Tuesday Teaser


Ahhhh – is that the sound of the school bell ringing??????

YES IT IS!    And it means you’d better COMMENT before you come inside from the school bus area because YOU (yes YOU) might be the FIRST COMMENTER today!

Here we are – gathered together to solve a mystery.    The mystery is “WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN???” and it’s up to all of you little Sherlock Holmes-ish students to figure it out.

I DEFINITELY studied! I am SOOO ready!

I hope all of you studied………………but just in case we have any newbies today, let’s review the TEASER RULES shall we?

Remember to follow the rules or else….

I will NOT be pleased….

Nor will I…….trust me on that!!

So now that we have THAT straight, let’s get on with the show.    Today’s photo is interesting and beautiful and hopefully tough.    We’ll see how tough it is once I show it to you.   Remember that you have a chance to win yourself a little token of your SMARTS with a badge if you do well.   We have badges for our FIRST COMMENTER, our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, any other RIGHT GUESSERS, and of course our WRONG GUESSERS.

Our fabulous security guard will now bring in today’s Teaser photo which he has kept locked up in his briefcase for DAYS so I’m sure he’ll be happy to hand it over!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE was this taken?????? (inquiring minds and the Professors want to know!)

Cheer Team?   You are wanted in class to get this class whipped into a frenzy so they’ll be alert and studying the photo to make an intelligent (hopefully) guess where this was taken!

Here we are to make you giggle
We’ll jump and shake and give a wiggle
All to inspire you to win, win, win
Give our Professors some grins, grins, grins
We hope your brains are working well
If they’re all tuned up things should be swell!
So get to work and tomorrow when we’re here
We’ll be saying your name when we do our CHEER!

Thanks Team!   I do believe everyone is already hard at work studying the photo and ready to start guessing!

Let’s see……mountains and a body of water……

Hmm…..this might be it but I’d better keep looking…..

That’s what we like to see – STUDENTS HARD AT WORK…………………whenever you’re ready to take a break though, Miss Dingleberry is ready to serve up some lunch to you so you can eat while you study or take lunch out to the picnic tables for some air – whatever floats your boat……..

Nothing like a little grease to make your brains happy!


See you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!  

Your Profs


Teaser Tuesday, Pre-Christmas Style!


Students – remember to COMMENT before taking your seat!

If you are the FIRST to comment you are going to be the lucky recipient of one of our totally cool Pre-Christmas badges:

SO comment and hurry back……..the class clock is clicking and ticking!

tick tock tick tock

It’s the last Teaser Tuesday class before Christmas and I just know you are ALL very excited that by this time next week, Santa Paws will have visited you and either left you a big fat pile of coal if you were NAUGHTY or all kinds of wonderful presents if you were NICE!    But for right here – right now – we’re all about studying a mystery photo and figuring out WHERE it was taken OK?

We have a GUEST TEASER PHOTO  for you today………….we’ll tell you who sent it in and WHERE the photo was taken tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL, but your job for this class is to examine the photo and tell us WHERE it was taken.   The rules (again) are:

  1. Make sure and tell us what CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or what COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken in or your guess won’t count.
  2. Please don’t use some computer program to load the photo in and have the computer do your guessing for you – there are programs that will tell you that these days but we prefer you to use your eyes and brain to answer and make a guess OK?

Dear Miss Dingleberry in the true spirit of Christmas (or maybe because we paid her staff overtime??) will have Christmas snackables for all of us after class today – She takes good care of us doesn’t she?   Well……..you know what I mean!

The other exciting thing about today is it will be the FIRST time we have THREE CHEERLEADERS cheering you on.   Because we now have THREE, the girls decided to let Suzie write the cheers and all three of them will be doing the cheering together as a team.    Yes they will be loud – yes they will be ear-splitting – yes they will probably contain questionable words since (after all) Suzie is writing the cheers but let’s give them our support shall we?????

Suzie, Binky and Lucy – COME ON DOWN!

Here we are, just as cute as can be!
We used to be TWO and now we are THREE
We’re here to cheer you up
Two kitties and one pup
We might have your names in tomorrow’s cheer!
If you WIN then we’ll be quite sincere!
We’ll be happy you win a badge
Better you than Miss Crabby Madge!
Ra Ra Ree
Kick Em In The Knee
Suzie, Binky and Lucy
Our cheering is QUITE juicy!

Thank you ladies!  Binky – welcome aboard the CRAZY TRAIN otherwise known as Teaser Tuesday!

Now let’s get down to it shall we?    Our Security Guard will now bring in the photo that has been locked up for a week so there would be no peeks or cheats!


OK – it’s all yours now students………….where were these photos taken?    Here’s what’s up for grabs today:

Gosh Professor Sammy, even upside down I can’t figure the photo out!

Well give it your best shot!

By this time next week you will have been visited by Santa Paws – you will know by whether or not there is COAL in your stocking or toys if you’ve been BAD OR GOOD………….I hope you were GOOD.   Coal is nowhere near as tasty as treats!    We want you all to know how proud we are of your efforts in class and we wish you the very bestest of holidays!

Teddy and I will see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!   

Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday snacks courtesy of our Ding Dong Cafeteria!

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Professor Sammy and Assistant Teddy

Munch, Munch, Crunch, Crunch, MMMMMM!!!!

Teaser Tell All Time!


Woo Hoo!

It’s time to Tell All…….and we have a surprise too!


Class, yesterday I fooled you by posting the Teaser as an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!    I wondered who would be up at 6:30AM EST like me (actually Mom and I get up at 3AM every day – – – – not Mom’s choice of course, I just pester her to get up because I want her to!).

It was a few minutes before anyone woke up and responded….

EVENTUALLY someone did and it was:

Miss Annie from Animal Couriers!   You get this Miss Annie…….


She gets it all to herself this week – no 3/4/5-way split!  

Wanna know what else?   Miss Annie was my GUEST TEASER today and I just bet she tuned in to see who was there to guess – saw nobody was – and was able to sneak in a FIRST COMMENTER….hahahaha…….Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous Guest Teaser photo………here it is for you all to see one last time:


It is The Abbey of Fontfroide near Narbonne, France!    Such a beautiful place isn’t it?   I bet it would be a quiet spot to reflect and rest and enjoy the beautiful French countryside………….here’s a website if you’d like to heck it out………….. CLICK HERE

This is for you Annie:

Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/13/16!!

Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/13/16!!


Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    Easy the Weimaraner who of course LIVES in France……………Although he didn’t guess right away – he and his Mom had to do a bit of investigation first…………….but you get this my friend for being FIRST:


There were OTHER Right Guessers too – Flynn was “on the trail” of this one early on but didn’t have the location of the Abbey at first……but he got it and came back and there were a few others who got it and THIS is for all of you!


My dear buddies who were WRONG get a GREENIE for at least showing up and taking a guess today!


Before I forget, SuzieQ wanted me to thank you for commenting positively (mostly) on her Teaser cheer yesterday.   Seems her lack of “snark” or at least a “usual dose of snark”, was appreciated…………then again a couple of you missed her snark.   Who knows whether she will behave next week – – – I sure don’t – – – one thing I know for sure by now is not to predict a thing when it comes to our Teaser Cheerleader!

Have a Swell Wednesday and

I’ll see you NEXT Tuesday…..is it a date?




Pre-Tease Monday

Professor Sam's Casual Look........

Professor Sam’s Casual Look……..

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

This is your official reminder that tomorrow is Teaser Day here in Geography class so make sure you are “sharp as a tack” and ready for class in the morning………………..I will be showing you the photo of the day at some surprise time as usual so you’ll need to be AT THE ALERT.

Last week nobody for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or RIGHT GUESSER awards – remember they’re brand new and you can still be the first one to get them if you guess correctly WHERE the photo we show you was taken!    YES it’s a challenge but you’re up for that aren’t you?  Of course you are…………who doesn’t like a good challenge.

Wanna see the new Badges again?????  Do ya?   Oh alright – I’ll show them to you:

First Commenter:


First Right Guesser:


Right Guesser:


The New, Improved, Gorgeous new GREENIE for those who – well – don’t know!


And of course SuzieQ will be here to give you all a CHEER and get you fired up to guess the Teaser of the week.   She told me she is so happy to be back at work.   She missed you and is happy that some of you have chosen to show her VERY OWN Fan Club Badge on your blogs or Facebook pages or WHEREVER……..here it is if you missed it last week!

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?

SO, get those eyeglasses nice and clean so you can see PERFECTLY well tomorrow when you’re examining the photo!

I’ll be looking for you in class – front row center (or back row asleep!) in the morning………………………….alright – class temporarily DISMISSED!

You better be READY!

You better be READY!

Professor Sam