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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday !    You know what Sunday means – HOPPING with selfies with our hosts at The Cat On My Head.    If you click HERE and you can go to their blog and link up with us.


I’m afraid my Mom did be wrong again and didn’t whip out her camera this week to snap a NEW photo of yours truly.    Yep – she was supposedly “too busy” to do that so we’re resorting to our file of GREAT MOMENTS IN TEDDY’S HISTORY to find a photo of me taken this same time of the year in the past!     This one is from October 8, 2017………what a little kid I was!


I look like a kid! Anyway, we discovered that I’d never made a puzzle out of this photo so we made one for you puzzlers to play with.

CLICK HERE to go to the puzzle at Jigsaw Planet and may I wish you the VERY BEST OF LUCK!!!!!  

We hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend – we will if you will!    Deal?    Good!  

Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to Hop!    We do the Selfie Hop with The Cat On  My Head on Sundays and we hope maybe you will join us – just click the badge above and link up!

I am doing another of my “usual” FLASHBACK Selfies.    Why?   Well honestly because every time my Mom thought she could catch me for a photo this past week I was asleep.   Sound asleep.    I’ve loaded about 500 sleeping photos of me as selfies for the Selfie Hop and I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my tummy.    Now I say that not knowing what photo my FLASHBACK will be as I tiptoe through the photos and see where I was and what I was doing this same day in a prior year (it could be another tummy shot!)

Let’s see what I find – wanna bet I’m sleeping in the photo?

Ha!  I thought it would be a sleeping photo but instead this photo from August 22, 2020 is the one I came up with and it happens to be one of my FAVORITES!     I was almost a year and a half old and Mom caught me in my tent but thought I looked like I was in a flying saucer.    She chose this weird art effect to use and it kinda looks RIGHT for the photo.   Alien Cat!

How about a puzzle for you puzzlers???

OK gang – click this MINI-ME and you can try your hand at the puzzle !!

Big Thanks to The Cat On My Head for hosting……..

HUGS, Teddy



Sunday Selfie Hop


Another Sunday arrives which means SELFIE time!    Our host, The Cat On My Head, would love it if you would join in the Hop – click the badge above and fill in the Linky Form and join in the fun with the rest of us!

I’m going another FLASHBACK Selfie today.   Why?   Because Mom hasn’t taken any new photos of me – that’s why!    For my FLASHBACKS I look for a photo taken of me this same date or close to it from the past.

This little gem was dated July 9, 2017…………..

Looks like Mom caught a catfish!!!!!    HAHAHAHAHA     I still have that felt toy and I still like Mom to dangle it in front of me……………….I was a year and four months old in this photo – these days I’m a MUCH BIGGER FISH!

Here’s a puzzle of this photo if you would like to do it!

Click the MINI-ME of the puzzle photo and have fun!   Two of you did the puzzle before (Jackie and Ellen) so you can see if you can beat your time!!





Sunday Selfie Hop


Hey Hey!!  It’s Sunday and you all know what THAT means – SELFIES!    This Hop is hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head and it’s a good chance for us to strut our stuff and show off just a bit.     If you click their badge above it will take you to their blog and if you’d like to strut your own stuff, you can use the LINKY TOOL and we’ll see you there!

I thought I’d dip back in my photo files for a FLASHBACK SELFIE this week…………………I always look for a photo of me taken on the same date or as close to it as I can get in another year.   Let’s see what I found for you THIS week shall we????

So this little gem was taken of me in Mom’s office on June 13, 2017.    So I was a year and 3 months old in this shot.   This is still one of my favorite spots to hang out – Mom spends a lot of time in her office where the computer is and where her art stuff is if she EVER decides to paint again.    I of course will “ARTIFY” this photo up a bit before I make a puzzle for you – it might be more of a challenge with some artistic touches added!

Hey – this one turned out pretty interesting.   This is Lunapic’s Art Effect called “CEREMONY”………who knows where they came up with that name but I like the way it highlights my stripes AND how colorful the top of that Kleenex box is that I’m reaching for.   HAHA     So we did a puzzle of this one:


Here’s the Mini-Me of the artwork and if you click it, it takes you to the puzzle!

I think this one might be an easy one?   Good luck!

Hugs, Teddy the Professional Model (haha)

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Hoppers!    This wonderful Selfie Hop is hosted by our buddies at The Cat On My Head and if you click on their badge – you can join in – just use the linky form.   Easy Peasy.

Mom took some photos of me yesterday (yes I know it’s unbelievable isn’t it).   Anyway, one of the photos was the best LASER demonstration I’ve EVER done – she said my lasers were on HIGH BEAM for sure.    The other photo was from upstairs and no lasers involved – in fact you can barely SEE me in the photo but that’s the one she used for my JAZZED UP selfie.   Here are both photos before she messed around with them using Lunapic.com:

Magnificent laser photo huh?????

There I am in the foyer – actually waiting for my Dad to come out of the powder room (no he doesn’t use powder but Mom insists on calling that room a powder room) – and he’s about to take me outside for a cruise – I’m just WAITING WAITING WAITING.    This is the photo Mom jazzed up for my Selfie Puzzle.   Ought to be a challenge huh?????

WOWZA – this  is Lunapic’s “BRAVE” filter and man oh man – I’m thinking the puzzle will be a challenge to do.  GOOD LUCK GANG and Happy Sunday!

Here’s the puzzle for those of you who are gluttons for punishment (hahahaha) – just click the mini-ME


Hugs, Teddy