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Teaser Tell All


It’s TUESDAY – Tell All Day!   Clowie’s “spooky” security crew says GO on class so let’s do it!


That was a great Teaser wasn’t it? A little spooky in a way which fit with the Halloween theme we’ve had – the black/white/shadows were not just very artistic but a little bit spooky. I’ll give you the SCOOP on that photo in just a bit.

“Can’t wait to find out the details on the Teaser photo!”

First let’s talk about who were our TWO FIRST COMMENTERS shall we?    They both are experienced “FIRSTIES” here at Ding Dong School.     


Our TWO First Commenters were:



And please take a copy of your badges for your blog or files:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of October 20, 2020. YAY FOR US BOTH!!!

THEN we waited for someone to figure out the Teaser photo………………….and it was a bit of a toughie so we waited a little bit before BINGO – in came the right guess!    Here’s the photo from yesterday:

This is a photo taken in PORT ROWAN, ONTARIO, CANADA !

This spectacular photo was sent in by Miss Ingrid of Meezer’s Mews and Terrieristical Woofs (HERE).      An acquaintance of hers is a photographer – I should say VERY TALENTED photographer named Angela Nirta……………..Here is her FB page:    https://www.facebook.com/anirta1/

Here is her Instagram page:   https://www.instagram.com/angela_nirta/

Thank you Miss Ingrid for getting Miss Nirta’s OK for us to use this great photo for our Teaser today……………………this badge is for you!

One Spoiled Cat featured a photo I sent in for their TEASER post of October 20, 2020!

So WHO guessed the Teaser photo’s location FIRST???????


Miss Csilla !!!!!

WOO HOO – WAY TO GO MISS CSILLA!!!!!  Here’s your badge!


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of October 20, 2020!

Did you also guess correctly?    As of Teaser time only Csilla had guessed it but maybe you guessed and we didn’t see it before we did our post????   If so, please take a copy of this badge for your very own:

I guessed the Teaser photo of October 20, 2020 correctly but I wasn’t FIRST. DARN!

And if you guessed but were WRONG…………..it’s GREENIE TIME for you!!!

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser post photo of October 20, 2020. Next week I’ll get it RIGHT I hope!

Cheer Team?  You’re UP!

Interesting Teaser this week in school
Timmy, Sharon and Csilla kept things cool!
Timmy and Sharon were FIRST COMMENTERS so fast!
Then Csilla was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – what a blast!
We congratulate everyone though for trying to win.
Next week’s Halloween Teaser will make your heads spin!

Yes we will have a Teaser photo appropriate for your Halloween fun next Tuesday AND present our Halloween Costume Contest POLL so you can vote for your favorite.     Remember you must have your photos to us by October 25th !!!     They can be “real costumes” or photoshops.    Just send to us in email and make sure you tell us WHO is in the photo!!     Here are some more photos of Halloween costumes from our students in the distant past just to give you some ideas!

Anyway, see what you can come up with for a costume and let’s have fun – remember there will be a prize for the best costume as voted upon by YOU !!

Now who’s up for lunch?????   Let’s go!

BOO!   Time to have lunch students!    ENJOY!

Menu Today:

See you  next week students!   Send in your costume photos!    

Your Nutty Professors!!!!


Teaser Tuesday Class


Boo and Greetings From The Professors!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED??

Security check completed – Ready for class!


It’s that time again…………….and as we sneak up to Halloween, we hope you are considering what costume you are going to wear to enter our Costume Contest!! You don’t want to miss out on THAT now do you?!     We’ll remind you of that then begin class shall we?   

We’ve decided that for Teaser Class on October 27th we will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!!     That’s right!    Those of you who would like to enter can send us via email a photo of you in your Halloween finery and we will include it in a VOTING POST which we’ll have on the 27th with results to show you on the 28th at the Tell All.

Please send us your Halloween costume photo NO LATER THAN

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th so we’ll have time to prepare the voting poll!

We’ll have a poll on our Teaser post on October 27th with everyone whose photo we’ve received and YOU will have a chance to vote that day.      We will tally up the votes in the poll for each candidate (and you’ll be able to keep track of it by visiting our blog to check the poll if you want to) then tell you who is the WINNER on the 28th.     What will you win?????    Whoever the winner is will need to email us with your address and we will arrange for a surprise to come directly to you from wherever we order it.    OK?    Everyone loves surprises so it will be a surprise gift.

So far we have received photos from these students – if your name isn’t here but you’ve sent us a photo – we didn’t get it !!   

Joanie, Bunty, Angel Kyla, Pipo, Dalton, Benji

Even our Teaser Security Guard is dressing up!

Now on with the Teaser………………………….This is a GUEST TEASER this week.    It’s also a very cool photo.    Tomorrow we’ll give you the photo credits and who sent it in but today we’ll just show the photo and see if you can figure out where it is.     

“You know I LOVE a good mystery and I brought my magnifying glass to class!”

Here are the rules and the badges……………..We’ll have Halloween badges next week to award.

“Wait!   I have a diaper emergency!   Don’t show the photo until I get back!”

“Alright kid…….let’s go……and make it quick…….we’re holding up the operation here!!”


OK – we’re all in class now and ready to go………..here’s your TEASER PHOTO for the day………….. Security Guard?

Here’s the photo for today’s Teaser Professors.

Cool photo….but where is this?????

Good luck students – I think you’re gonna need it for this one……………………………….almost looks like a DREAM or something doesn’t it?     

Cheer Team?    Cheer this crowd up will ya?

Here we are again doing our cheer
We’d rather be at the Grumpy Cat having a beer
This Teaser is a toughie but please don’t pout
Just grin and bear it – you can work it out!
You all are smarties so prove it to the class
Give it a try and add a bunch of sass!
If you’re a winner we’ll cheer your name
Who knows – that might be your claim to fame!

OK – that wraps up our pre-lunch activities – if you want to stay here and stare at the Teaser photo that’s fine OR you can come with the rest of us for lunch in the cafeteria!   Either way, we’ll see you tomorrow in class again for our TELL ALL !     GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!

Greetings Goblins and Students!  Time to eat!

Your Menu of the Day:

See you in class tomorrow kids!!!!    Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Time



“Professors – all is well on the grounds – but your Security Crew feels underdressed for Pre-Ween!”

Yep – here we are – but we’ve got our Halloween outfits on and decorated the classroom too. We know it’s “Pre-Ween” and we have 3 weeks to go but why not get in the spirit (as in ghost) of the fun a little early – right?

Today’s Teaser is another Graphics Department gem.    Well, we hope it’s a gem and not a DUD.     At any rate, we’ll see how you do in just a bit when Photo Security brings in today’s challenge.

MEANWHILE…………….I see some of you are already deciding to wear your costumes for “Pre-Ween”.     Makes things more festive doesn’t it?!

Looking Good Everyone!    When we have class on October 27th we’ll ALL wear our costumes – if you want to send them to us we’ll make sure our Graphics Department gets everyone’s photos “updated” and we’ll let you “strut your stuff” for Halloween!!

Now, let’s show you the RULES for the Teaser and the available badges to win!

Now any questions ??

“Can I dress up as a mad baby for Halloween????”

Well, aren’t you ALWAYS dressed up like a mad baby Seymour?????????????????

Graphics Security Guard would you please bring in today’s TEASER Photo?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken???

OK class – that’s your stumper (hopefully) for today.   Now get to work figuring out where this is!     Our Cheer Team will cheer you on while you get your brains in gear!

Halloween will be here soon
You can dress up as a magician, clown, or big baboon!
Make sure and follow our rules or you’ll get in trouble
Marge will throw you out of class on the double!
Tell us where you think this photo was taken
And we hope you’ll be RIGHT and not mistaken!!!

Thanks Cheer Team!    I do believe I see everyone wide awake in class – must be those outstanding costumes of yours…………………….

These chicks are totally groovy.

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch?    Then you can study the Teaser photo here in class after you eat OR you can hop on the first bus for home to study.    Whichever works for you!

Happy Pre-Ween Teaser Kids!   We’ll give you a good lunch then you can hit the books again or go home!

Our Menu for the Day:


Your Professors


Teaser Tell All


Welcome Back to School Class!

You all look wide awake and ready to find out what the deal was with yesterday’s Teaser photo………………well we are here to give you the details.   Ready?

Let’s DO this!!!!

Yesterday we had TWO early bird students (Cheer Team was thrilled NOT to have four!!!!)……………………..wanna know who was fast?

Sorry Rodney – you weren’t one of them….you can sit back down now!


SHARON of Friends Furever and TIMMY of Timmy Tomcat !

Well done you two!   Here’s your badge:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 6, 2020!! YAY FOR BOTH OF US!

“I was here EARLY……well……EARLY for me anyway!!”

Maybe next week !

Here’s yesterday’s Teaser photo for one last look before we tell you who figured it out first…………………..

Photo from a balloon?  A plane?   Helicopter?   Drone??   Superman??

This is a pretty photo taken above SARVAR, HUNGARY…………which is where this castle called Nadasdy Castle resides.    Here’s more info if you’re interested!   CLICK HERE

Now who wants to know who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week??????????????????????????????


OK – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was also one of our two FIRST COMMENTERS…………………………….!!


TIMMY !!!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 6, 2020 WOWZERS!

If you were lucky enough to have guessed SARVAR, HUNGARY too, then you also get a badge……………….cool huh?   Just copy this for your very own:

I guessed the right location for the Teaser photo BUT I wasn’t FIRST! I still get a badge though!

If you guessed but were WRONG…………..you still get a badge!   Just copy this one for your files:

Gosh – I made a guess on the Teaser of October 6, 2020 but I was WRONG! At least I got a badge……

Congratulations everyone………………….it was at least a bit of a challenge for some of you this week.    Our GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT didn’t let us down…………….!!   Cheer Team?  You’re UP!!!

Mighty fine Teaser Graphics Department!
We won’t have to lock you up in the BAD GIRL department!
Our First Right Guessers we had TWO
Miss Sharon and Mr. Timmy (just them but NO NOT YOU!)
Then we waited to see who would figure it out……
It wasn’t too long before we could scream and shout!
Timmy came through to win FIRST RIGHT
Two badges he gets so he’s high as a kite!
It’s time for lunch so let’s go eat!
Better hurry or you might not get a good seat!

Let’s go celebrate with lunch shall we?     Then you can hop on the bus and head for home until NEXT week when we get together for more TEASER PHOTO fun!

Greetings!   Time to have lunch!   

Our Menu for the Day:

All Aboard!!!!   See you next Tuesday for more teasing…..

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class is NOW!


“Professors we’re happy to say all is security in the school yard – READY for class!”

Good morning class!   Have you COMMENTED YET?   If you haven’t you should – after all, everyone wants to say they’ve received the FIRST COMMENTER badge at least ONCE during the school year right?

“I’m totally ready – totally – I probably ought to give my glasses a polish as things are a little fuzzy but I’m STILL ready!”

Yes Sheldon – you really appear to be TUNED IN this morning!…………now if you all are ready – let’s show you the rules for class AND the badges up for grabs!

Now I hope you are all ready………………our Teaser photo today is another one from our Graphics Department so who knows whether it will be a challenge or so easy your younger brother or sister could get it in record time!   HAHA

“Gosh I’m the youngest in my family and I hope it’s easy….Mom always calls me her HAPPY ACCIDENT but I don’t know what she means by that!!”

Well perhaps we’d better not try to figure that out for now and just get our security guard to bring out the photo shall we??????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


“It makes me dizzy to look at it!”

Cheer Team?  You’re up now -get this group fired up will you??????     WOW – you all already have Halloween costumes?    I guess you’re celebrating the whole month huh?

Halloween is weeks away
But we can celebrate it early by several days!
We’re here to talk Teaser so let’s give a shout
To wish you luck when you figure this one out!
Makes us dizzy to look from on high
At the little ants below as they pass on by!
Give it your best and see what you can do
When we do tomorrow’s cheer we might include YOU!

OK – good job.    We’ll see who figures this out tomorrow morning.    Meanwhile – is anyone in class READY to eat like we are?????

“Did you say EAT????  Count me in!   I got up too late for breakfast this morning!!!”

Then let’s go!

Greetings “wannabe goblins” !    Hope you brought your appetites with you!

Menu Selections:

Good Luck with the Teaser for tomorrow Students!   See you in class!