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Teaser Tell All


Here we are!   Ready to TELL ALL!

Step right up and have a seat students………….we’re here today to tell you who won what with yesterday’s pawsome Teaser………………so let’s do it!

Alright – we’re loving the enthusiasm but let’s get down to business!

First of all we had a TRIPLE PLAY when it comes to FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday.     Three students all crowded in at the first minute to become  triumverate of FIRSTIES.     Who were they????

First Commenters:

Sharon (Friends Furever), Jackie (Two Devon Cats) and Katty/Phenny/Nelly (EasyWeimaraners)


All of you get a copy of this gem of a badge:

There were THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 30, 2020 and I was ONE OF THEM!!!


Darn! I stopped to talk to a cute chick in the hallway so got distracted – that’s my excuse for not being a FIRSTIE!

Let’s move on to telling you all about the fabulous Teaser yesterday…………………Here’s the two photos once more:

A most interesting place isn’t it?     Our Teaser photos came from one of our FIRST COMMENTERS – Miss Katty and the Weims !!     They were photos taken by Katty’s parents on a trip and they saw this amazing spot – which is located in (drumroll)  BAD SODEN, GERMANY!     I have a lot of information for you about this place – the architect is amazing and has built communities and houses in this interesting and imaginative style in MANY places in the world.    Check out these links if you’d like more info:

If you click HERE you will be able to find out more about this interesting gentleman who was the architect of this and other similar style structures!    If you click HERE you will see other structures designed in this fabulous style.    Click HERE and you will see THIS structure and read more info about it.

Thanks for sending in this really wonderful group of photos for us to use as a Teaser Miss Katty and Weims!    Here’s a thank you  badge:

My photos were used at One Spoiled Cat for their TEASER post of June 30, 2020!

Did you guess correctly?    Well only ONE of you guessed right FIRST – wanna know who??????

Drumroll Please!


And the crowd roars for Miss Csilla!!!

Here’s your special badge for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser Post of June 30, 2020! YAY for me!!

Did you also guess correctly?     You know there’s a badge for that – if you were RIGHT but not first, please take a copy of this for yourself with our concatulations!

I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT on the Teaser post of June 30, 2020!

And of course if you guessed but – alas – you were WRONG, you still get one of these:

OK – so I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of June 30, 2020…..I still got this cool badge!

YAY everyone – good job.    That was a most fun Teaser!

Cheer Team – you’re ON !!

This weekend is the 4th of July
We cannot tell a lie!
We’re going to party until dawn
Until the very last brewski is gone
But we’re here to hand out cheers
Not your favorite beers!
We had THREE First Commenters – oh WOW
We’ll tell you who they were RIGHT NOW!
The three were Jackie, Katty and Sharon
They were so quick and oh so caring!
Miss Csilla was our FIRST RIGHTIE this week
Let’s give her cheek a big tweak!
It was a super fab Teaser and FUN!
Thanks for the photos Katty – you’re number one!!!


Thanks Team – you’re dismissed!    Thanks for giving us a shot of PATRIOTIC for the 4th too!

So let’s head over to the cafeteria and see if Miss Dingleberry has any RED/WHITE and BLUE goodies on the cafeteria line in honor of the USA’s Independence Day this Saturday shall we???

Greetings Students!  Hope you will find something you will enjoy for your meal today!  We have some patriotic stuff and some regular stuff……….Take your pick and enjoy!


All aboard the bus for home students – Professor Angel Sammy and I will see you next Tuesday!



Teaser Tell All


Ready for the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser????

Hello Students…………..may we Professors say that we were VERY PROUD when so many of you were RIGHT on yesterday’s Teaser.    However there was only ONE FIRST RIGHT and we’ll give you that info in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, welcome to Wednesday.


First things first………………..we had TWO students who were super quick to comment this morning so TWO FIRST COMMENTERS…………………


Sharon (Friends Furever) and Cecilia (Down Home In NC)


And both of you get one of these little beauties ALL your own!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of May 26, 2020….I’m so proud (and fast!).

Here’s the photo from yesterday which was courtesy of our overworked, underpaid, GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT………..

This was a rather spectacular Teaser photo but it wasn’t long before the RIGHT GUESSES started flooding in – however we think this is quite an amazing place with a super interesting history.   It’s Fort Wilhelmstein in Germany and here are a LOT of photos of it and more information on it’s history back to the 18th Century if you CLICK RIGHT HERE  !      Fascinating………………

So who was the lucky soul who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on this gem of a Teaser??????

Da Phenny and Da Nelly of Easy Weimaraner !!!

WOW….is it just me or has our class become VERY large lately?????

You boys and your Mama get this fabulous badge for your hard work and SMARTNESS!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of May 26, 2020 and we’re so proud to be SMARTIES!!!

There were a pile of you who guessed right on this one – and every one of you gets one of these:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 26, 2020 BUT I was NOT FIRST!!! Darn!

Then of course if you totally blew it (I mean guessed incorrectly…….) you get a GREENIE:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of May 26, 2020…..well…..there’s always NEXT week!

“I think I need new glasses……I can’t see that well…….that’s MY excuse and I’m sticking with it!”

So the Cheer Team is here to do THEIR thing………………..ready?

Golly gee that was a whopper
Blow that whistle and call a copper!
We had TWO First Commenters which wasn’t so bad
Remember the time we had 5 – the most we’ve ever had?
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was no surprise
Da Phenny that Weim with the dreamy eyes!!
That’s it for this week so we’ll say “so long”
Now we’ll go to the pub and join the throng!

Thanks ladies……………………enjoy yourselves and don’t do anything WE wouldn’t do.

“Does that mean do whatever you want but just don’t get caught” ?

HAHA very funny……………….you may go to the end of the cafeteria line!    Let’s head on over now shall we??????

Hello Students………congrats to winners and “sorry about that” to losers – we’ll give you a good lunch and that will help!!


Enjoy your lunch students then pop on the bus for HOME!  See you next week!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Class Is In Session! 

Come In And Take A Seat!


Hello!!!!   Bet you’re just dying to know what the deal is on yesterday’s Teaser post right?   OK – I won’t torture you and keep you waiting!


Miss Csilla (Kolytyi) !



And let me show you the photos again and then I’ll tell you who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

teaserjan31-2017-2 teaserjan31-2017-1

This beautiful place is the city of Hanau, Germany and in the photos we are seeing Donjon Tower AND Castle Steinheim – two beautiful places to visit should you find yourself in this pretty city in Germany which was the “home” of the Brothers Grimm!   No wonder it looks like a fairy tale city right?!  There are a lot of great websites to learn about Hanau from but this is one you could start with:   CLICK HERE    Also if you look further down on this page you’ll see the website of our GUEST TEASER and they have info on Hanau on their blog!


Miss Csilla (Kolytyi)

That’s right – she was a DOUBLE winner!!


BUT she was FAR from the only one – and all of you smarty pants who guessed Hanau, Germany get this:


AND all of you who guessed and did your best – well, you’re not leaving empty-handed/pawed either – here’s what YOU get!


A GREENIE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Yes Bobby?

“Professor Sammy Sir Can I pretty please have a Greenie?   I didn’t know the answer!”

YES Bobby – EVERYONE who guessed wrong gets a GREENIE!

Now, remember I told you the photos were from a GUEST?    The photos are actually posted on the internet today on a BRAND NEW BLOG called “A Hearty Nomad” – which is all about travel and exploring and best of all FOOD from all the different countries visited……..it’s a fun blog too – if you’d like to visit HERE is their link!    Thanks to A Hearty Nomad for the photos (and Leo for sending them to me!)    This is for you guys!


Sarge – anything you want to say before I dismiss class????

Just that they'd better not steal any pencils or paper when they leave or push each other in line or throw spitballs or say any bad words or run or be disorderly in any way! OR ELSE!

Just that they’d better not steal any pencils or paper when they leave or push each other in line or throw spitballs or say any bad words or run or be disorderly in any way! OR ELSE!

Uhh…..thank you Sarge……CLASS DISMISSED!


Have a good week students – see you next Monday!  

Angel Professor Sammy


Teaser Tell All


OK Mr. Silver Briefcase dude………….come on in and unlock that thing and let’s see what the DEAL is!!!

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

**opens briefcase with name of TOWN/COUNTRY where photo was taken***

Hello Everybody!!!   Did you enjoy yesterday’s Teaser?  I personally think it was a REAL toughie – there are so many spots in Europe (yes it was taken in Europe) that might have a backdrop like that so it would be TOUGH to know right where that one was snapped.   However, before we get into details, here’s the photo one more time:


This beautiful photo was submitted by our super good friend Mr. Leo from Walk To Rio 2016 blog…………….Yes – Leo was over in GERMANY in a race and managed to see some of Germany while he was there to race walk.   This was taken in Andernach, Germany.    If you CLICK HERE, you can learn many things about this ancient town including that it dates back to 12BC!   That’s right!

If I’d shown you THIS version of the photo you would have known it was from Leo !!


Now, several of you guessed “Germany” yesterday – nobody said Andernach, but some of you mentioned towns that aren’t that far from Andernach so you were OH SO CLOSE.

But there was definitely a winner in the FIRST COMMENTER department that was my good buddies (and frequent winners of FIRST COMMENTER) Oliver and Calvin and – this is for you guys:


As for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………I guess technically we don’t have one…………lots of “Germany” guesses but nobody knew it was Andernach (except Leo of course) so nobody will win that badge this week……………sorry about that – in fact I’m so sorry about that I’m gonna say that ANYONE who guessed “Germany” can have this:


If you didn’t guess Germany, you still get to have a GREENIE so you’re NOT a loser….nosireee…you’re just a fan of the GREEN!


Well, I’m proud of all of you anyway – you tried – life is all about trying stuff and sometimes winning right???

Thanks Leo for the DOOZY OF A PHOTO!

Thanks Teaser buddies – tune in next week – who knows what will happen?


LOVE, Sammy



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Entries to junekimm(at)aol(dot)com

Teaser Tell All




Good Teaser right?   Yeah?   I thought so too………..maybe the fact it was old helped a little but there was one thing you could NOT miss and that’s the mountain in the back……and it’s distinctive enough that a few of you recognized it!

Take another look:


This is a photo taken in the beautiful area of Germany known as Bavaria, specifically Berchtesgaden  with a view of the Watzmann mountain range by my Mom’ Dad back in  approximately 1955…….My Mom found a photo taken of almost this EXACT spot only in recent times HERE along with some other photos of this region – what a GORGEOUS place!!!    My Mom and her family lived in Bavaria for a time while their home in Weisbaden was being readied for them.  He was in the Air Force and had been stationed in Weisbaden for  two years back in the 1950s.


Now – the information you’re DYING to hear!   Who was FIRST COMMENTER???    It was Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing!   Concatulations!


Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   Well it was – as some of you suspected – the King of Teasers, Easy!    WOO WOO WOO for YOU Easy!


There were others of you who guessed correctly too – and for you – this little gem is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yours!


Missed the boat?  Didn’t know?  Didn’t guess or guessed incorrectly?   Don’t feel bad – you STILL win THE BIG GREENIE!


Display your badges proudly…………you deserve to “crow” a bit about winning one……….think of all the hundreds who stop by to guess every week – and you guys won!  WOOT!

See you next week?  I hope so!   What would Tuesdays be without my Teaser?????



Hugs, Sammy

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