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Teaser Tell All and Celebration


“Reporting in that there are no security risks on school property today Professors!!”

Thank you Clowie! 

(stay tuned for an announcement about our wonderful security supervisor)

Welcome to class students – today we’re also celebrating Professor Teddy’s Third Gotcha Day!    He joined my family February 12, 2017 and Mom and Dad were happy to have a kitty in the house again after I flew off to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016. 

YAY!  Time to celebrate!

Well I’m sure there is celebrating going on at my parents house today.   I will be watching from my usual spot of observation at the Rainbow Bridge.   I’m only here in class with Teddy on Tuesday and Wednesday on a DAY PASS of course from the Bridge.   One of these days Teddy will take over all teaching duties and I will truly RETIRE.    Meanwhile, we will celebrate HIM today as well as our winners from yesterday’s Teaser.

I keep a party hat in my desk for special occasions!

Let’s begin today’s class with an announcement as to WHO was lucky enough to arrive early and be a FIRST COMMENTER…………………….actually we had TWO FAST FIRSTIES yesterday – they were:


Cecilia from My Mind’s Eye (Down Home in NC) and Janet from The Cat On My Head


Each of you gets one of these:

YAY FOR BEING AN EARLY BIRD! I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of February 11, 2020! (yawn)

Now as for the Teaser photo – it was a GUEST TEASER photo submitted by our super good friend (and frequent Teaser Photo Provider!) Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS!    Here’s the photo:

One very long, very desolate, very pebbly but very peaceful beach called Chesil Beach, located in Dorset, UK.    Sure looks pretty there and as some people said when they commented on this one, looks VERY VERY quiet.    Thank you Miss Jackie for sending in this photo from your trip there…………………this is for you in appreciation!

My photo was used at One Spoiled Cat for their TEASER post of February 11, 2020!

Who was the lucky duck who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week?     Well, remember when you first got to class we said that we’d have a special announcement about our beautiful and very efficient Security Supervisor Miss Clowie?    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………….Our First Right Guesser was:



This is for you Clowie:

I took a minute from my Security duties at Ding Dong School and was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of February 11, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

There was at least one other right guesser before we went to press but if there were more – ALL of you get one of these!

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of February 11, 2020 but I wasn’t first! Heck!

AND if you guessed but were wrong – you get a GREENIE – at least you tried and you should be PROUD you did!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of February 11, 2020 BUT at least I tried!!!


Cheer Team – you’re ON!

What a day to celebrate
We have winners – isn’t that great?
First Commenters we had TWO
Unless you are Cecilia or Janet then IT WASN’T YOU!
Our First Right Guesser was Security Guard CLOWIE
When she found out she got all happy and glowie!
Today we celebrate Prof Ted’s GOTCHA Day
We hope today things go his way
We love the guy and that’s no lie
Our love for him reaches the sky!
HIP HIP HOORAY is what we say
As we celebrate Prof Ted’s GOTCHA day!

Three Cheers for our Prof!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  Now let’s eat that cake!

Everyone gets a slice to eat here or to take with you to the cafeteria for lunch.     AND both Teddy and myself thank you for helping us celebrate his special day.   I know his Mom and Dad (my Mom and Dad!) are very happy to have so much fun with him – just like we do at school.

Thanks everyone – you’re the best!   Let’s eat!

Enjoy today’s menu everyone……….it’s full of Professor Teddy’s favorites!

Our Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to our winners – see you next Tuesday for another Teaser – and thanks for helping us celebrate Teddy’s special day.

Professor Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Here we are again – getting ready to spread the news about who gets what from yesterday’s Teaser!      First, our apologies for having it pop up at 3AM our time – that kind of made it almost impossible unless you’re an early riser like my Mom to be here when it went LIVE……..we can blame Mom…….she forgot to change from the “regular” blog time to a surprise time.    OH WELL – at least someone was up – wanna know who?    WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER at a couple minutes after 3AM????

Da Phenny and Da Nelly!


I was still sound asleep at 3AM !!!!!!   

Here is your special Valentine’s Week FIRST COMMENTER badge boys………………concatulations!!

WHEE! We were the FIRST COMMENTER for the special Valentine’s Week Teaser on Feb. 12, 2019!

Our Graphics Department had thought that it would be tough for anyone to know where the Teaser photo had been taken – why?   Because there are Christmas markets on BOTH sides of the BIG POND……..and there are a number of cities here in the US of A who have a decidedly European look to them.    So it seemed this photo might fool a bunch of you BUT it sure didn’t fool our winner of the Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE……………WHO was that?

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!



Here’s your Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Miss Jackie for guessing the photo below was taken in Old Quebec City, Canada!!

I guessed the Teaser for Valentine’s Day 2019 before anyone else did! YAY FOR ME!

Old Quebec City – a little slice of Paris in Canada!!!

My parents have been here……….they loved it but it does look like many other cities in Europe where they have great Christmas markets.  We thought we’d fool everyone but we sure didn’t.  In fact, SEVERAL of you got this after Miss Jackie did.   If you were a RIGHT GUESSER – please have a copy of the badge below!

Well I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Valentine’s Week Teaser of Feb. 12, 2019!

If you guessed but were wrong – you get a special Valentine’s Day GREENIE of your very own – please copy it and proudly display it!

I was wrong with my guess on the Valentine’s Day Teaser of February 12, 2019 but at least I tried!

BRAVO EVERYONE!   We thank you again for all your kind wishes for Professor Teddy’s Gotcha Day today too!

I hope I’ll get to celebrate my GOTCHA Day too when it comes!

Cheer team?  How about whipping everyone into a frenzy before we head to the cafeteria???!!!

Hip Hip Hooray what a special day
Professor T has a Gotcha and we’re here to say
Congrats to Phenny and Neilson who were FIRST to arrive at school
It was EXTRA early so we had the rest of you fooled!
Then we waited to see who’d be first to guess RIGHT
It was Miss Jackie this week and the competition wasn’t even TIGHT.
She’d been to Quebec before and figured it out
Soon others got it right and gave us a shout!
Next week we’ll have another chance for you to win
Then we’ll do a cheer for you and give you a big cheer team grin!

So who’s up for lunch today?     Follow us – we’re heading there now!

All you students enjoy your lunch and don’t forget on Thursday to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Today’s Lunch Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And on behalf of your Professors:

Teaser Tuesday and Celebration


Comment then sit!!!

Hello students of Ding Dong Academy for Gifted Students.    Yes I just made that up – thought it might get your attention.   We’re celebrating the Teaser AND Professor Teddy’s GOTCHA Day today.   Two years ago today he joined the staff of the school as a Junior Professor and now he’s all grown up and has Full Professorship!

The Little Prof wants to show you the cool Gotcha card he got from Pipo, Dalton and Benji, their Angels (and Miss Ingrid) who make such wonderful cards……..thank you all so much!! ♥

We also received a card (on Facebook) from my pals Phenny and Nelly!

Now let’s buckle down for the Teaser shall we?    Hopefully you commented before you sat down?

Yes Professors I did!

I did, I did, I did!

I did too!!

Great.   Let’s remind you then that you need to make a complete guess as to where the Teaser photo was taken.  Town, village, city and country or state depending if in USA or not.   No fair using some computer program to tell you where the photo is from but you can of course investigate features of the photo (high mountains, tall buildings, etc.) you see with google.    We have special badges for you too!   Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins what.

Why don’t we just get to it now?   Bring on the Security Guard with today’s photo!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Professor Teddy…..here’s today’s Teaser photo!

A small hint:   Don’t let this photo fool you……………!    This is not a Guest Teaser by the way – our Graphics Department submitted it.    GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!!

Hmm…..a toughie!

Looks familiar but I’m not sure!

While you all are agonizing – let’s head to the cafeteria where Miss Dingleberry awaits with a delicious menu for today.   After you eat you can return to your desk and continue agonizing over the photo.    How’s that sound????

Happy Gotcha Day Professor Teddy – we in the cafeteria appreciate you.  Enjoy the cake!    Everyone else, enjoy your lunch, it’s our official Valentine’s Day Lunch!

(Gulp) – this is from all of us to you Miss Dingleberry!

Thank you students!

Valentine’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you tomorrow for the Tell All – thanks to everyone for celebrating Professor Teddy’s GOTCHA Day with us!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


Doctor Sam Still On Duty


Hi Everybody!  Yes indeed……..Doctor Sammy’s still on duty around here because my Mom is STILL sick.  Yep – that flu bug is hanging on around here sadly but I’ve got stuff covered – between me and Dad that is!

Apparently this is a bad flu – and it’s not even the one that they made a flu shot for this year……so it wouldn’t have helped if she’d had the shot!  She’s a trooper though – she’s helped me get my blogs done and helped me have a fabulous birthday party (!!) and done all the Mommy things even though she wasn’t feeling good.


Anyway, I wanted to pop on and remind everyone to please visit my friend Savannah today – WHY?  Because it’s her very first GOTCHA DAY!  Can’t miss out on giving her a big hug for that right?  Imagine going from being unwanted and considered “unadoptable” in a shelter to getting your forever home – starting to feel secure and safe then having to move to ANOTHER home…….Savvy did all of that and made it just fine because she felt LOVED and she felt SAFE.  Life is pretty darn good when you have those things going for you right?


Other than that, things are quiet around here.  Mom’s hanging in there and hopefully this will be over with soon (the flu that is).  The doctors say it lasts 10-12 days and she hasn’t had it that long……..but then again, leave it to my Mom to be EXCEPTIONAL!!! 😀 😀 😀

If your humans are sick, please do your part…..don’t leave your toys all over the place (especially the stairs where they could trip on them!), don’t hork up your food all over the carpet or (heaven forbid) their bed, and most of all give them lots of snuggles and warm cuddles because they NEED IT BAD!

Love and Hugs, Sammy 😀