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Fursday (Without Fur)


Hi Peeps! Imagine what it would be like to have NO fur coat all you doggies, kitties, and guinea pigs out there – just imagine……but on a HOT HOT HOT day, we’d sometimes like to slip out of our fur coats and chill – right?   Well as you know there ARE some of us who ARE hairless………and frankly, they kinda make me glad I have a fur coat even if I get HOT in the summertime!

Mexican hairless dog……..actually hard to tell he’s hairless – could just have a shiny short cropped coat I suppose…but he’s got “worry lines” in his forehead!  Maybe he’s wondering where his coat is?????

And this little sphinx kitty – he’s only 12 weeks old and already he looks COLD and like he’s somebody’s grandpa.  Also has “worry lines” – see what I mean?  There’s a lot to worry about when you have no “protective coating”.

I really am not poking fun at these guys – there’s room on the planet for ALL of us and we ALL deserve a wonderful life – right?  I just got to thinking the other day when some of my bloggy buddies were saying they wish they had a shorter coat or less hair just exactly what that might mean for some of us and all I can say is that I will not be complaining again about being warm because I have a coat on!

Nuff said?

To be super fair, I have to say while looking for those pix online I saw some totally ADORABLE pictures of “baby” sphinx and hairless that were BEYOND cute.  Have you ever noticed that baby animals (and baby humans too!) are almost always totally adorable?  It helps us find our forever homes early on I think.  As for human babies – I’m sure when they’re waking their parents up every two hours all night long at first with dirty nappies and being hungry it HELPS a lot that they’re adorable (if you get my drift).    I think the bottom line is beauty is all around us – and takes all forms and shapes and sizes.  Hairy and hairless, we’re all worthy of love.   Right????


Gosh – I really hadn’t intended to do a lecture on babies or hairlessness but there it is anyway huh?  I think I’ll go admire my ginger furs in the mirror.   I’ve certainly learned to APPRECIATE my gingerness, that’s for sure!

Just checking....yep - I'm ginger alright!!  That leg definitely has ginger fur on it!

Just checking….yep – I’m ginger alright!! That leg definitely has ginger fur on it!