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Sunday Selfies


Sunday!    Time to share our selfies.    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head want us to strut our stuff and celebrate Sunday together.  If you’d like to join in, click on their badge and fill in the linky form and you too will be a star selfie.

I’m doing another flashback today – Mom took a few photos of me this week but it seems the only time she has even HALF a chance of capturing me on film it’s when I’m asleep – and let’s face it – just how interesting can endless photos of a BIG GINGER CAT SLEEPING be?    As I look back in our photo files I’m looking for a photo of me taken about this same day of the month….and with my luck it will be yet another photo of me sleeping…………let’s see:

This is as close to today’s date as I could get and it’s an artified selfie Mom did of me on May 21, 2017 – that means I was 14 months old and had lived with them for two months then.   Gosh – was I really THAT LITTLE?     EVER?     Since it’s already artsy, we don’t have to do that – in fact I don’t know what Lunapic effect Mom used on this but I quite like the textures.

I did a puzzle of it for you as it seems back then Mom wasn’t yet doing jigsaws:

Click this MINI-ME picture to go directly to the JIGSAW and good luck!

Mom says we should take a minute to say we hope you are all in good health and being safe……stay that way OK???   Just remember this though:

Love, Teddy (and Mom too)


Sunday Selfie Hop for Mother’s Day


To all Moms in the world – wherever you are – thank you for being Moms…..it’s a big job and it’s a “forever” job.   We appreciate you more than we sometimes remember to say.

My Mom and I are closer than close.  I know she and Dad will take care of me always.  I am a very happy guy.

Thanks to our hosts, The Cat On My Head for THREE HUNDRED weeks (today) of fun with sharing selfies!   If you click their badge you can visit and join the hop!   

Now how about a nice Mother’s Day Selfie of YOURS TRULY?     Mom snapped this as I was happily napping (almost all my selfies are “nappies” instead of actual “selfies” !!!!)……….and here’s me snoozing away yesterday afternoon.     We also jazzed it up with Lunapic then did a puzzle for all of you puzzle fans!

Well I may look adorable (haha) but it needs a little jazzing up right?   Lunapic.com to the rescue!

WHOA!   This effect was called “SABER” and Mom says it knocks our socks off!   

Here’s the jigsaw puzzle as promised:

Click the Mini-Me for your puzzle!!!

Coincidentally today is also our Ninth Blogaversary.    Mom started this blog with Angel Sammy in 2011 and brought Angel Sammy to life posting “for him” instead of for herself.    After he went to the Bridge I became “THE STAR” and have had lots of fun ever since along with my Mom.   We will keep going as long as we feel we have something to say and as long as we have an audience to share thoughts and fun with!   Thanks for making us part of your lives all these years.

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday………….well, maybe I should say HEALTHY and HAPPY Sunday.   That’s what I wish for all of you.    Time for us to join The Cat On My Head celebrating Sunday Selfies.   If you’d like to do the same thing just click their badge above and link up.

By the a- sorry for some of you receiving notice of THIS post being distributed to our adoring fans (tee hee) on Friday – it was obviously a mistake and Mom is to blame – she takes full responsibility although I suppose I could have stopped her by waving the calendar in front of her head but it was an honest mistake.    She was working on this post ahead of time and simply FORGOT to change the date for it to post!    Poor Mom.    Just a bit distracted these days.    Aren’t we all ?!

I’m doing the FLASHBACK THING again today.    No new photos this week by Mom so we’ll see what the photo stash shows for this same week in my past shall we?

This little gem is from April 28, 2019

I’m lying on a blankie Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing made and it’s super comfy.   I’m keeping Mom company in her office in this shot.    Can you tell how supportive I’m being????   HAHAHA   Let’s see what kind of magic Lunapic can do to this one and then I’ll make a puzzle out of the JAZZED UP version!

Whoa!   Mom!    This is wild!   What the heck art filter did you use from Lunapic for this one?    Oh – it was in NEWEST ART EFFECTS and it was called “BERRY”.    Well there are berries all over the place……..very strange look but know what?   I think this will make a whopper of a jigsaw puzzle.

Here you go everyone……………be prepared to put this one together quickly (hahaha).

Click this Mini-Me for the Puzzle!!

That’s it for my Sunday Selfie this week……….BERRY good luck on the puzzle everyone!   

Hugs, Teddy

P.S.   We are hoping our pal Ninja – Marvelous Marv’s brother – who went on a walkabout April 27th and hasn’t come home WILL come home ASAP.   His family is worried about him and we really hope he will realize what he’s missing and head right home!    You can click the badge and leave a message for Miss Barb and the crew who are searching high and low and staying hopeful………………………

Sunday Selfie Hop


What?   Is it Sunday already?   My goodness……….Mom said she thought time would SLOW DOWN with this virus around but instead it seems she’s totally lost track of time.   What day is it?   What month is it?   What year is it?   WHO AM I???   (just kidding……she knows who she is……I think!).      Anyway, it’s Sunday and time to do the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat on My head.   If you’d like to join in, click the badge above and do the linky form and hang out with the rest of us.

I’m doing a flashback – AGAIN…………………….I look through the photo files and find one of me this same time frame – amazing how many of them are of me sleeping but then you have to admit, cats do sleep a lot!     Let’s see what I can find….

HAHAHAHA – what was it I was saying about photos of me sleeping?    Well this photo is of ME on April 7, 2018.    Just two years ago but I was still a bit of a semi-svelte guy then and certainly had become attached to the sleep sofa in my Mom’s office.   It was also a favorite spot of Angel Sammy.   Maybe I knew that?

Mom had apparently done this artified version of that photo for a Sunday Selfie Hop back in 2018 so forgive us if we are recycling……………………!     I’m guessing she also did a puzzle and I’ll give you the link to it…………..I’m not sure I’m crazy about my touches of GREEN fur – I look MOLDIE!    EEEEEEEK!

Know what?    I looked on Jigsaw Planet and Mom HAD made a puzzle of this photo – well – not exactly THIS one but the same photo of me on the couch on the same day but with a DIFFERENT art effect – a stained glass art effect.   That ought to make putting the puzzle together a little more fun because it is NOT THE ABOVE PHOTO EFFECT that she made the puzzle from back in 2018.   Oh boy.   GOOD LUCK PUZZLERS!

Click the mini me for your challenging puzzle today!!


Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Who wants to HOP along?    Every Sunday we (and lots of other friends) join The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Hop – just load up a photo of YOU and go for it.   Click the badge above if you want to go there and link up with your photo.

Would it surprise you if I said I’m going to do another FLASHBACK Selfie today?   Probably not as I do that quite often – depends on whether Mom has taken a NEW photo of me and this week she didn’t.    She’s had other stuff on her mind.   Oh well…………..Flashbacks are fun.   Let me go through my photo file and find one of ME from this same date (or close) and let’s just see how I’ve changed shall we?????

Well how’s this little GEM.    It’s from January 20, 2018.    If you ask me, I haven’t changed much since then.   Still a HEFTY boy and as usual, on my back napping – looks like I “borrowed” some of Mom’s Christmas tissue paper.   I’m sure she didn’t mind – after all I let her snap this tummy shot without objection!

I usually do a little artwork on my selfies for puzzle purposes but this week I’m using the jigsaw puzzle that we did back in 2018 of this photo (artified) but I changed it from 180 pieces to 99!    Are you ready????


Thank you Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD for giving all of us a chance to strut our stuff every Sunday……………………..FUN!

Hugs from Mr. Ginger Tummy – aka Teddy!!