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Pre-Tease Monday




OK class…………I hope you got a lot of rest over the past week and ate a lot of turkey which in turn put you to sleep with all that tryptophan which in turn made you have lots of good dreams of spots around the world that MIGHT be part of this week’s Teaser.   OK – maybe that’s a little bit over the top for me to expect BUT I do hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.   I did.   Complete with lots of turkey.

Speaking of turkey – I’ll give you some inside info about this week’s picture – it is NOT in TURKEY (hahaha).

Tomorrow I’ll not only have SuzieQ  (aka Miss Unpredictable) here to cheer you on, but I’ll also have a doozy of a GUEST TEASER for you to take a peek at.  Yep – a GUEST TEASER and you know those are usually toughies right?   So while I can’t tell you what time to expect that post – just keep on your toes (or paws) and when it arrives in your inbox – MAKE A COMMENT on the post first and you can win FIRST COMMENTER!


Otherwise you will win at the very least (most?) a GREENIE.    That’s not so bad.

On the subject of Teasers, I’m sure many of you have heard about the unbelievably FABULOUS event my friends Madi and Easy are putting together for me on December 2nd?   If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????????????    IT’s kind of a “reverse” Teaser in that for a change instead of showing YOU places in the world, YOU will show ME the places in the world where you live!  How cool is that?    Here’s the scoop and you can feel free to join in the fun if you like.    I am so excited about it and SO thrilled and honored by my friends Madi and Easy.

Just click the badge (made by Easy’s Dad!) to get all the details……………….


Just look on Madi’s Blog for the original post on Nov. 27th (in case you go to her blog and it’s not “on top” of things!)

I hope you will join in the fun.

Thank you Madi and Easy….. ♥

So I’ll see you tomorrow here in class for the Teaser???  OK – don’t be late…….you don’t want any demerits and you SURE don’t want SuziQ to make up a horrible cheer about you right?

Love, The Prof


PEE ESS………quick report from Dr. Strangelove:

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is a very strong and determined cat.  Today he’s a true KING OF BACONIA.