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Bacon Day


I, King Teddy, Proclaim It To Be


Shall we begin the celebration of Saturday?????


Surely we aren’t supposed to BELIEVE this are we????


CAN HAZ, SHOULD HAZ and WILL HAZ!  Right gang???

My big brother in his bacon hat……..I sure miss him!

“Hi Phenny!  Would you just deliver all of those hams and bacons to my house please???”

Whoever says roses smell THE BEST was right – assuming they meant BACON roses!!!!

Some of you have asked what the Greenhouse staff is doing since we had the BIG HARVEST PARTY……Well, Miss Marsha, the Greenhouse Supervisor took her “bacon bonus” we gave her for doing such a fabulous job tending the crop this first year that she’s bought a new car and a new house and is looking forward to next year’s harvest – AFTER she comes back from her vacation in Tahiti!

Not bad!

My kinda vacation spot!!!

Miss Marsha – job well done!

Now if you’ll excuse me….

I think I’ll stretch out (yawn….)

and take a bit of a snoozer!  

Happy Saturday!

Love, Teddy the Baconator!



Beautiful Bacon


Beautiful Bacon?   Is there such a thing as UGLY bacon?

I think NOT!

I hereby declare it Saturday Bacon Bonanza Day across the land!

I hereby declare it Saturday Bacon Bonanza Day across the land!

Would I celebrate a substance that was not delicious and fabulous and for which I am the #1 spokescat?  Heck no.   Bacon and I are best pals.   Bacon and I spend EVERY Saturday together.   I love sharing my adoration of bacon with you every week (or more often!) and I hope you look forward to Saturday Bacon too.   If not, you’d better have a little talk with your humans.   ASAP!

I thought you might enjoy a little update on our fabulous crop of bacon plants which we grew from the bacon seeds Kitties Blue sent to us this summer.   The Greenhouse Bacon Supervisor is happy to report that we should be having quite a wonderful harvest at some point as our plants mature and blossom and at last we will see bacon flowers, leading to bacon “fruit” and then it’s just a hop skip and jump from THAT to the breakfast table!

Latest Shot from Inside the Greenhouse


Greenhouse Supervisor

Greenhouse Supervisor

Our Supervisor is on top of things and making sure the crew inspects the plants daily and gives them whatever care they require to stay HEALTHY and HAPPY!

No critters here!

No critters here!

All is well in this patch!

All is well in this patch!

Our official GARDEN GNOME is our “backup plan” to keep all the little bacon babies  safe from marauders and bacon bandits……..nobody goes up against a GARDEN GNOME that’s for sure!

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

So see?  Everything is good and on schedule.   Our bacon crop is in good hands……………….(or paws).

While I wait for a FRESH crop of bacon, I shall enjoy the bacon that my Mom has purchased from the grocery which of course will NOT measure up to HOME GROWN which we hope to have early this Summer…………………..keep your paws crossed that things continue to go well.   You can be sure we’ll be having a BIG harvest party when the time comes and all of you will be invited!

MMMMM......a bacon sammmmich for breakfast!

MMMMM……a bacon sammmmich for breakfast!

Happy Bacon Day!


It’s GOOD to be King!