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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Let’s HOP!    This is a Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head – all you have to do is share a photo of YOU and join the fun.    You can click on their badge above if you’d like to link up.

I’m doing a flashback today – a photo of ME from the past and I try to find one taken about this same date but in a previous year.   Let’s see what I can find…………

Well I couldn’t find anything from the vicinity of this date in either 2017 or 2018 SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I allowed Mom to snap this photo of me on the guest room bed about five minutes ago.    Not very exciting as a Selfie goes but hey – some days the only excitement I have is napping in various spots around the house.   What can I say?   It’s the best I can do!!

Mom is gonna Lunapic this one since it’s kind of boring and we’ll see what kind of puzzle we can make from a jazzed up version of this boring photo!

Here is the photo AFTER Mom added the VanGogh ART Effect from Lunapic – WOW………..I kinda stand out don’t I ???!!!    Did we do a puzzle for you puzzle peeps?  OF COURSE!

Just click this MINI-ME for the puzzle.   It’s 100 pieces but remember you can change the number of pieces for a puzzle – MORE or LESS than how we create it by using the “PLAY AS” feature and changing it however you want to!!   YAY!!!!

I like that color – so I’ll say goodbye in this shade of blue!   

Happy Sunday, Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    The countdown to Christmas continues…………….and I’m ready to strut my stuff for another Sunday Hop hosted by The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    Want to hook up with us?   Please do!  Just click their badge and add yourself to the link.   Easy right?

I thought maybe I’d do a FLASHBACK SELFIE again today.    Mom took some photos of me this week but one is way too dark (even after editing) of me under the Christmas tree and the other is me belly-up in the guest room (been there/done that) so I’ll do a FLASHBACK instead.

I look back to this same period of time one or two years ago and see what I find…………………..ready?

This a selfie Mom did on December 9, 2018 so it’s only a year (almost exactly) old.   I can tell from the carpet that it was taken in Mom’s office and since I’m playing with tissue she was PROBABLY wrapping Christmas presents at the time.   I guess she added the Christmas border to jazz it up for December and I am recycling it because it’s HOLIDAY-ISH !!!

Mom had done a puzzle for this photo already last year so we just downsized the number of pieces from 130 to 99 and wish you luck with it!  Just CLICK the little photo!


Are you ready for the holidays?     We will be as soon as all the presents Mom and Dad ordered arrive and are wrapped.  In the meantime I have all the space UNDER our Christmas tree to myself – oh boy – now that’s what I call NICE NAPPING.   After the presents arrive I hope Mom remembers a certain CAT likes to sleep under there and leaves me some room!


Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Woo Hoo!  Sunday’s here and it’s time for selfies.    Our hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head would love it if you would join us – just click their badge above and link up.   We’ll see you there!

I’m going back to my “flashback selfies” this Sunday.   Mainly because the only photos Mom took of me this week were of me asleep on the guest room  bed which would have looked PRECISELY like the selfie we had last week.   You’ve seen one TEDDY-NAP you’ve seen them all as far as I’m concerned.    I haven’t looked “back” yet to see what my flashback photo will show – with my luck it will be ME asleep on the guest room bed (hahahahahaha).     Well, let’s see what we have in our photo files……….


Well this is a funny one – it’s from November 30, 2017 – so you know by now this is “The Granny Chair” in the Guest Room and my lasers were burning up the airwaves for some reason in this shot of me.   I can tell you that these days I take up a lot more room on that chair than in this photo (hahaha).   Anyway, I like this photo – perfect double lasers!!     It’s so funny to see me two years ago – I’ve come a long way baby.

Mom decided not to “jazz” this one up when she did a puzzle for you…………….why?  Who knows – have we ever QUITE understood our humans?  No…..maybe that’s only fair since I bet they don’t QUITE understand us either.  HAHAHA

Click this Mini-Me for the puzzle – and GOOD LUCK!


Happy Sunday!!   

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hopping!


Happy Sunday!    You know what that means – Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head.    Our pals the Kitties Blue would love it if you would join us by posting a selfie by simply clicking the badge above and linking up with the rest of us.    I’m a long-time Hopper and you should join us because it’s a BIG CROWD that does.

Mom just happened to capture my photo yesterday while I was lounging in the upstairs hallway outside my Dad’s office door.    I had just managed to wake up from a lovely long nap when there Mom was sneaking up on me with that danged camera of hers.    Well, I thought I’d cooperate – I didn’t look at the camera so no laser eyes – I just looked away a bit and she said something like “OH TEDDY YOU ARE SO ADORABLE” or something like that so that means she was happy with the photo.

Here it is before she started messing with it:

THEN of course she just HAD to mess around with Lunapic and artify me up a bit……………………

This is AFTER she used the STORYTIME art effect from Lunapic…….and in spite of my complaining I actually quite like the way this turned out…..weird rug effects and just check out my STRIPES AND SPOTS will you????????????????    SO, she did a puzzle of this one……..if you’re so inclined, you can drive yourself nuts trying to put me back together again!

Just Click this tiny version of ME and you’ll be able to do the jigsaw puzzle

Hopefully I can keep Mom out of trouble with that camera of hers the rest of the day so I can GO BACK TO SLEEP!

Happy Sunday……………..Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Yoo hoo!!   Time to do a selfie for The Cat On My Head…………………it’s a great Hop – why not join in?  Just click on their badge and link up with us.    You will NEVER believe it – my Mom actually took a photo of me in the living room when I was not on my back!    Yep – I was performing some “routine maintenance” on my body AND it was dark and the flash didn’t work properly so Mom tried to “edit it lighter” which didn’t turn out so well but at least it’s a NEW photo of yours truly.

SO here’s my selfie for today!

I saw her with her camera so stopped in the middle of my tummy cleaning – at least I thought maybe the fact the flash hadn’t flashed gave me a chance to avoid having my photo taken but OH NO………Mom persisted.    She hasn’t Lunapic-ized a photo of me in a while but she gave this one a shot with this result:


Oh boy – this will be a PIP of a puzzle!   This is Lunapic’s “NOUVEAU” art effect and it sure makes the oriental carpet look funky !!    Here’s a puzzle – this one is a DOOZY!

Click the MINI-ME for the puzzle………….Good Luck!

Now we know that our buddies, the Kitties blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD are doing a Halloween-ish Selfie Hop today – so even though Mom couldn’t resist posting a photo of me having a wash, we still have one of ME in my Halloween costume for this year……………..ready?    Be prepared for VAMPIRE GINGER!

Wait – What?   Mom – where are my ears?   That gray hair looks like a rubber hat!   What’s with that???!!!!


That wraps it up for Selfie Sunday……………………..see you in the blogosphere everyone!

Gingery Teddy Hugs!


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday everybody.    Here we are again sharing our selfie photos………….our hosts at The Cat On My Head like us to show ourselves off to the universe on Sundays and if you’d like to join us – just click the badge above and link up.

I am as usual doing another FLASHBACK Selfie…………….I try to find a photo from this same date from either 2017 or 2018 after I came to live here and use it for my Selfie.    I know back then I did not weigh 22 lbs. like I do now.   Kind of fun to see a more slenderized version of me.    HAHA

Here’s a photo of me in the yard with my Dad on October 13, 2017 – my very first October with my Mom and Dad.   Looks like we had a lot more leaves down than we have THIS year on the ground.    I also might add that there’s no way on earth I could get that harness around me NOW!!!!   

Now let me see if I’ve done a puzzle of this photo before………if not I’ll do one!  OK – I didn’t find one at Jigsaw Planet so I’ve done a new one for you!   Ready or not – here I come!


Just click this mini-me and you’ll get the puzzle – it’s 100 pieces but remember you can change that to fewer or more if you want to – just click on the tab marked “PLAY AS” and change it!


Happy Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday and time to Hop with Kitties Blue again………………………..the day of the week we join in their Hop and show ourselves off with selfies!    If you click their badge you will go there and you can sign up and do the same – smile pretty for the camera!

I’ve got a DIFFERENT selfie for you today…………….it’s not ME – it’s my Cousin Casey!     Casey lives with my Auntie Carol (my Mom’s sister) and Mom visited with Auntie Carol Wednesday and of course HAD to take a few photos.    Do you get the idea from this photo of Casey that he enjoys having his photo taken?    Poses pretty well doesn’t he?!     Casey is an Imperial Shih-Tzu……smaller than the regular sized Shih-Tzu and has a distinctive “liver” coloring meaning brown nose, lips and eyes instead of the usual black.    My Mom thinks he’s kinda cute – know what?  I do too – and I’m a WHOLE LOT BIGGER THAN HE IS!   TEE HEEEEEEEEE

Smile for Mom’s camera Casey……………..

Casey is a very cool pup – he is a “dog of many colors” as my Mom says.   He has a different color coat almost every time Mom sees him!    I can give you some examples:

Casey at Easter in 2017

Casey in August of 2017

Pretty fun isn’t it?   I think Casey might be magic or something.    Anyway, I decided he could be the SELFIE GUY for us this Sunday.     Mom even made a fancy picture of him with Lunapic AND of course a puzzle for you puzzle peeps!

Mom used the “CONNECTIONS” art filter on Lunapic for this one………I like it – looks somehow a little oriental maybe?

Here’s the puzzle of the above photo – good luck – might be a bit of a toughie………………………still, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon right?    See you next week for another Selfie – probably of ME ME ME!



Love, Teddy

Before we go……………………..

Summer’s sister Binga at SPARKLECAT went to the Bridge last night.  She had a long and happy life with Miss Janiss and we are very sad to see her go.   If you click the badge above, you can visit SPARKLECAT and leave a note for Summer, Boodie and Miss Janiss.

On a happier note, today is our little buddy Sawyer’s SECOND birthday!   Sawyer’s had  rough time of it with his seizure disorder so if you stop by (click his birthday card) to wish him a happy day I think he’s REALLY appreciate it!