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Furry Friday



So do you like to be brushed like I do?  Or combed?   I mean it’s sort of like being petted and who doesn’t like that……but it’s better because we LOOK GOOD afterwards too!   Right?   Well I certainly love to be brushed and my brush is one of those ones with the metal spikey things on it so it feels DELICIOUS on my skin when Mom uses it – and it’s great for my blood circulation (whatever that is – it’s something Mom said so I guess I have to believe her!).

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

We work hard to look good all the time though don’t we?  I mean over and above being brushed?   I know I’m always having a lick here and there to get something cleaned up or neatened up or straightened up.   Cats are very NEAT (well, most of us anyway).   We like to look good and work hard to do that.

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Where's a groomer when you need one?????

Where’s a groomer when you need one?????


Now I know just about all animals groom themselves but I’m wondering about those of you who go to a “real” Groomers for all of that………….do you like it?  Does it start with the dreaded bath?   I’m not sure I’d like that…….and I guess unless you’re a professional model or enter a lot of competitions and stuff you probably don’t go to a Groomer if you’re a cat……..unless maybe you have super long hair like a Persian?   Care to guess which one of these photos would be MY reaction to a bath??????



Hand me my shampoo would you????

Hand me my shampoo would you????

I’m just FULL of questions today aren’t I?    You see I was thinking about all of that today when Mom made a comment about a weird, yoga-like position I got myself into just to take care of a few errand hairs on the back of my leg this morning.  She thought I looked like I was tied in a knot………I go to GREAT LENGTHS to be groomed all the time……….so that’s what got me started on this “groom-a-thon” of questions.

Feel free to answer them if you’re so inclined……………or just continue your morning grooming and ignore all the questions from me!   HAHAHA


Sammy the Groomed Guy




Yep – it’s Furrrrrsday…..the day before Furrrrriday.  Since my Mom and Dad trimmed my nails for me yesterday I thought the least I could do was to continue doing some more “groom and clean” stuff.  Got to keep the Furrrrr lookin’ good right?   Mom was kind enough to help a bit:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

Just a little to the left Mom….yep – that’s the spot!!

Of course I did manage to do a bit of napping during the day as well.  A day without a nap or two or three or more is certainly NOT a “typical” day for any self-respecting cat.  

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

All that body maintenance has me pooped!

Dad is planning on flying his plane this morning – as soon as the sky starts to get light he’ll be out of here and heading thirty minutes away from our house to Culpeper, Virginia where his “baby” lives in a hangar at the Regional Airport.  That means Mom will probably head out the door as soon as the shops open.   Do they have Christmas stuff out in the stores where you live?  They sure do here – and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!   I don’t think Mom is buying any Christmas stuff – you might remember that my parents got a new FAKE Christmas tree last year to replace the rather sorry spectacle of a tree they’d had for over 20 years.  This one’s a real beauty though – this photo is from last year:

Lit Christmas Tree 2011

It’s one of those trees that comes with lights already on it so it’s a lot less work for my “tree decorating crew” !!


I also know that not everybody celebrates Christmas but in my house we do and my Mom can sometimes get carried away.  Moms seem to do that about some things —– have you noticed that in your house???   Or maybe in YOUR house it’s your Dad who gets carried away……??    Come on – tell Sammy your troubles – what does your Mom or Dad do that you think is just a LITTLE BIT nuts???!!!


Sammy !