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Teaser Tell All



ALRIGHT!   Sharp as a tack you all are with the Teasers lately……..doesn’t take you long to figure things out does it?!?!?!   I’ll give you all the scoop in a minute but first a word from our sponsor (haha just kidding)………..here’s the photo from yesterday – Mr. Mystery Dude – will you bring the silver suitcase in PURRRRRLEASE?

Certainly......here it is!

Certainly……here it is!

Thanks!   Here’s the photo!


Beautiful buildings yes?   Well, this photo was taken by the humans belonging to my friend Gracie of Goodness Gracie blog when they were on a trip to VENICE, ITALY – it’s the ISLAND OF BURANO which is known as the spot where lace is made AND where a whole lot of fishermen live.   The colorful homes are a tradition – so the men of the sea living on Burano could recognize their homes when they came back from a long fishing trip!   Cool huh?   THANK YOU GRACIE and THANKS TO YOUR HUMANS!   This is for you:

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

So who was my FIRST COMMENTER?   Well it was the ever-alert no matter what time of the day it is friend Easy!   You were on the ball this morning my friend – WOOT!   This is yours:


Who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today?   It was my friend in Devon, UK – Flynn from Two Devon Cats.   WAY TO GO Flynn – his Mom and Dad visited Venice on a vacation and saw the islands just like my Mom and Dad did a bazillion years ago on their honeymoon!    This is for you Flynn:


Several others guessed right – I’m so proud of you!  You get this:


Even if you did NOT guess right, or did NOT have a clue, you still get something……yes indeedy – you get THE BIG GREENIE!


Everybody wins…………..Tuesdays are so way cool don’t you think?   See you next week?  Same time?  Same day?  Same frustrations?


Sammy the Tease


Ya better be here next week......OR ELSE!

Ya better be here next week……OR ELSE!

Pee Ess…..for those of you waiting for my blood results to come back – doc says I have to increase my thyroid meds……instead of one pill a day I now have to have one and a HALF pills a day – that’s right two excuses to get my Gerber baby food treat !!!!   My current fave is turkey with turkey gravy baby food so Mom will be giving that to me at breakfast AND dinner – good deal huh?   Everything else looks GREAT he says….liver, kidneys, blood glucose – all good.  Just my pesky thyroid and he thinks that’s got something to do with my weight loss too.