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Tuesday Teaser Time!



Clowie and company have sounded the “all clear” for school safety so let’s GO!

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.    Now it’s back to school and you know what Tuesday is all about – figuring out a photo of SOMEWHERE……………….sometimes it’s not easy!

“You say SOMETIMES it’s not easy?  It’s NEVER easy for some of us!!”

This could be your lucky day……………………here are the rules AND the badges!

There you have it students – the amazing lineup of badges that YOU could win if you qualify!

“I really DO study and I really DO try but so far – my school album only has GREENIE badges in it!!”

Well let’s go ahead and show you what we have in store for you today to agonize over………………..remember you have all day to study and make your guess and then tomorrow we TELL ALL and pass out the badges to everyone who deserves one!    Security dood – please bring in the photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Intriguing photo yes?    No this is not a model of a place – it is a REAL place.    Well see if you can figure out where this photo was taken and you will get rewarded!!!!   In the meantime, we get rewarded with a cheer from our Cheer Team!

Memorial Day was yesterday
But it was our day off so we decided to play
We’re here NOW with hats very patriotic
We hope we don’t look idiotic!
The Teaser photo is very cool
The perfect location for Ding Dong School!
Now get to work and get to guessing
You’re here to learn and not for messing!
If you’re a winner tomorrow our cheer
Will have YOUR NAME for all to hear!!!

Thank you ladies………………………..we think maybe we’ll all head off to lunch now………………………….and perhaps our students will get some BRAIN FOOD and be able to do some good guessing and make we Professors PROUD!

Welcome to the cafeteria students!    Time to chow down for lunch!


See you tomorrow students for TELL ALL class……..we’ll let you know who the winners and losers are!   

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser St. Patrick’s Day


“OK Team……all is well on campus – let’s go greet students arriving for class!”

“Greetings Students!   It’s Professor Sammy O’Kimmell reminding you to COMMENT before you take a seat!”

You all look fabulous………..come on in and let’s get Tuesday Teaser underway shall we?     First let’s talk RULES and BADGES……………….

We’re sure you will try extra hard to figure out the Teaser this week to get one of the special Saint Patrick’s Day celebration badges…………….so put on your thinking caps and let’s go!

Everyone should have a thinking cap – I mean cat like that!


We have a GUEST TEASER this week………………….it’s also just a pretty photo PERIOD regardless of the fact it’s our Teaser photo of the week.    Let’s get our Security Guard to bring it in so you can start studying.

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WHERE was this photo taken everyone?    City/Town and Country if outside US or State if inside the US.     READY?   SET?   GO!!!!

Our perky Cheer Team is all set to get you off on the right foot (or paw as the case may be) for guessing………………………

Here we are to give a cheer
Then to the pub we go for some nice green beer!
Those of you in costumes did a really swell job
Maybe for lunch today we’ll have green corn on the cob!
We wish you all some luck of the Irish and that’s no lie
Happy Saint Pat’s Teaser Day now STUDY hard and TRY!

Thanks ladies – by the way, there’s no green corn on the cob in the cafeteria today – green food coloring and yellow corn would make BLUE corn and we thought BLUE CORN ON THE COB might be a little – well – scary.

Gosh I’m hungry enough that I’d probably eat blue corn!!!

Alright students………………..let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch then you can come back and study a bit until it’s time to load up the school bus for home.   Remember tomorrow we will TELL ALL and hand out badges to those who win one (or two).

Ahhhh my little leprechauns – come on in and enjoy your lunch for St. Patty’s Day!

Today’s O’Menu!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK Students – we’ll see you tomorrow in class at regular time!  HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!

Your Professors!




Teaser Tuesday Class Is Now!


Hello Students!   Time to COMMENT then get comfy in your desk chairs!

Happy Tuesday.    Is everybody ready for more “where was this photo taken” kind of fun?   I hope so.    We have a GUEST TEASER today but I really think there’s a chance you might find it an easy one.

We’re going to get started by a quick review of the rules AND to show you the badges that you are eligible for – ready?

I’m DETERMINED today – do I look determined???

I certainly have been studying so maybe this is MY week?

Your Professors wish all of you some good luck……………now I think we’ll just go ahead and bring in the Cheer Team then show you today’s TEASER photo.    The Cheer Team always “sets the mood” right for guessing don’t you think?

Scooby Doo and Scooby Dee
Teaser Class entertainment with us is FREE!
Did you study or go out and party?
If you partied you’re just plain naughty!
Just do your best and we’ll be back tomorrow
You’ll either be grinning or crying tears of sorrow!
Now – let’s go to the cafeteria and eat some lunch
There’s always something yummy for us all to munch.

Well done Cheer Team!   Now – time for the photo!


It’s me – it’s me – sorry I’m late…..the regular guy hid the key to the safe where the photo was – he’s off today for the holiday!

Where was this taken?

Ohhh….ohhh….this looks familiar……lemme think about it……….

Well Chester you think about it and maybe this week is YOUR week to win something.    Meanwhile, some of us are heading to the cafeteria for a bite to eat.

Oh yes – I have one more thing to tell you all about and it’s SUPER TOP SECRET.     Miss Dingleberry’s birthday is NEXT week and several of the Professors in the Ding Dong School District (including us!) want to surprise her with something extra special after all her bad luck with her plastic surgery.    We’re looking for a NEW “Mr. Wonderful” for her to have a blind date with.   The area supervisor guy was a bummer because as soon as Miss Dingleberry’s surgery began – well – er – um – FADING, he was outta here.    He moved to another district and isn’t supervising our cafeteria staff any longer.    ANYWAY, we think our class should have a say because WE know Miss Dingleberry better than anyone.   To make sure all of you are included, we are having a VOTE on who to set up a date with for Miss Dingleberry.     So, please let us know who you think is the BEST MATCH for Miss Dingleberry.     All of these guys have seen Miss D’s photo and were VERY interested!     We’ll let you know next week what the results of this poll are.    REMEMBER – this is TOP SECRET!

Vote for your three faves!  


Let’s go eat!!

Hi Gang.    Hope you enjoy your lunch today.   We aim to please here in the Ding Dong Cafeteria…….I’ve been a little grumpy since I got back but I promise to cheer up….I’m just getting back into the swing of things!    


Good Luck Students!   Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Hello Students!   Time to TELL ALL

We’re ready Professor Sammy and Professor Teddy!

Well perhaps you do but you will have to WAIT because we’re not ready to divulge the TEASER TRUTH!   

First things first…………yesterday we had TWO First Commenters!   They popped in a full minute before anyone else arrived.    So we have TWO badges to award to:



(both of you get one of these so make sure and take it)

I was one of TWO FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Dec. 5,2017!

It was a beautiful Teaser wasn’t it?   Such a pretty building……………and I know you are just dying to know WHERE it was but before I tell you, let’s thank our wonderful GUEST TEASER for sending the photos in shall we???



For Csilla for being our GUEST TEASER for the Teaser on December 5, 2017!


I will show all of you the photos again – one last time then we’ll “spill the beans” on where Miss Csilla’s photos were taken!

WHERE ??????  I’ll tell you where…………………….these photos are of the interior of the beautiful City Hall Building in OSLO, NORWAY!!    We had some pretty wild and fun guesses but we only had ONE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of course and that was:



For Kathel Mallory and Scout Charles for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Teaser of Dec. 5, 2017!

There were many others who ALSO guessed the Oslo City Hall building and if you were one of those lucky duckies, please take one of these badges below!

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Dec. 5, 2017

AND, of course if you guessed but you were WRONG……………we will give you the consolation prize – a GREENIE!!!!!!

I tried but missed on my guess on the Teaser of Dec. 5, 2017! Maybe NEXT week I’ll get it…..

I’m sure that SuzieQ and her sidekick Miss Lucy will want to honor our winners with a big fat cheer – girls – you’re on!


Friends Furever and Timmy were very fast!
Our First Right Guesser was quick to guess
But Kathel Mallory guessed right FIRST SHE WAS SO FAST THE OTHERS WERE CURSED! We are glad there weren’t a million “righties”
We find it tough sometimes to rhyme
RAH RAH BARK…..(oops!)

Well this was a very good Teaser class this week don’t you think?   We are sneaking up to Christmas – slowly but surely.   Christmas is a Monday this year so NOT a regular TEASER day.   In fact, we’re wondering if we should just have a REGULAR Christmas blog post since all of us will be opening presents, eating tons of food, and probably sleeping in a FOG with all the excitement.    We’ll announce on the Teaser of the 19th whether we’ll do a Christmas Teaser or not.    If you want to CHIME IN with any thoughts – let us know.   We don’t want to INTERRUPT your Christmas celebrations!!

Leave the classroom in orderly fashion students!


Prof Sammy and Prof Teddy



Tuesday Teaser


The School Bell is Ringing!  Hurry Hurry Hurry!

I foresee hotdogs and hamburgers in our immediate future!

Well that sounds swell but right now I need to FORESEE some students getting in the classroom before the Profs arrive!

Good Morning Class!    Time for the TEASER………………BUT FIRST – have you commented yet on this blog post?  You’d better do that QUICKLY – you may be our FIRST COMMENTER and you’ll win a badge for that if you are!    Go on –  then hurry back!   If it turns out you were FIRST or one of the FIRST (in the first 60 seconds we go live with our blog) you will win this:

Now, let’s settle down and talk TEASER.    We have a GUEST TEASER today and tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL I’ll let you know who contributed the photo but for now – let’s just say it’s a tough photo and we wish you lots of luck.   Hopefully you’ve been boning up on architecture, geography, topography and every other “ography” you can think of!

Now I’m nervous…….

Me too……!

Let me go over the rules for the guessing you’ll be doing as soon as you see the photo.    This photo was taken on planet Earth but that’s the only clue you’ll get from the Profs.   You need to study it hard but when you DO guess, remember:

  1. You need to include in your guess the town/village/city as well as the country (if not USA) or state (if USA) you think the photo was taken in.    That must be stated in your guess and YES you can guess more than once.
  2. We ask that in order for everyone to have an equal chance with guessing, you NOT use any help courtesy of Mr. Google Image Search or that type of program.    Popping an image into a program that will do all the work for you isn’t as big of a challenge as using your own perfectly good brain – so please just do your best without help!

Got it?   GOOD!   Now let’s see if our Security Guard is ready to bring in the photo for you to begin agonizing over shall we???????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Beautiful photo isn’t it?    Well you study it and see what you can figure out – post your guess – tomorrow we’ll find out who’s right and who isn’t but most importantly who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!     Here are the badges you MIGHT win!

Now don’t forget that NEXT week’s Teaser will be our THANKSGIVING TEASER (even though it’s not Thanksgiving day) and we will have special badges to award for our winners (and losers) of next week’s Teaser Class!   WOO HOOOOO!!!!!


All that cheering is a perfect way for our sassy cheerleader Suzie Q and her new sidekick who is – by the way – named LUCY – to get you FIRED UP for guessing!!

Tuesday means it’s time for Teaser
Our cheers today will be real crowd pleasers
Lucy is my cheering student
Encouraging her just might be prudent!
She’s trying hard to learn our lingo
If she doesn’t learn it soon, I’ll just teach her bingo.
Now buckle down and work on the Tease
Then you may pet Lucy or give her a squeeze!


Well Suzie – I know Lucy is a “work in progress” but even if she could RHYME – regardless of whether we can understand – it would be better don’t you think????  I don’t mean to be critical though…….don’t want to discourage her enthusiasm.    You keep working with her and we’ll be looking forward to her NEXT cheer!!!!!    (** note to self:  bring ear protection next class**)

I’m covered……….

It’s my understanding that Miss Dingleberry and her fabulous cafeteria staff decided that they would have a hot dog/hamburger stand IN THE CAFETERIA today because it’s just a bit nippy outside.    So, you can eat in the cafeteria OR take your snack outside where it will promptly freeze up solid and you’ll have a burgercicle or a hotdogslushie.  Your choice.

Step right up – we’ve got hot chocolate too!

Let the guessing begin!  Good Luck Class!