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Friendly Fill-Ins (again)



Happy Friday!   Time for filling in the blanks – cool way to get to know each other isn’t it!   If you’d like to join us – click the badge above – it takes you to 15andMeowing – look for the spot where you can link up with us and DO IT!   Our co-hosts give us four sentences with “blanks” and we put our own words in – easy huh?

This week I’m doing the filling in all by myself…………..my own words are in BLUE.

1. My toy basket is too lumpy sometimes to lie in so I just scoop out enough of them to get comfy and have a snooze.
2. I am willing to give up treats for extra trips outside – unfortunately my Mom and Dad aren’t interested in this trade!
3. One random fact about me is if my Mom puts her head down close to my face for any reason I try to eat her hair!!!
4. My personality makes me unique.   (Mom says she’s had a lot of cats but NEVER had one like me…..ever!)


So there you have it – another Friday with new information about yours truly, Teddy Kimmell.   By the way, about my toy basket……..only recently – after living here for almost four years – did I get IN my toy basket and have a lie down.    It’s just been where all my toys are kept and where they all belong.    Then I decided to try it out as a bed (I showed this photo on Sunday Selfies a few weeks ago) and since then, Mom noticed that I scooped some of the toys out of it before I got in it.    So she tried removing ALL the toys – and left the blankies in it.    I like it!    BUT next day I put some of the toys  back in it.    Is Mom now very confused?


Does it bother me that I’ve confused my very own Mom?


Is this a fun game to play with her?



I’m such a little devil……………….good thing my parents let me get away with just about anything…………..no wonder this blog is called ONE SPOILED CAT.

Me in my CROWDED Toy box…….Happy Friday!   Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday!   Time to fill-in the blanks with out co-hosts Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.   Wanna join us???     Click the badge and link up with us!    Easy peasy……..

Know what else?   I let my Mom do the WHOLE FILL-IN this week because I thought I’d give her a little treat!   Aren’t I nice???   GO MOM GO!


1. Being a Cat Mom is a privilege.
2. I was so embarrassed when in the past I’ve gone to a party or get-together and have either been overdressed or underdressed – I almost always get it WRONG!
3. I can’t help but smile when Teddy comes to me when I call him – just like a dog!
4. Politics has gotten out of hand.

Good job Mom!    I come to you when you call because I WANT to – and because even if you just want a hug I’m there to give it to you and vice versa………sorry I don’t ALWAYS do that when we’re outside but hey – there are distractions out there and it’s hard to focus on just YOU.
Maybe next week we can SHARE Fill-Ins……I like that best!!

Love, Teddy – HAPPY FRIDAY!

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday!    Time for us to fill in the blanks.    This is a FUN hop with our two co-hosts as shown on the above badge and if you click the badge, you can hook up with us and HOP ALONG!

I was about to take a nice cozy nap when Mom decided to do the filling in this week so I told her she could have the fill-in duty ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL to herself!     Her words are in BLUE.    Now – excuse me while I………ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………….Hugs, Teddy

OK Ted – I’m up for it!    Here are my fill-ins:

1. I feel like we’re all in the Twilight Zone these days – everything is just TOO different!
2.  I wish I could exchange my bad back and hip for the ones I had when I was a lot younger (haha).
3. It’s time for me to get my drivers license renewed and I’m dreading it – I can’t do it online this year – have to go stand among the “masses” !!.
4. Binge eating sweets is really tempting these days.   (but I’m resisting temptation…..well…..mostly!)

So that’s it for this week.    Teddy is still napping so I guess I’ll have to say goodbye for both of us.    It’s a gorgeous day here today so I’m going to go sit on the front porch and enjoy the no-rain/sunny day because tomorrow is a whole other story!!!!

Hugs from Us, Pam

Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello and Happy Friday Friends………………………time for fill-in the blanks.   A fun Hop co-hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing…………………..if you would like to hop with us, click the badge above and fill in the LINKY form!

I decided this week to give the honor of filling in to my Mom.    She and Dad are being real “troopers” with the mask-wearing, staying at home unless absolutely necessary, taking the adorable cat out whenever he wants to go – etc. so I’m letting her have this little treat all to herself today.    TAKE IT AWAY MOM…………(Her words in RED).


1. If I couldn’t live in my country, I would live in Ireland – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited – a small village preferably!.
2. I wish I had kept some toys from my childhood.  (we moved every couple of years with my Dad in the Air Force and Mom would purge so many things each move – but she DID save a few things which subsequently were ruined in a flood in a basement…..some dolls and drawings of mine in particular)
3. I would choose watching movies at home over going to a movie theater.
4. Getting my way doesn’t matter in the long run.  (I believe things work out the way they are supposed to – even if it’s not MY way!!)

OK Mom – good job – and none of your answers were about yours truly.    Can we really go live in Ireland?   I’ve seen your photo album – I think I’d like it there……….all that lovely GREEN everywhere…….talk about some incredibly munchable grass!

Our grass is pretty tasty too though!     

Hugs, Teddy


Friday Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday Friends!    You know what Friday means………….fill in the blanks with our co-hosts 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   Every week they each give us two sentences with blanks for us to fill.    If you’d like to play along with us and fill in your OWN blanks – click the badge above and fill out the linky there.   Easy Peasy!

This week I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to share filling in duties with Mom………I did them ALL BY MYSELF and my own words are in BLUE!


1. I am particular about my daily schedule – I know when it’s time for a treat, time to go outside for a walk, time for my Mom and Dad to go to bed – I’m like their own personal kitty clock (Mom says).
2. My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning with Mom before OLD DAD gets up!!.
3. When I was adopted, put in a PTU and saw my new home is a moment I will never forget.
4. Have you ever heard of a kitty who loves playing in the snow?    (I’ve shown you a photo before of Angel Sammy out in the snow – won’t catch ME doing that but he loved it)


That’s it – we’ve done our filling in for the day – now I can take yet another nap.    Oh I do love my naps.   Don’t we all??????

Love and Happy Friday!    Teddy