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Teaser Tuesday


Welcome Class!   Have you commented yet?   You’d better do that before you put your bottom on the desk chair!

That’s right – it’s the most important thing to do when you walk into the school on Tuesday morning – say something and you might get FIRST COMMENTER status around here.

Speaking of status – our SECURITY TEAM has status – they are the team that keeps us feeling safe and sound in class.   They do regular patrols outside the school building, in the hallways and in the classrooms for us.    Chief Clowie and her Trainees have us covered!


Now let’s get this class going.    We have a DIFFERENT kind of Teaser challenge for you today.     Yep – we have FIVE separate photos of cities for you to look at and your job is to tell us which photo goes with what location.    Sounds easy?  Well it isn’t – all of the photos were taken from up ABOVE the city so the perspective is different……….AND big cities often look a lot alike so you should have fun figuring this one out!

I’m getting a headache just THINKING about this!

Yep – it probably will be a challenge but then again – you all like challenges right?    You don’t want EASY TEASERS!   You want to use those magnificent brains you have!

Magnificent brains?

Let’s show you the rules………….and the badges you can win – and by the way, NEXT week we have our Halloween Teaser and we will have special badges for you then.   This week we have the usual badges.


Well don’t worry – we’re about to begin the TEASER test now………….so buckle up your seatbelt and hold on right……………………..

As I said we have FIVE photos for you to study.     They were taken up above five cities – and we will give you FIVE places where the photos were taken and you need to match the photo with the place.    Got it?    So when you give us your answer on the test you must say which photo is from which city.   Just study the photos – there may be some clues in there – maybe even some we didn’t even see (!) – after all, we Professors aren’t ALWAYS as smart as you students are.

Here are the list of PLACES you will match the photos to:

Chicago, Illinois

Toronto, Canada

Hong Kong


Sao Paolo, Brazil

And if our Security Guard would be so kind as to bring in the five photos – numbered 1-5, you may begin figuring out which photo goes with which place!

Here’s today’s FIVE Teaser photos Professors!






Yes I hear you – THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE……………right?   Well maybe not…………..maybe you will find some clues to zero in on………………….who knows.    You are SMART students so I’m expecting someone to figure these out without cheating and using GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.    Got it?   GO FOR IT!   You may win a badge this week.


Give it a try………you might surprise yourself!

Cheer Team?  I think you need to come in here and pump up the volume (and the mood) of the class – everyone is looking like they want to vacate the premises classroom rather than tackle this Teaser.

This is quite an epic teaser
We know this FOR SURE isn’t a crowd pleaser
I see looks of panic and looks of fear
And looks of “gosh I need a beer!”
We can’t imagine having to do the guessing
We’d really find it quite depressing!
But you students are good and we know you’re smart
So take a deep breath and make a start!

Hey – did those two students FAINT or are they napping?   We know this is a toughie but it’s not THAT scary is it?

Maybe if you have a good lunch you’ll feel better about guessing this one?   Tomorrow we’ll find out if anyone wins anything or if we have a class full of GREENIE BADGES!!!!!!

Well Students I’d say you need some extra brain food today for lunch with the kind of Teaser challenge you all have to work on today………All I can say is GOOD LUCK!

Today’s Selections:

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GOOD LUCK STUDENTS – we know this is a toughie – but we know you’re up to the challenge!

Your Professors