Sunday Selfie Hop


WOOOO HOOOOO – it’s Sunday and time to HOP with The Cat On My Head…………..wanna play along?  Click the badge above and link up – of course FIRST you have to do a selfie on your blog but then – well – it’s simple to be part of the Hop with the rest of us.    Thanks Kitties Blue for hosting.

FLASHBACK time for this boy again – I will look back in my photo files for a photo my Mom took of me this same time but in another year – always fun to see what I was up to this time last year or year before or year before that!


Well this was from August 15, 2018 and it’s me in my signature napping post just at the threshold of my Dad’s Den upstairs.   Why I felt this was an appropriate napping spot I have no idea but maybe I was just “keeping him company from a distance” while he was in his Den??????    I’m sure he wouldn’t step on  me – I’m a little difficult to miss!!!

While this is an extremely boring photo I did still make an ARTSY version which I turned into a puzzle for anyone interested in such things…………ready?


Just click this MINI of me and it will take you to the puzzle!   Good luck!   I wonder what the blue glow around me is – am I radioactive????

Happy Sunday!  Hugs, Teddy