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Pre-Tease Monday



Hello Friends!    It’s WARM UP day for tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser – the very first one of the new year!    Mom is working on new badges for 2016………..AND also working on which photo to use for the Teaser.  It’s beginning to look like she’s going back on her word to make it an EASY ONE though – – – – I’m afraid to me anyway it looks TOUGH!   Mom!!!!!!!

There’s one interesting thing though about the photo she may be using – we’ve had a Teaser in this same town/city before………………….is that a hint?  YES it’s a hint but not a very useful one I’m afraid.   Sorry about that!

If I can sneak onto her computer when she’s not looking and find out anything else for you I will…….OK?

Meanwhile, you’d better be ready for a TOUGH TEASER TOMORROW………………

We had a nice quiet Sunday just in case you’d like to know……….it was sunny and a real BLAST of Winter with the temperature being 24 when we got up Sunday morning – YES THAT’S COLD.   How did I handle that kind of cold?  Why I stayed on Mom’s lap (the lap of luxury…hahaha) where the heat is good and alternated between her lap and my fleece blankie!


So now that everybody has recovered from New Year’s Eve – minds sharp, bodies rested – are you ready for Teaser?  Hmm???   Well this is your WAKE UP CALL…………tomorrow you’d better be ready……………..!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Hee Hee......it's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!


P.S.  I got a couple of late cards from friends! 


From Miss Layla and the cats of Cat Wisdom101

From Miss Layla and the cats of Cat Wisdom101

From my dear Nephew Siddhartha

From my dear Nephew Siddhartha

Teaser Tell All



Hello Teaser Buddies!    That was a GOODIE yes?  I told you it was………and I did NOT lead you astray……..but I might have fooled you just a little bit and I’ll explain WHY after Mr. Silver Briefcase shows you the photo one more time!

Here's the photo from yesterday!

Here’s the photo from yesterday!

Thank you SIR!!!!    So – here’s the photo.


Where was it taken and by whom????    It’s a narrow alley way which is what you see when an elevator takes you from the LOWER part of the city to the UPPER part of the city in Mojacar, Almeria, Spain.   Does Almeria sound familiar?  Hmm?  Well it might because a few weeks ago, we had a photo from Almeria courtesy of (drum roll please) Leo of WalkToRio2016 blog!    THIS is another of his photos from that particular trip.   THANK YOU LEO!   Here’s your reward my friend:

Thank you Leo!

Thank you Leo!

Now who was my FIRST COMMENTER for Teaser this week?   It was our friend Kolytyi whose blog is HERE !   You get this for your trouble:


WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   That’s a good question because the answer is NOBODY.   That’s right – so that means yours truly is the WINNER this week!


BUT there were quite a few of you who earned a GREENIE this week and this is for all of you!


Wasn’t that a great Teaser?  We had a LOT of great guesses too…….Greece, Italy, even some who guessed Spain and a couple who guessed CLOSE to correct – so CLOSE that I had to send Leo a message on Facebook to ask him to take a peek at a couple of your answers and he confirmed that they were NOT right!!


Next week I owe you an easy one…………don’t you think?   Purrrrhaps I’ll do that (or not!).    After all, you guys are good at this and usually someone gets it so maybe I’ll keep it tough!   You like a challenge right?


Sammy the Teaser


Teaser Tell All



Oh me oh my what a day we had yesterday huh?   We had a pile of comments coming in within five minutes of each other but only one FIRST COMMENTER…………..and then the guesses on the photo started popping up one after another but there was only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………..I’ll give you the “low down” in a minute but first:


Yep – that was the photo we had yesterday and it was a photo my Mom took from high atop Blarney Castle, in Blarney – near Cork and the River Martin, in Ireland.   She snapped it  just a few minutes after my Dad had joined all the many people with flu, colds, diseases, and who knows what else who lay on their backs with a guy holding on to his belt as he stuck his head down through a hole in the “floor” and kissed the BLARNEY Stone!    That’s right – Dad was the brave one while Mom preferred to snap photos.    Dad had prepared ahead of time to put his lips on that stone after a quadrillion other people had done the same thing – how?  Well he had a “wee dram” in his pocket which he promptly swished around in his mouth and OUTSIDE his mouth (courtesy of his hankie!) after indulging in the KISS.    HAHAHAHA    Leave it to my Dad to be prepared.    I actually used this photo on a very old post back in 2012………….here’s my Dad!


Now for the business end of things…………….WHO was my FIRST COMMENTER??    Well it was our buddy Easy Weimaraner, that’s who…….Easy this is for you buddy:


Who was the one who guessed correctly FIRST this week?    She’s won it before – my friend Kolytyi !!    You get this glorious award miss Csilla!


BUT, there were quite a few of you who also recognized the view from atop Blarney Castle which means we have several of these to give out today – if you were one who got it right, this is yours!


Then we have those of you who usually arrive and say “go ahead and give me a GREENIE because I never know”…………hahaha……well, if you guessed and weren’t right or didn’t know, you DO in fact get the BIG GREENIE which just happens to be the most popular award that I give out every week – so there!


Congratulations to everyone…………..that was a goodie…………..now I’ll start looking for a suitably FUN photo for NEXT Tuesday…………I’m always hoping I can fool everyone – although I have to admit, I do get excited when someone guesses too……………Thanks for playing along with me on Tuesdays!

Hugs, Sam the Teaser Guy


Tuesday Teaser


WOOT WOOT!!!!   Attention all Teaser Fans!   Here it is…..your chance to be RIGHT on a Teaser………..yep – you might be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or you might just be a RIGHT GUESSER or there’s always a chance that you’ll be totally wrong and still win the BIG GREENIE………………so if you’re ready – I’m ready!


There you have it……………today’s Teaser………..and remember it’s a GUEST TEASER so tomorrow you’ll find out who took this fab photo to fool you this week…………………you’ll also find out who the winner(s) are (even if it’s ME and I fool all of you again like last week….tee hee).

If you’re the First to get it right, you get this:


For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

If you’re right but not First, you get this:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And the ever more popular every day BIG GREENIE if you’re wrong all the way round or haven’t got a clue!


For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Go for it – get those guesses coming in comments – time’s a wastin’!!

In other exciting news…………………I am pawticipating in Kyla’s Going Away Pawty.  This is a sad occasion that she wants to make fun by having a Highland Games day of fun so we’re happily contributing to that.  Kyla knows she has a short time before going over the Bridge so this is a blogosphere tribute to her that she has asked for.   We’re hosting a CABER TOSS – a traditional part of the Scottish Highland Games.   All you have to do is email your photo to me BY OCTOBER 25th  (can be just a head shot) and I’ll be photoshopping you onto one of my collection of caber toss photos (which is a hilarious collection of tosses trust me!)…………then I’ll post all the photos I do so you can enjoy them!    If you want more info on this day and to see who else is doing an event or contributing, just visit Mollie’s Blog HERE and you’ll see this is quite a big event with a lot of fun things to see and do.    (Sorry the link didn’t work yesterday but it DOES today!!!!).

THIS is a Caber Toss!


I also need to remind you the deadline for entering my FABULOUS Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest (for the FUNNIEST costume!) is October 27th!!!    DEADLINES DEADLINES – it’s that time of year for DEADLINES!!!!!    We’ll be having a Haunted House Pawty on Sam-O-Ween and you don’t have to enter the contest to come…………BUT if you do enter and have your entry to be by the 27th, you’ll get to VOTE in a poll for the FUNNIEST and I’ll announce the winners (First and Second Prizes) at the PAWTY…………………………..these are real prizes (as in arriving in the mail from ME!) in addition to a lovely virtual trophy!


WHEW………….that’s a whole lotta news……………………now get to work on that Teaser photo, and send in your photo for the contest AND for the Caber Toss!    What are you waiting for??????????????????

Hugs, Sammy the Busy Guy


Teaser Tell All


OH BOY THAT WAS A DOOZIE wasn’t it?   I followed the answers all day long and there were some really good ones – BUT only one even came close to being right……………..I’ll tell you who that was AND who our Guest Teaser was in a second……..first, here’s the photo you all examined yesterday!


Not many clues in that photo are there?!   That’s why my Guest Teaser snapped it right there – it was on purpose to fool everyone!    My wonderful Guest Teaser was Michelle of My Three Moggies and I knew her video Tell All would be spectacular – and it is!   Here’s the details on the photo from my friend Michelle……………

That’s right!   The picture was taken when Michelle and her husband Craig went to lovely Nottingham to participate in a half marathon!    Specifically, the photo was taken in Nottingham City Centre.   Michelle sent me some details about Nottingham itself – I love learning about the places we visit on Teaser Tuesday, don’t you??

From Robin Hood to Brian Clough, Nottingham is a city with a rich past.

Its history dates back to Anglo-Saxon times when it was part of the Kingdom of Mercia – and one of its earliest rulers came with the incredible moniker of ‘Snot’.  The followers of the Saxon chieftain named his domain, Snotingaham – fortunately for the city’s current population, the name has developed somewhat over the centuries.
Nottingham’s most famous son is almost certainly Robin Hood, or Robin of Loxley as he was more formally known.  Images and statues of one of England’s most famous rebels can be found throughout the city; and Robin is closely associated with Nottingham Castle.  Famed for being the first Norman castle built in the country by William the Conquerer, these days Nottingham Castle isn’t even a castle.  It was razed to the ground after the English Civil War in 1649 and replaced by the current ‘Ducal Mansion’ – which later became the art museum it is today – in 1679.  Back in Robin’s times, it was the home of his great enemy, the Sherriff of Nottingham, and the scene of the pair’s final showdown.  It was also the place where the Sherriff’s ultimate boss, King John, faced his older brother and the rightful king, Richard the Lion Heart, when the latter returned from the crusades.  Richard besieged the castle with the same siege machines he had used in Jerusalem, and re-captured his kingdom.
Nottingham Castle also helped change history in 1330, when supporters of King Edward III entered the castle through a tunnel in the rock and captured Roger Mortimer and his lover, Queen Isabella.  The pair had taken the kingdom from Edward II, but their rule was to be short lived and if you want to read the definition of pain, look up how Mortimer was executed.  The cave is now known as Mortimer’s Hole and is a favourite spot for visitors.
But despite all the legends and history, ask most people in Nottingham – on the Forest side at least – who their favourite son is and the reply will be ‘Brian Clough’.  A statue in honour of Ol’ Big ‘Ed, who won the league once and European Cup twice, stands in the centre of Nottingham.  As he liked to remind those involved in football, “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business… but I was in the top one.”  People in Nottingham could say the same about their city.
Fascinating – thanks Michelle………..and to thank you for being my Guest Teaser today – this badge is YOURS!!!!
My Three Moggies!

My Three Moggies!

So who was “close but not quite on the money” with the Teaser yesterday?   Only one person – and she was in the right County of Nottinghamshire but didn’t guess the right city – AND the lock she mentioned (#5) was 28.5 miles from where this photo was snapped in Nottingham City Centre………but because she ALMOST got all the details, we’re awarding Miss Caren and Cody of CAT CHAT an Honorable Mention………
Miss Caren and Cody!

Miss Caren and Cody!

Everyone else gets this little gem – THE BIG GREENIE!
For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Congratulations everybody………………………………!
Now – remember to check out Savannah’s blog today – whatever her BIG SURPRISE and BIG CHANGE are, she’s announcing today………..I can’t wait to find out what it is – I bet you can’t either.
Something BIG is happening on Savannah's Blog Oct 1st!

Something BIG is happening on Savannah’s Blog Oct 1st!

Thanks for all the purrs and prayers for Flynn…….he’s a bit better and THAT is wonderful news indeed!