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Selfie Sunday Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to Hop.    We Hop every Sunday with The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and YOU can too if you click the badge above and link up!     Then give us your “best shot” !!

I had to suffer further indignities yesterday when Mom turned around in her office chair and found me sprawled at the back of her chair on the floor.   Up until the minute she got out her flashy box I had been minding my own business and drifted off while waiting for her to NOTICE me.    What’s a guy have to do to get some attention around here?    Usually the belly up position gets attention but when she’s typing away on her keyboard – well – a guy just has to be patient.

What woke me up?   Well it was Dad who saw me and came in for a minute to give me a little “neck scratch”…….thanks Dad!

So after I allowed HIM and my Mom with the camera to do their thing, I did MY thing by indulging in a little Body Maintenance!

Or should I call it “BIG BODY MAINTENANCE” ??????

Have a super Sunday………………..and if you’re inclined to do a puzzle we have one for you!!

Click the Mini-Me for your puzzle!!

Love, Teddy