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Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


It’s time to hippity-hop again with our co-hosts and fill-in the blanks in four sentences that they’ve given us to complete!    We will in the blanks – you learn a little something about us you might not have known!    If you’d like to join in – click the badge above and link up with your post of filling in fun.

Mom and I have split duty today – she filled in some blanks and I filled in others.  MINE are in RED and HERS are in BLUE.


1. I would like to be more comfortable with my age_and less concerned about the future_.
2. The color of  my fur is orange with stripes!.
3. Selling my Dad’s Cadillac was a difficult choice for me to make.   (after he died I kept his car……it was like BEING with him but we decided to get a new car since Dad’s car was older…..and it was hard to say goodbye)
4. I never have trouble falling asleep – I roll onto my back and I’m out like a light!


So there you have it for another week.   Me and Mom filling in the blanks together and spilling our guts to the world.   HAHAHA     Actually we do love this Hop and if you have never done this one – you should – it really makes you think!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


YAY YAY YAY!  It’s Friday!   Time for Friendly Fill-Ins with our two cohosts!    If you wanna join in – click the badge above and go to 15andMeowing and LINK UP!    All we have to do is fill in the blanks on four sentences each week.   EASY PEASY.    Here are this week’s sentences (two from each co-host):

Mom and I both filled in this week……….if a word is Mom’s it’s in GREEN and if it’s MY word, it’s in BLUE!


1. My day is not complete until I get Mom or Dad or both to take me outside with them AT LEAST TWICE!!!.
2. It is time to put my cold weather clothes AWAY at last!.
3. _Mom made me change my mind about trying some canned wet food – I ate prescription dry all my life but had to change and Mom tried about 87 kinds before I cooperated and ate some canned stuff – I’m gonna TRY to be more cooperative!
4. I simply refuse to think we will have to change/cancel our plans to go to Maine in October – Hoping by then things will be MOSTLY NORMAL AGAIN!.

SO there you have it – another week’s worth of words from me and Mom.    Today is a beautiful sunny day and I think I’ll get Mom to take me out again………..I didn’t stay out long my first trip this morning because a Fed Ex truck came up my driveway and scared me!    That turned out nice though because it was a package with two catnip/silvervine toys Mom got for me!!!   A TACO and a SHRIMP!    Cute toys and they smell divine!    HAPPY FRIDAY everybody.

Let’s Go Mom!!!!!

Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


Happy Friday!    You know what that means – Friday is HOP day – filling in the blanks in four sentences and thereby telling all KINDS of stuff about ourselves!!    Know what?  I decided this week that Mom and I should SHARE filling in.   I let her do it on her own last week but I don’t want to spoil her so this week I’m going back to SHARING.    If you would like to join in the fun, click the badge above and go to 15andmeowing.  You’ll find a link there where you can link up with us to share your fill-ins……AND you can see the sentences if you want to copy them and do them on your own blog.

If the words in the blanks are MINE, they will be in ORANGE and if they’re Mom’s words, they’ll be in GREEN.


1. _Beach Walk Reflections is a non-cat related blog I follow.

2. My favorite place to shop online for anything I can’t find in a store around here is _Amazon.com.
3. _Watching stuff in the yard like trees being cut down and Mom mowing the lawn has been keeping me busy lately.
4. If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self don’t wish you could grow up fast – enjoy being young while you can!      (actually this one is answered by ME and MOM both – we say the same thing for this one!!)

There you have it.     More info about me (and Mom) on a Friday.    We do this every single week so we’ll be back with more filling in the blanks next Friday.    Why don’t you join in the fun??????

Lovin’ some Spring!!   Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Friendly Fill-In time on a Friday!    Our two co-hosts are waiting to see how we all fill in the blanks they gave us so Mom and I worked on them this morning and here are our completed sentences.      If it’s a blank filled by MOM it’s in RED and if it’s a blank filled in by ME it’s GREEN!


1. _Having a litterbox is such an inconvenience.   (not for me – for Mom – I can’t just FLUSH, she has to clean it up and fill it up with litter, etc.   Poor Mom!)

2. My favorite part of the Easter ( or Passover) meal is EVERYTHING – I love making Easter Dinner (except this year we’re going for curbside pick-up at our favorite restaurant so I get a DAY OFF!).
3. I would like to find an Easter egg filled with MONEY – big bills only please_.
4. For me, staying an “only cat” at my house is a deal-breaker.   (I love being by myself and getting all the attention and all the treats and all the toys and all the……well you get the picture!)

Well that was fun.    Before we go Mom and I want to wish all of you a happy weekend………….however and whatever you celebrate – make it a family affair with lots of fun, hugs, and remembering the reason for the special day.

Hugs, Mom and Me

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday everybody.    Fill-In day is here again……..and if you’d like to join in the fun of “filling in the blanks” on the sentences our co-hosts gave to us – GO FOR IT!   Just click the badge above and link up.

We get two sentences from each co-host and just fill in the blanks with our own words, thoughts, feelings……..it’s fun.

Here are this week’s four sentences and Mom and I BOTH chose to fill in blanks so if I’m filling it in, the words are in RED and if it’s Mom’s words, they are in BLUE.

1. I never have time to finish enjoying my yard because Mom wants to come back inside and do housework or cook or something SILLY like that!!.
2. My Mom can brush me but I don’t like my Dad to brush me for some reason.
3. The Humane Society is a cause that is dear to my heart.
4.  At this very moment, I would love to eat a banana split!   (I haven’t had a banana split in probably 40 years – it just sounds good)

Well done – Mom and I whipped out our words in no time.    Now maybe I can talk her into taking me back outside for more “OUT” time.    That’s a word I recognize – Mom or Dad can say “out” and I head for the door lickity split!
Hope you all have a great FRIDAY……………………………..see you for fill-ins next Friday.

Me and Mom……….