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Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday



Neither rain, nor snow, nor Christmas Day will keep Friendly Fill-Ins from happening……………and if you want to join us – just click the badge above and LINK UP.    We have two co-hosts as you see and each of them provides two sentences with blanks for us to fill.    Fun!

Mom and I split the sentences – Mom’s words are in RED and mine are in GREEN.


1. The best gift I have ever given is the one that gave the receiver joy because I had “listened” when they said what they were hoping for!.
2. Last night, I enjoyed driving in downtown Warrenton, and around various neighborhoods with my husband looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.
3. Sitting on the front porch while it pours rain brings me joy today.
4. My favorite holiday memory is my first Christmas here – I’d never seen a TREE inside before – I knew about outside trees but inside and with lights?   WOW!.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!

Teddy and Mom Pam