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SPARK on Monday


Monday is here and it’s time to start the week off with a SPARK of inspiration!    This exercise was started by a good friend – Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – she believed that the world needs more light – more energy – more SPARK and what better way than sharing some inspiration at the START of a new week.   Annie is taking a break from blogging and those of us who loved her idea are carrying on with the tradition she began.

My SPARK today is about perseverance.   It’s all about being strong and carrying on no matter what.    I have gone through some tough times by keeping this idea CLOSE in my heart and mind.    Giving up isn’t in my plan – never has been and never will be.    How about you?

Oh believe me – I’ve wanted to give up several times in my life but I never did……………I’m an eternal optimist.   Sometimes it’s not easy to be one…………but I AM.

Hugs, and CARRY ON!