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SPARK On Monday


Happy Monday!    For quite a while those of us who knew that Monday Sparks would hopefully be as uplifting to others as it has been for us, kept posting a message of hope, love, and positivity on Mondays even though Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blog – who began Sparks – wasn’t blogging due to having been hacked.    Well we got a big surprise last week when Annie blogged again and we are sincerely hoping she will be able to continue!    It was a brilliant idea she started – and we’re carrying on with it as we have been.    Annie – we’ll look forward to your permanent return!

I have a thought to share with everyone which I personally FEEL in my heart and I hope it will touch you in some way to start off your week.    Time is moving at a difference pace lately but we must remember that WE can’t wait for everything to be perfect in our world because that is going to take some time.   The trick is to be happy RIGHT NOW.    WE CAN DO THIS!



Pretty simple thought – might be hard to do unless you go into it WANTING happiness to be in your life – so let’s all just decide to BE HAPPY NOW.     We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

HAPPY Monday!   Hugs, Pam