3) Tired (4) Travel

I didn’t use one of those though……………I used my own favorite “T” word……………I bet some of you can guess what that might be????


by Angel Sammy Kimmell, October 26, 2017

Ginger youngster so full of fun

He might be big but he sure can run!

He’s not even two and he’s twice my size

I hear we gingers can be pretty big guys!

We don’t really know how he wound up at the shelter

Sometimes the intake process is helter skelter…..

Mom knew he was special though in his little cage

When he was adopted his life began on a new page.

He’s had some challenges with his health so far

Which means trips to the vet in the “evil car” !!

He’s good as gold as the vet cares for him

They take blood, work on his ears, and sometimes call him “Slim” !

He’s 17 pounds of pure, sweet, loving

He loves Mom’s lap where he gets lots of hugging

I think if we’d been together we would have been best friends

Instead I’ll help him in his dreams until his story ends.


Yep – I bet you aren’t surprised that my “T” was my little brother.    What a character he is.   Mom loves it when Teddy is out in the front yard on his leash with Dad and she comes out the front door and calls his name…………..he looks at her from the bottom of the yard and Dad lets go of his leash and he runs like a little demon all the way up to Mom and hugs her legs.    Know what’s funny?   I used to do that VERY THING!  

Did you write a poem today?   If you did, please put your blog link in my comments so everyone can come visit your blog to read your poem today.   I hope you have written one – it’s such a FUN thing to do and great way to express yourself……………poetry doesn’t even have to RHYME – it’s just you being YOU.    There are so many forms of poetry……..GIVE IT A TRY!     You can even post your poem in my comments if you don’t have a blog to post it in.    LET’S ALL SHARE SOME WORDS AND FEELINGS WITH A POEM!

Well, time for me to go…………I am super busy here at the Rainbow Bridge.   I have a lot of duties to perform including welcoming newcomers, teaching classes, and I’m even teaching the Bridge Chefs all kinds of recipes using my favorite thing – BACON!    Before I go, here are your PROMPT WORDS (just ideas for you!) for next week’s poem – about ANYTHING starting with the letter “U”!

(1) Ugly (2) Under (3) Uncle (4) Until


Love, Angel Sammy, The Poet


Thank you Angel Sammy………..wow………..do I have to tell you that I really love your poem this week?   Tee Hee…………………Thank you for helping me every day and showing me how to grow up and be a great cat like you.

Hugs, Teddy

Selfie Sunday!


Oh boy!  Time for Selfies!

Today we hop on the blog hop train with Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and strut our selfie stuff along with bazillions of other animals in the blogosphere.   If you want to join in with your selfie, just click on their badge, use the LINKY tool and join in the fun!

Since yesterday was Teddy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, we thought we’d give him the honor of being our “Selfie Boy” again this Sunday.    So, first the badge to joint he Hop, then HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS TEDDY with his selfie!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!


Thanks to everyone who made Teddy’s birthday SO special yesterday!  

We Love You!


P.S.  Here’s one last birthday card which Teddy opened AFTER yesterday’s blog was already done!!

From Shoko and Kali!

From Shoko and Kali!

The Week That Was


It’s finally Friday!   It has seemed like a super long week……………which is weird since I am sleeping most of the time so who notices time?!?!?!   HAHA   But still, for those who have humans who are gone during the week, Friday marks the end of the big WAIT for the weekend when you can hopefully get a bit more attention paid to you – I remember those days before my parents retired!

Halleluja it's FRIDAY!

Halleluja it’s FRIDAY!

Mom was working around in her office today putting things in their proper place and saw the photos that we’ve posted and shared with you before of some of her former kitties – before I made my debut in her life!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She’s obviously had a “thing” for gingers…tee hee….Eddy was a stray who came into her life the day after her Dad passed away and she always thought her Dad sent Eddy to her because she’d be very lonely and need company.   Her Dad was right and Eddy was a great cat.   He was an important character in Mom’s mystery novel as those of you who have read her book know!

Some of you have asked if the two strays around HERE are still hanging out with us and the answer is YES.   “Stevie” and “Tina” have homes but they like eating their meals and spending some nights and days with us.  I think they know this is a truly KITTY-FRIENDLY home!!!    We have a sort of understanding – we sniff noses through the screen doors – when I’m outside and they appear we touch noses but they leave me alone and I leave them alone.  I’ve been an only kitty for 14 years and am not about to give up the throne around here…..HAHA





What else is going on at the end of this week?  Not much…………..have been busy with Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts but basically yours truly has left all THAT work up to my Mom while I sleep my days away.  I’m being very good with my medication – love love LOVE that raspberry yogurt so much I don’t even notice the medicine in it!   I’m not asking for yogurt about three times a day in fact.   I’ll go sit in front of the refrigerator and try to talk it into coming out the door and into my mouth….!

I don't know who this kitty is but I bet he's looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I don’t know who this kitty is but I bet he’s looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I hope you’ve all had a good week………….please remember today is the Commentathon in honor of our dear departed Sparkle………..it’s for a super worthy cause so please take a moment to stop by her memorial ceremony.



Have a super Friday…….

Your Pal Sammy



Introducing Cousin Rachel

Sam's Cat Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel....

 Happy Saturday Peeps!  This morning I want to introduce you to another member of my family – my Cousin Rachel.  Rachel lives with her parents (my Dad’s brother Bruce and his wife Joan) in Dunkirk, Maryland.  I have never actually MET Rachel, although she’s lived with them for four years!  Time and distance has kept us from touching noses but I was mighty happy when my parents came home from Thanksgiving with some photos of her……Isn’t she pretty?  Don’t you just love that pretty orange “belt” around her mid-section?  She’s got such a pretty and soft coat (so says Mom anyway).   She’s about nine or ten years old but since she was adopted/rescued nobody knows for sure exactly how old she is.   My Dad says Rachel is a “full-figured girl” ….wonder how she’d feel about that if she heard him say it?!?!?!

Rachel is a mostly indoor cat although she does get some outdoor walk privileges.  She lives in a big house with beautiful gardens and trees all around.  She’s an “only cat” like me in her household.

She loves to play with her little catnip mice and likes to be brushed (although her Dad has to talk her into hopping up on the footstool but once whe’s there she loves the grooming session!). 

Nobody has to talk me into a bit of grooming – that’s for sure.  I can lie on my Mom’s lap for a loooooooooooooong time while she brushes me.  I almost always wind up falling asleep because it’s so relaxing. 

If I didn’t HATE HATE HATE riding in a car so much, I suppose I could have met Cousin Rachel long before now…..but I’m not a traveler by any means.  If I have to go in the car – like to the vet – Dad drives while I sit on my Mom’s lap with my head tucked under her arm so I can’t see anything.  She holds me real tight and makes me feel safe…..but I still HATE the motion of the car and the uneasy feeling I get. 

But I always say – THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME anyway! 

Now you’ve met all my animal family – Cat Cousin Rachel and Dog Cousins Toby, Mollye, Sophie and Buddy!

Have a Super Saturday………






Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

This green thing is my "4,000 Hit Award" ?? Really?? That's IT??

Yippeee!!!!  I’m Celebrating 4,000 Hits On My Blog

Sometime overnight I passed a milestone….over 4,000 hits on my blog is a big deal I think.  After all, I’m just a cat!  Granted, I’m not an ORDINARY cat – I’m almost twelve years old, I’m polydactyl, I’m a formerly feral kitty adopted from a shelter, and best of all, I have GREAT humans in my life who spoiled me rotten.  Not bad huh?

I babble on every day about stuff that’s important to me – but even though it’s nothing spectacular, my friends – YOU! – seem to enjoy visiting me every day to see what’s up in my life.  How cool is that………trust me……….I appreciate it.  From what I’ve observed in my almost twelve years, humans are pretty busy almost all the time.  So for so many of you to visit me is – well – WAY WAY COOL. 

So, to each and every one of you who’ve made me an “over 4,000 hits” blog – Kitty Hugs and Kitty Kisses from One Spoiled Cat. 

Sammy, One GRATEFUL Cat!!