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Spooky Pre-Tease Monday!



Welcome to Halloween at Teaser Central!


We are hoping that even though a lot of merriment and “SCARY-ment” will be happening tonight, you will in fact be ALERT enough tomorrow to be ready to guess the Teaser!    We will have a photo for you to see and if you’re LUCKY, you’ll win one of my brand new, fantabulous badges!   All you have to do is tell me WHERE the photo was taken!   EASY PEASY!

I’m not telling you a THING about tomorrow’s photo either – you’ll just have to wait…………………………….Suzie will be here in all her post-Halloween glory (she’s going to a HAUNTED Cheerleaders party of course).    She promised she’d be READY to provide her usual cheer (uhoh…….).

So, have fun but be very safe tonight as you go out TRICK OR TREATING…………………there are a lot of wackos out there……………..and if you’re an outside kitty or dog normally, ask your humans if you can come inside for the night – trust me – you need to be SAFE tonight!!    Do like I’ll be doing – spying on the trick or treaters who come a-knockin’ at my door for treats!


We’re ready for gremlins at MY house!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Wearing my Sam-O-Ween scarf!!

See you in the morning (secret time of course!)

The HAUNTED Professor!

P.S.  Before you go, here’s a FUN little goodie my friend Raz from Friends Furever put together!!  




Have you seen Nellie’s PAWSOME Pumpkin Patch Video?   You should!



Spooky Sunday Selfie


Frightful Sunday Selfie!

Well, it’s almost Halloween….how could I resist?

I’m joining up with The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and because it’s close to the spookiest day of the year, I’m doing a SCARY Selfie.   Small children might want to be prevented from viewing this as it even scares me!   If you’d like to join up with the Blog Hop, just click the badge at the end of the post (if you haven’t fainted from fright) and put your info in the LINKY form and you’ll be part of the fun of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop too!


I warned you!

Click below to visit The Cat on My Head and see all the other selfies AND to join up.


Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

Sammy Scissorpaws

Happy Halloween!!


Welcome To The Sam-O-Ween Party!

I hope you aren’t squeamish…….I tried to make sure this wonderful old house I rented for the party was all cleaned up nice and neat but it’s so BIG, some of the spaces might not be as NICELY DECORATED as you might like…………..but don’t let that stop you!  COME ON IN!


They say this old house is haunted that we’re having the party in…….I don’t believe it……do you???


You might want to stay close behind me……you know….just in case….


Like I told you……the cleaning people didn’t do a very good job!


They claim there was red paint spilled on the walls by the last tenant…but I’m not so sure!


Whatever you do, don’t open doors unless you KNOW what’s on the other side!




If you’re hungry, there are plenty of yummy refreshments! 

Mummy anyone????

Mummy anyone????

A little BRAIN food perhaps?

A little BRAIN food perhaps?

YUM....FINGER sandwiches!

YUM….FINGER sandwiches!

Spidery DEVILED eggs?

Spidery DEVILED eggs?

Don’t forget to have a drink or two…..or three…..

BLOODtini anyone??

BLOODtini anyone??

Worm punch....yum!

Worm punch….yum!

Don't put your hands in the punch...oops....looks like somebody already did!

Don’t put your hands in the punch…oops….looks like somebody already did!

How about a little ENTERTAINMENT to go with the delicious (eeek) food?


(Courtesy of my buddy Raz at FriendsFurever!)

While we’re all here together having some INTERESTING snacks, I bet you’re wondering WHO the TOP TWO “BEST COSTUME” winners were??   Before I tell you, here’s a little slideshow of everyone who entered!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks Everybody!!

The Two Best Costumes With the Most Votes ARE:






You both win a super surprise package from ME ME ME so please email my Mom your snail mail address and your goodies will be on your way!

WAIT……I see you’re edging your way to the front door……….Gosh I hope you’ve had fun here!!!!  Do you HAVE to go???


As a token of my appreciation for you coming to my SAM-O-WEEN party, please take this badge – you can post it on your blog!



I'll be WATCHING !!!!

I’ll be WATCHING !!!!

Voting – Day Two!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Wearing my Sam-O-Ween scarf!!

Hello Voters!   Yesterday voting was fast and furious and I checked in all day to see how things were going.  It was tough to choose as I knew it would be…………so many fabulous costumes!!   Everyone outdid themselves I think, don’t you?

Let's hear it for all the entrants!!!!!

Let’s hear it for all the entrants!!!!!

Well today the fun continues with Day Two of voting.   A lot of you told me via email that you had such a tough time that you were going to WAIT to vote until Day Two because you wanted to visit and see the costumes again and again before choosing.  WOW – talk about taking the job of voting SERIOUSLY!!!!   Well, good for you because today you should be READY to cast your votes – you can pick all your favorites – voting isn’t limited to one or two – vote for your favorites.  Remember there will be TWO WINNERS – the top two receiving the most votes will win a surprise package from yours truly, Sammy Scissorpaws (hahaha).

Tomorrow at my Sam-O-Ween party (which lasts ALL DAY LONG) I’ll announce the two winners – AND we’ll have a lot of fun too!

Ready to vote?   Good!

So it’s a date?  Tomorrow you come by my place and have some “WEEN” fun and I’ll have some foodables for you to enjoy and I’ll also have a slideshow of all the entries AND tell you who the top TWO with the most votes were!   Meanwhile HAPPY FRIDAY!

Halloween Hugs,

Sammy Scissorpaws



Let The Fun Begin!



Hello ‘Ween fans!   Today is the day we’ve ALL been waiting for………………….Day One of two to vote for BEST COSTUME in my contest!   YES indeedy – and we have an amazing lineup of entries for you too!


Now remember, you’re able to vote for as many “favorites” in the poll as you want to………..but that doesn’t mean you should go right down the list and vote for everyone – seriously – pick your favorites and give them your votes.  Otherwise when we try to get TWO winners (that’s right – the top TWO getting votes will be winners) everyone will have the SAME NUMBER of votes.

Remember you can click on the entries to “bigify” them so you can see them better…………….Also remember that the poll will be up tomorrow too!   Then at my PAWTY on Halloween, you can find out who those lucky ducky winners are AND have a pile of fun at my pawty too……………what a deal huh?

So, are you ready?   Have fun looking at the costumes – everybody did a FABULOUS job – my personal thanks to everyone who entered!  YOU ALL ROCK!

Remember to tell all your friends to vote for you!   They don’t have to post a comment or do anything but come here and do the poll………….Cool huh?   I thought you’d like that!!!!!


I'll be WATCHING !!!!

I’ll be WATCHING !!!!



(I have a post up at the Tabby Cat Club along with other tabbies celebrating the day!)

It’s Coming Soon!



What is “coming soon”?  Well a couple of things – no – make that SEVERAL things.

First of all tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser…………I’m doing it even though I’m up to my eyeballs getting ready for my Sam-O-Ween party and the costume contest and Halloween party on both the Tabby Cat Club AND at Cat Scouts.   That should show you how much I love Tuesday Teaser too!   Last week was a pretty good one – it was guessed correctly but it stumped a lot of you so that made it fun right?   So I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for Teaser – remember if you’re first to comment on tomorrow’s blog you get a badge too so you don’t even have to GUESS where the photo was taken to get SOMETHING!

See You tomorrow!

See You tomorrow!

Then we have the FINAL day to enter my costume party – that’s the 28th – if I don’t have your costume by then you won’t be in the voting poll which will begin on the 29th here on my blog and end the evening of the 30th!!    That’s where my next piece of BIG NEWS is……………………because I’ve decided to have a surprise goodie bag/box for the TOP TWO costumes – not just the BEST COSTUME, but the BEST two costumes that get the most votes by YOU in the poll!    Cool?   We will have over 20 participants so I thought TWO prizes was better than ONE.    You get to vote for as many costumes as you like – vote for all your favorites – then I’ll tally them up and at my SAM-O-WEEN party on Saturday the 31st I’ll announce the TWO winners!

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM.....

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM…..

The Halloween party will be ALL DAY LONG so come when you can…………..have some fun……………..spooky snacks………….and a “parade of costumes” slideshow too as well as telling you who the two top voted costumes belong to!

Whew………I’m tired just reading what I’ve got ahead this week……………….Now I know not all of you celebrate Halloween but even if you don’t – you should stop by the party anyway.  You know you wanna see all the costumes and find out who wins right?

So, I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow at an UNKNOWN time and you can agonize over where the photo that’s posted was taken………………maybe this will be YOUR week to win First Commenter Badge or maybe even…………..FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!!


Sam the Tease Guy

Fab Friday


Oh this weather just HAS TO GO ON…………we’ve decided at my house that this would be PERFECT stuff to have year-round…….there must be somewhere on the planet where that’s the case……today was sunny ALL DAY and the high temperature was 79.   Just right.  Sigh.   Not many more pretty leaves came tumbling down today though because no wind…..what we need (but I’m not asking for it trust me on that!) is a few more overnight freezes then WHAMMO – leaves will FLY out of the trees!

Fall sunsets………………gorgeous right?

Leaves as the sun goes down...

Leaves as the sun goes down…

Today will be another one of those days only slightly cooler………………….no complaints – I’ll take it!

Yesterday my parents deserted me for a while – went rug shopping.   I’ll have some new rugs to “break in” in a couple of weeks I guess.   Just about when I get them to smell right, have just enough cat hair on them, just the right about of “Sammy” on them, they go and get NEW rugs.   HA!  That won’t stop me…..I’ll have them SAMMIFIED in no time!

Today I have a BIG EVENT at Cat Scouts……we’re going to hop on the Cat Scouts jet and pop up to Mackinac Island in Michigan and stay at the Grand Hotel for one night.  We’re having a “Somewhere In Time” trip – back in time complete with Jane Seymour who made that movie (some of you may recall) which was a big hit.   Anyway, we’ll be in costume for the fancy dinner that night…………..period stuff from the 1900s…………what do you think?


The Grand Hotel…..on an island…..what a place THIS is!


Dashing right?

We sure have a blast at Cat Scouts……if you’re a cat (yes that’s a requirement!) and wanna have some fun with us – what are you waiting for?   CLICK HERE    I’d love to see you there!!!

The Sam-O-Ween costume contest is shaping up to be BIG………….I may need to award a FIRST PLACE and a SECOND PLACE……..both of the winners will receive prizes – whatcha think?????

You’ve got FIVE MORE DAYS to send in your costume (real or photoshopped either way) to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.    Then voting will start.   Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!


Have a grand day………I’m gonna!!

Love, Sammy