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Teaser Tell All Class Is In Session!


Time for Class!!!   Please have a seat at your desks and prepare for Teaser Tell All.

Our first thing to tell is that we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday.    Believe us when we say that the Cheer Team almost fainted when we told them.    They asked for a raise until I reminded them they aren’t on the payroll in the first place so now they want new uniforms.   We think we MIGHT just be able to manage that one.   Maybe next week.

The other thing to say is that this week’s Teaser was a WHOPPER.    We’ll explain that in a bit.



No not you I’m afraid……….maybe next week……………….the firsties were:


None of those is ME!

Congratulations EVERYONE!!!

So many firsties yesterday morning – we went live and within 60 seconds four of you popped right on to say HOWDY DO……………….all of you get one of these!

I was one of FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 8/2019 – YAY FOR US!!!

Then we Professors waited…………………..and waited………………….and waited…………………..and saw some guesses coming in and a few were CLOSE but by the time we stayed after class – long after all of you had gone home – and we’d had an early dinner in the cafeteria – nobody had guessed it correctly.    Here’s both of the photos again THEN we’ll tell you who our Guest Teaser was and more importantly WHERE WERE THE PHOTOS TAKEN????

Such a beautiful and peaceful place isn’t it?    Very few clues though so a hard one to guess.   Some of you knew it was a canal somewhere – maybe Ireland, maybe England, maybe Scotland but nobody knew where PRECISELY the photos had been taken…………we’ll put you out of your misery now.

First of all THANK YOU to CARRY of Carry Loves Cats for the photo (hers is the TOP photo of the marina)……this is one of her favorite walking spots and many of you know that Carry lives in Scotland.   This photo of hers was taken at the Auchinstarry Marina in Kilsyth, Scotland, UK.   The name of the Canal is the Forth & Clyde Canal and it’s the OLDEST canal in Scotland!    The other photo below it was one our Graphics Department found of the Marina and the beautiful fog in the sunshine.    If you’d like to know a bit more about the Canal and this area, CLICK HERE.

This is for you Carry:

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of January 8, 2019!

We had no RIGHT GUESSERS for the Teaser this week so everyone who tried but didn’t guess correctly will get one of these 2019 Greenies to add to your collection of Teaser awards!!

Well NONE of us guessed the TEASER of January 8, 2019 so ALL of us got a GREENIE!!!!

Darn……I tried!

I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Well POOP! None of us won…..NONE OF US!!!!!!

Now students – you tried – we had some good guesses and some close guesses but no RIGHT guesses.   Miss Carry fooled everyone this week.    Good for her!!!!!    Next week I’m SURE someone will guess the Teaser.   Perhaps you just need a good lunch to cheer you up.    What do you say we file down to the cafeteria and PIG OUT!!!


Welcome to the Ding Dong Cafeteria Students!   I have another grand menu for you today!   Enjoy!!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you enjoyed Teaser class this week!   We’ll see you again NEXT week for more Teaser fun!  

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser New Years Day!


Happy New Year Students!!   Time to COMMENT!!

Gosh Teddy, is it just me or do we have a lot of missing students this morning????

Yep – looks a little EMPTY out there………………where is everyone?     Oh wait – I hear some activity in the hallway……………..

Alright you students – get in that classroom! You’re LATE!




Professors I saw these three trying to sneak down the hallway – I think we have a lot of students who did TOO MUCH PARTYING last night and not enough studying!!

Thanks Marge…….we’ll take care of them now.

Students we are a bit disappointed in you BUT it was New Year’s Eve so we’ll give you a break and not give you any demerits to start off the new year.    Instead, we’ll give you your Teaser photograph and you can hope for the best!    Here’s your rules refresher and the badges you MIGHT win if you stay awake long enough to guess today!

Professors, SOME of us studied last night and did NOT party!

I studied ALLLLL night!

I only stopped studying at midnight so I could watch the ball fall in Times Square!

We’re very proud of those of you who studied………..now let’s see how well you do because you studied shall we?      Cheer team is here (barely) to cheer you on:

Well we might be a little bit tardy
We just got home from a New Years party
We’ll do our best to give you a cheer
But if we’re lousy, you can blame the beer
Good luck to you we hope your brains are working
I think your Cheer Team just did too much twerking!

Alright girls – go get some sleep so you can give a proper cheer to the winners tomorrow instead of looking like you’re fresh out of the Twilight Zone.

Now let’s bring our Security Guard in with today’s photo……………………………..

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Students I must say that while you may look at this photo and think “this will be an easy one to do a search on” you may find it tougher than you think!!!!    So it still boils down to whoever figures the Teaser photo out CORRECTLY first………………..on your mark, get set, GO!

Tomorrow we’ll find out who the smarty was today…………………….


Let’s head to the cafeteria now for a break – unless of course you want to stay in the classroom and forego lunch for a chance to (a) SLEEP at your desk or (b) work on the TEASER!

Decisions – decisions……

Welcome to the Cafeteria students!   So whaddaya think of my new look???   Enjoy it while you can before my mustache grows back!   Just kidding……I have a nice lunch for you today to celebrate the NEW YEAR and my NEW LOOK!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Class, while you’re eating lunch, have a peek at what Professor Teddy did to celebrate the New Year with a few of his friends…….he got very HAPPY!!!   CLICK HERE  

A big thank you to Sharon of Friends Furever for the video with The Professor with some of his friends!!

We’ll see you in class tomorrow for badges, winners and losers!!

Start off 2019 by winning the Teaser competition tomorrow!   Good luck!   

Your Professors – oh yes – by the way – the poll indicated you WANT Pre-Teaser Monday to continue so it will.   Thanks for voting in the poll…………..!

Pre-Teaser Monday Pre-Christmas Style!


Good Morning Students!    It’s time for class prep for tomorrow’s TEST.  

We hope by the time we head off to lunch in the cafeteria today, you are feeling confident that you WILL be a winner tomorrow when we have our TUESDAY TEASER.    We’ll do our best to prepare you.

Remember when you arrive at class tomorrow to COMMENT FIRST then have a seat at your desk.   FIRST THINGS FIRST.    The post will arrive at a surprise time so don’t look for it to be there when our posts USUALLY pop into your mailbox.    Rules?  Yes we have only TWO:

Easy right?   We just want you to try and figure out where the photo was taken on your own – not using a photo ID program like Google Image.   Just study the photo, look for any clues, figure out what’s the best thing to do a search for based on things you see in the photo and GO FOR IT!

I’m READY for tomorrow – I even got new glasses!

Me too!

We want to remind you too that even though the timing isn’t so great because of the day of the week Christmas falls this year – we are STILL going to have a Christmas Teaser for you.    There will be a Pre-Tease Christmas Eve class and a Christmas Day Tuesday Teaser.    Special badges?  Oh yes indeed we’ll have those too.    So if you aren’t too busy to stop by – please do.   Miss Dingleberry will have a special lunch that day as well.

Oh boy……..a special holiday meal…..YUM!

The Teaser is a GUEST TEASER.   You know how that goes – sometimes they are easier and sometimes NOT.    In other words – just be prepared!

I’m ALWAYS prepared!

The Cheer Team is here to get you ready for Tuesday.   They do a pretty good job of it too!

Four adorable Christmas Elves are we
Can you believe we do this gig for free?
Our duty is to get you ready
For Professors Angel Sam and Assistant Teddy
The Teaser will be here tomorrow and then you’ll see
Just how smart you all can be!
This is your last chance for a PRE-Christmas badge
The booby prize is a date with Madge. (just kidding)

Oh I sure don’t want THAT booby prize!

Now be nice or there will be demerits!!!!!!

Here are the Pre-Christmas badges that you have one last chance of winning.    Next week there will be special CHRISTMAS TEASER badges.

Now who’s UP for lunch?????   If you are follow me – if you aren’t, you can stay in the classroom and STUDY!!!

I’ll be STUDY MONITOR if you aren’t going to lunch!

Greetings Students…..please be polite in line……or ELSE…….

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will see you tomorrow at a surprise time class!   Good Luck!  

Your Professors


Tell All Time!


Today we find out who gets what!    Oh boy!

That was some Teaser wasn’t it……………………and there was a little twist to it which we’ll tell you about LATER.

A twist like THIS?????

No not really but you do a mean Twist – Chubby Checker would be proud of you.

Who you callin’ CHUBBY???

Oh boy.   We sure got off on the wrong foot this morning.   Let’s start over.    Why don’t we tell you the FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday shall we?    We had THREE of them in the first sixty seconds – that’s better than FOUR for sure so the Cheer Team wasn’t TOOOOO stressed out about three.   The three were:

Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats

Miss Sharon from Friends Furever

Miss Annie from Animal Couriers

Way to go ladies!!!!   Have a badge on us:

Well, I was ONE of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of Dec. 11,2018 which is pretty darn GOOD!

As for where the photo came to us from……………….it was sent in by Miss Janet from THE CAT ON MY HEAD and it really was not only a FASCINATING photo but it did, as I say above, have a little twist to it.    Before we show the photo, let’s give Miss Janet her badge as thanks for sending in the photo!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of December 11, 2018!

Here’s the photo:

Pretty awesome photo isn’t it?   Landing gear and can you imagine how BRIGHT those lights shine at night????     It gave people a lot to use in their “search” for the answer of WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN, that’s for sure.   And it led them in all kinds of directions.   The photo was taken at the entrance to the Delta Flight Museum in Hangar #1 at the Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.    BUT (here’s the twist), it’s in the HAPEVILLE, Georgia postal zone.   Kind of like here in Washington, DC, our airport in DC is National Airport, Washington, DC but it’s ACTUALLY located in Arlington, Virginia.    Go figure.    But all that aside – WHO guessed it correctly FIRST??????


DA PHENNY !!!!    Yep – Mr. Smarty Pants with (I’m sure) the help from Da Neilson and Da Mama

Concatulations!!   Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of December 11, 2018! YAY FOR ME!


Phenny wasn’t the only one who guessed right though – we had some others who did – you all are getting VERY good at figuring out what to search for!    If you were RIGHT (and said either Atlanta or Hapeville, Georgia) you get one of these badges:

I knew the Teaser on Dec. 11, 2018, but I wasn’t FIRST to guess so I got this swell badge for being RIGHT but not FIRST. Cool!

AND if you did guess but were wrong, you still get a badge…………….so feel free to copy this one for your collection:

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of Dec. 11, 2018 but I still got a Christmassy GREEN badge!!


I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Not everyone can win Clarence so don’t feel bad…………………many of your classmates didn’t guess correctly and didn’t get a badge either!

PHOOOOOEY! I was wrong again!

Let’s see if the Cheer Team can cheer you all up – especially those who WON today!

What a Teaser we had today!
One of our toughest we must say….
The early birds were there and we had THREE
Jackie, Sharon and Annie – WHEEEEEEE!!!!!
We waited in the hot tub until someone was right
We saw it was Phenny, he’s out of sight!
I wonder if he’d like to join us in our tub…..
Or maybe we could give him a Cheer Team backrub?

I think perhaps we need to avoid visitors in hot tubs and back rubs………..sounds like you’re getting into dangerous territory there.    Perhaps we should just adjourn until next week and all go to the cafeteria for lunch?


I’m UP for it !!!!

Come in students and get in line……..enjoy your lunch today.   In two weeks we’ll have our CHRISTMAS LUNCH in the cafeteria with all sorts of delicious choices, even some for the annoying BURD that is in Geography Class!   

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Class we will see you next week for Teaser – Monday is Pre-Teaser Preparation Class, Tuesday is the TEASER test, and Wednesdays are the TELL ALL days.   We’ll see you then.

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

Teaser Tuesday Holiday Style


We’re HERE…..are you?  If so COMMENT NOW!!!

Good Morning students.    It’s that time again………….I hope you are well rested……….

Well we hope MOST of you are well rested anyway…..

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today…………..and I do believe it will take all your Sherlockian talents to be first to guess this one.   You all know how to do that detective work so I’m thinking someone will get it!    Maybe YOU?


Maybe you.   Depends on how well you do your detective work when you see the photo today.    First, let me remind you of the rules:

AND then let me show you the possible badges you could win today:

Let’s let the cheer team get you in the mood before we show you the photo shall we?

Tuesday is here you lucky class
We’ll fire you up with our usual sass
Give this one some time and gather your clues
We want a happy class, not one filled with the blues!
If you think you have it right then give it a guess
You might be first – ahead of the rest.
Pre-Christmas badges are cool and you know you want one…..
So get to guessing and join in the pre-Christmas FUN.

Tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL post, you will find out who gets what badges – until then you’ll just have to study the photo and do your best to guess.   I know you all will do a great job!!!

I’m gonna try!  I’m serious about it!

You students BETTER be serious – Geography is IMPORTANT!!!   Madge – you’d better page Mr. Security for the Professors!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Alright Students – WHERE was this photo taken?     Remember the rules………….and HAPPY HUNTING!!    You can stay in the classroom and do your hunting or you can join some of us in the cafeteria for another nice lunch then return to the classroom for (a) a nap or (b) to figure out the Teaser!

DECISIONS – DECISIONS!!!!!!!!   Lunch or study…….I think I’ll EAT first!

Ho Ho Ho…..the line’s moving too slow!!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors………………….

Tuesday Teaser



Just a little reminder to comment if you’re early because you might be FIRST or at least one of the first in the first sixty seconds.   That earns you a badge to show off!  WOO HOO!   Then of course please have a seat and prepare to be teased.

I don’t think I was first – there was a line when I got here!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    Just remember when you guess you have to guess EVERYTHING…….what town/city/village/area and what country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) because giving us PART of the answer just won’t work!    Nope – we want it all.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the way of REWARDS for your good work with the photo-guesswork today!

Let’s bring our lovely little elves in for a cheer to get you in the mood for the photo shall we?

Here we are in our holiday clothes
We know we’re HOT so bring out the fire hose!
We’ve seen today’s photo and good luck to you….
We’ve got NO guess – not even a clue!
Santa might be watching to see who’s smart
Want to move from the NAUGHTY to NICE list then this could be a start!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to tell you who wins and loses
Who is a smarty pants and who are silly gooses!

Thanks Team………………..I think!

Let’s bring our security guard in with today’s challenging photo…………………………………..


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! Sorry I was late….found some students smoking in the bathroom!


Here’s your Tuesday Teaser:

Definitely a toughie right?   Not a lot to go on but somehow you always pull through students – so good luck with your guessing and your searching for clues!   REMEMBER:   we need town/city/village/area AND state (if USA) or country (if not in USA).    Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and let you know who figured this one out!

Gosh……this is a toughie!

Maybe you think you might do better on a FULL TUMMY????   If so, follow us to the cafeteria………….we’re ready to chow down……………..

Hello Students………….step right up for lunch – no lecture today – I’m in a good mood.  

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  Good luck students!  

Your Profs

Teaser Tell All Time


Greetings Students!  We shall TELL ALL in class today.

Wasn’t that a great Teaser yesterday provided by our Graphics Department (aka Mom)?    Actually we expected it to be a bit tougher than it turned out to be but that’s because we have some Students who have been to this beautiful place and SEEN the sights shown in the Teaser photo PURRRRRSONALLY!

First we want to tell you WHO were our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning and yes we said “WERE” which implies more than one.    Our TWO “firsties” were:


Animal Couriers (Annie) and Two Devon Cats (Jackie)


Concatulations Ladies……………….you each get one of these fabulous badges that our underpaid Graphics Department put together for our FIRST COMMENTERS:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018! I’m so excited!

Gosh I twied to be early to cwass dis morning but I fell back asweeep!

Then we watched the guesses on the Teaser photo come in – it wasn’t too long before someone guessed correctly but didn’t guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE – just the “spot” shown in this photo:

In fact there were a couple of CORRECT guesses – that it was Skogafoss Waterfall but nobody said the name of the town – just “Iceland” which was of course RIGHT.    Rules are rules though so we waited………soon someone added the name of the VILLAGE to their guess and it became the FIRST RIGHT GUESS.     We’ll tell you who but first we have a link for those of you who might be interested in learning more about Skogafoss Falls in Skogar, South Iceland.   An AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS place!    CLICK HERE.

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER who guessed right then came back to add the name of the village and become TOTALLY RIGHT????????


No of course it wasn’t you!   It was:


That’s right – the Weim boys got FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week and here’s your badge boys:

We were FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018! We are two smart Weims!


HOWEVER – I just quickly add that it was a CLOSE RACE…………..we had SEVERAL of you who were “dancing all around” giving the correct answer it was just that Da Phenny and his bro’ were FIRST to give it.     If you ALSO guessed correctly – you get one of these of your VERY OWN!!!!

I might not have been first to guess correctly but I WAS right with my guess on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018 so I get THIS BADGE!!!!!

Let’s bring our Cheer Team in to honor our winners shall we?????

Mama Mia that Teaser was GOOD!
All I knew is it wasn’t my neighborhood….
Iceland looks pretty as a destination
But we’d only go if Ding Dong school gave us compensation!
First Commenters today we had TWO
Unless you were Animal Couriers or Two Devon Cats then it wasn’t YOU!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS were smart as a penny
It was Da Neilson and his brother Da Phenny!
Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Maybe next week it will be YOU!

Those of you who guessed but were wrong STILL get a badge of your very own…………..yep – we are an equal opportunity badge blog!

Boo Hoo….my guess was WRONG on the Teaser of Nov. 6, 2018 but I still get a GREENIE!


Well I’m gonna put my yoda hat on and go SULK somewhere…….I didn’t get a THING!

Even if you didn’t win anything this week there’s always NEXT week………………..and there’s also LUNCH which is served after Geography class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week so pile into an orderly line and let’s march to the cafeteria!!!!!!!


Everyone who thought I looked pretty hot in my Marilyn Monroe Halloween outfit come to the front of the line – you get served FIRST!   The rest of you who thought it might be my THIN twin sister in the costume and it couldn’t POSSIBLY have been me – END OF THE LINE!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh boy that was DELICIOUS!!!!!  (burp) – excuse me!    Teddy, let’s say goodbye until next week shall we????

Your Geography Class Professors, Teddy and Angel Sammy

Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Before we start class today, let us all pause for a moment to remember all of our friends and fur-family members who have left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge……..our hearts will forever be full of love for them and while we miss them every moment, we know one day we will all be united forever – together again.   We miss ALL who have gone but most especially, our Angel Sammy.   He lives on in our blog – and always will.    We hope all of you who have lost a pet FEEL THE LOVE from those at the Bridge because they are watching out for us with the same love they had for us in life………

Angel Sammy – King of our Hearts



Good Morning Students!    Will you miss our old school building or are you looking forward to new pastures – I mean playgrounds in the SHEEP SCHOOL?????   We’ll let you know when it’s ready to move into but it won’t be long.  Could be next week.   In the meantime………..let’s get started on the Teaser shall we?

Teaser this week is a GUEST TEASER.    We reminded you all yesterday what the rules for the game of guessing are but it never hurts to mention, and re-mention them because we need you to follow the rules when you make your guesses:

Only two rules to follow but remember to tell us town/city/villege AND country or State because if your guess isn’t complete – NO BADGE FOR YOU!    Speaking of badges, here’s what we’ll award tomorrow during Teaser Tell All class:

Would you like to hear from the Sheepheaded Cheer Team?    I’m SURE you would.   They love their new headgear……..

How was your night? Did you get some sleep?
Or did you have problems resting and counted SHEEP?
HAHAHA please pardon our joke
Perhaps we need a hot tub for a good long soak?
Today’s Teaser is a cool photo but WHERE was it taken?
Hope you’re RIGHT with your guess and that you’re not mistaken!
Take your time and look long and deep
But one thing is certain, you won’t see a sheep!

OK – I think that’s a good cue to bring in our Security Guard with the photo of the week……………….I guess we need to get him a new hat too????

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! By the way – I prefer to be in FULL UNIFORM without a sheep hat if that’s OK???

Where is this???

Tomorrow we will tell you the answer to that burning question AND hand out badges to everyone who wins one…………who will be FIRST COMMENTER??  FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?????   Nobody knows so it certainly COULD be you.


I think I need a little lunch before I guess….of course if I EAT I’ll probably need a NAP…….

Did someone say NAP????

Alright – let’s get through the lunch line before anybody passes out from hunger OR before anybody falls asleep at their desk BEFORE eating…………………Miss Dingleberry?  You’re ON!

Miss D – could you please fix us a “to go” with some BBQ shrimp AND ribs????   

Good luck students – see you in class tomorrow for the SCOOP on who guessed right and who didn’t……

The Profs………….

Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Students!  Time to get prepped for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day we tease you here in Geography class with a photo that you will be required to figure out WHERE it was taken.   Sounds easy right?   Well sometimes it is and sometimes “not so much”.    Here’s how we play the Teaser game in class:

Our Security Guard here at Ding Dong School will bring in the photo and display it on the bulletin board then you guess.    There are badges to be won if you’re GOOD enough to get one – including one for the FIRST COMMENTER.    What’s that?    Well, tomorrow’s post will be popping up at some unknown time and if you see it arrive and you get here and COMMENT first, you get a badge!    Then there are badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and the world famous GREENIE which is what you win if you try but are wrong.

You just might get one of your very own tomorrow – so be sure and be here!    The Teaser photo we have for you this week is a Guest Teaser photo.


Yes well we feel confident that you can handle it!

OK Professors, if you say we can handle it – we’ll TRY!

Part of our usual Monday PRE-TEASE rah rah rah sis boom bah class to prepare you is bringing in the cheer team (if they are recovered from their weekend that is) to give you all a rowsing cheer to get you in the MOOD for class.   Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.    Let’s see if the team is GOING to fire you up today!

The Professors said to warm up the crowd
So we’ll do our cheer and we’ll do it LOUD!
Tomorrow you’d better be sharp as a tack
You might just win and get a pat on the back
No parties tonight – we know that never works
Just makes you feel silly next day like you’ve been a real jerk.
Read your class books and study and make Mom proud
You’ll feel so excited to win, you might shout out loud!
We’ll be back tomorrow for another cheer
Unless we go out to breakfast and have a nice cold beer!


Now Team, you know you don’t drink beer and especially not for breakfast………you may give the students ideas!!!    By the way, we love your Easter outfits but it’s NOT Easter.

We know it’s not Easter
We’re truly not as dumb as that
We got dressed in the dark this morning
And put on the wrong HATS!

OK………….well thanks for explaining yourselves.

I’m so confused

Well before things get out of control, shall we just break for lunch?   Let’s do that – then you can go out to recess and come back in and study……………..perhaps a little food in your tummies will inspire you to crack open your books (either that or it will make you want to nap).


YAY!   It’s Italian day………..Miss Dingleberry, Professor Sammy

and I would like two orders of ravioli please!

Since the students will be outside, we’ll just eat here in class!

Good Luck Students!   

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy